Behind My Red Door

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Spring ~ Happy Easter ~Happy Passover


I am back and I have so much to share with you! March was quite a month and I am here to share the best parts with you!

Most of our daughter’s wedding details have come together nicely and we are deep into planning and preparations. Four years ago I had just started bogging just weeks before our son’s wedding and reception. I was a big part of the planning and preparation then as well – from invitations to centerpieces – I had my hand in it.  And the same when my sister got married many years ago and I have helped two close friends with their daughter’s weddings so I know that if I can get it done months ahead of time, it is a wise thing to do.  There are always last minute glitches and changes to deal with and I never know what will change with my parent’s right now either.  There changing needs and my sister’s personal problems make it ever more challenging to keep them in their own home. So whenever I have some time and my daughter has time, we get whatever we can done. The Save the Date cards go out this week so the push is on!

March was my birthday month and I got to spend some quality time with girlfriends. My dear friend Karen from the Catskill Mountains was in MA to visit her son, DIL and grandson so it was the perfect time for us to get together. Did I ever tell you her son lives in the same town as my parents and sister? Small world!  Karen and I spent some shopping and then had dinner back here and she brought me this sweet painting as a hostess gift. I just love it!! 039

It’s hanging on the small wall at the top of the stairs. 036

I know some of you are saying “hey she moved the furniture around again! “ I sure did so you will see some changes! 018


I got a several treasures in the mail since I was here last month. First I got this prim little bunny made by my dear friend Lana of Winterberry Primitives. Isn’t she sweet?  Her name is Miz Blue and she is holding a baby shoe filled with teeny eggs!! Lana makes the sweetest prim dolls and critters and they always have such cute stories to tell! birthday bunny

And my dear friend Kathy sent me a box with two treasures… this gorgeous pewter plate…050

…and this gorgeous hooked rug! Kathy is so generous. If she can’t use something in her home anymore, she kindly passes it on to a friend! Isn’t that just the kindest thing ever?  Both pieces will be treasured! 039


One day not long after I put the rug on the table, Lili was here and she was playing with the roasted corn my friend Lynda gave me. Lili stopped long enough to tell me “It’s OK Meemee, I just ‘tending’ (pretending) to feed the bunny. She won’t really get a tummy ache”. 132

Later that day she had a tea party with some of my pewter… 126

…and another day she was using a bunch of my old utensils with her play-doh. Prims makes great toys, simple as that! utensils


I got a wonderful new light recently at my friend Barb’s store The Gingham Goose in Rochester, MA. 137

It has 3 lights and is called the lamp

My friend Janet emailed me last night and she just had opened a ox for her online shop. She now carries the exact same style light and several other amazing lamps and sconces in her online store Winter Willow Primitives if you are in the market for great made in the USA lighting!  012 (2)


Another day, Audrey and I met up with our friend Laurie and we shopped in MA, CT and RI.  I had some birthday money and I came home with a bunch of treasures that day! 006

The basket and salt shakers are now on my pewter cabinet…168

Some of the books live here and the others are in my office. 035

These three old bowls I came home with that day… I had another idea for them but so far they are sitting here! 006

The small mortar and pestle is in my buttery in the kitchen…147


….and the pantry box was added to my stack in the living  room. 017


The last weekend in March, Audrey and I had planned to drive to NY to meet up with friends Karen, Terry and Kris but for various reasons, it didn’t work out at the last minute. So we took advantage of the day and headed to a big antique show in CT – The Quiet Corner Antique show. There were some amazing pieces there!! What a show! And after that, we headed to some other shops in CT and MA and I once again came home with some goodies. Audrey reasoned that we would have spent quite a bit going away for the weekend, so I actually saved money buying these things. Don’t you love how she thinks?? It works for me!! You can see basket next to my blanket chest in the picture above. March 31

The pewter spoon is the new spoon rack my dear friend Jill made for my birthday. She just whipped it up one weekend in her garage in SC.  I have wanted a change over here and this was just the solution!091

And the candle mold is with my other one. I guess I need one more to make it a collection?? 020

My feathers and small crock are here…022

…along with the small colonial pewter salt cellar Jill also gave me. pewter

Can you believe I am not done yet?? And then the other day I came home and there was a big box from Kris Thomas – Simply Prims. She made the gals who were planning to go to NY the most amazing Easter Bunnies! Isn’t he the best? 012

He holds a wool carrot and the greens are made from sweet Annie so he smells heavenly too! Kris so talented and creative and generous!! 012

I honestly can’t remember a month’s time frame in the past when so many new to me goodies came to live Behind My Red Door! I am so blessed with wonderful friends and family who are so good to me. I can’t put into words how it makes me feel. I am humbled and thankful.


This week Lili had her first dental check up and she was so good! The hygienist in this pediatric  dental practice was perfect with such a young child ~ so gentle and calming. She put sunglasses on Lili to protect her eyes from her bright light. Lili thought she looked like a rock star… I thought she just looked too cute! 1

She sat still and got her teeth polished like a trooper!  I was thrilled to be able to go with her to this milestone event.2

Of course Meemee had to surprise her with a special treat for this special day… a new set of wheels…new keep at Meemee’s house. She got right on and pedaled away!


And here are few more pics before I end. Here is the other side of the room now that I rearranged things….001


Hey do you notice anything different??068

Here are a few more clues….007



Did you guess yet??  Yup, I painted the chair rails to match the lower walls. One step closer to painting the rest of the woodwork in my ‘spare’ time – at least I HOPE SO! Wish me luck!


And look who is back!! The ducks have been in the brook and we are hoping it is just a matter of time before Momma nests next to the house again. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if she does!016


I will close with this wish for each of you ~ whether you celebrate Easter or Passover it is a simple wish….

May the wonders of this season -
the beauty of springtime,
the newness of life,
fill your heart with joy
and your life with love.

hugs and prim blessings ~ Linda