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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blame it on the desk


It’s all my desk’s fault. Really it is. Honest. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Blame the desk for why I haven’t had time to blog or add more stenciling to the bathroom or re-paint the slant back cupboard that was supposed to be pumpkin when I painted it back in 2010 but it came out orange or any of the other things I wanted to get done in January. Here it is the last day of the month and very few things got checked off my to do list. And as I sat drinking my coffee today, I realized it was all my desk’s fault.

Normally when I show you pics of my desk, they look something like this.  I don’t think people really want to see other people’s messes so I usually grab all the crap stuff and throw it on the bed in our room and show you a cleaned up version of my humble desk. 020

But the truth is, it usually looks more like this….003

Here is a closer look….005

I know – some of you are saying “Hey that doesn’t look too bad!!” 028

But the truth is it is really worse than it looks. Those piles are layers deep.  On top of this pile is the packet from the wedding venue for our daughter’s October wedding. And under it are all kinds of paperwork and ideas that we need to sort out. We still need to decide on so many things like flowers, a photographer, and all the things that I will need to make ~ like the save the date cards, the invitations, place cards, programs, favors, centerpieces and so much more. 015

But one thing that is all set is THE DRESS!!! Last week Jen and I spent the afternoon at a local bridal shop and she found THE DRESS! This was the third time she had tried on dresses but it was a much difference experience and it was a magical special time for her and me. We had the shop almost to ourselves, got lots of attention and so many other pieces fell into place. She found THE DRESS and the the veil. And sitting in that little zebra bag on my desk are the earrings and bracelet we found too! She felt beautiful and looked beautiful. I am so happy for her!!

I know you all want to see THE DRESS, but that will have to wait until after the wedding. This is all I will share…train

And this little sweeties continues to keep me busy 3 days a week. She is so darn smart and her imagination is simply amazing! Most of you know I taught preschool for 20 years and was the Director for several years before leaving that job in 2005 so I have a pretty good working knowledge of what makes a good school. So Lili’s mom and dad have asked me to help scope out preschools for September. In those piles are the names and numbers of some schools Lili and I will visit and then her mommy and daddy will visit the ones I think are good quality programs. 019By the way her daddy turned 33 on Sunday and having the whole family for a roast beef dinner was a welcome distraction from all the projects waiting for me. Mother Nature has been extremely kind to us this winter and the roads and walkways and driveways have remained clear and dry that helped enough that we could get my folks here even. My dad keeps saying “it’s the last time” it was an extra blessing.

Just since I took these pics a few days ago,  I have filled in several more dates on the calendar pages I print out myself with an old version of print shop. I keep them right there on my desk. Also in those piles are the names and numbers of some Home Health Care agencies. I am looking into getting some more in home help for my folks. Since my first career was a geriatric nurse, I guess that makes me pretty qualified to do that as well.  When I left my job in 2005, I said that I had ‘retired’ but it’s uncanny how both of my areas of expertise are being put to work once again.026

I just recently resigned my position as Home Features Manager for the magazine to have more time for all these family commitments so also in that pile are some homeowners contracts and questionnaires I need to scan and send to Kristine as she takes back the tasks I did in that position. I keep the printer hidden behind this piece of ticking fabric. 018

And right in front of the printer are two of the penny rug patterns I wanted to get to this month.029 I envisioned myself sitting in my wonderful new chair stitching away but that hasn’t happened often enough. By the time I sit here in the evening, my eyes don’t want to do that kind of work.018

Inside the wonderful feather basket I bought from my friend Pam over at the Primitive Basketcase blog is a needle punch pattern I wanted to get to as well. Maybe in February…010…of 2013??

I am not even going to tell you what is inside this cabinet. Let’s just say I am pretty sure it will be waiting for me after the wedding, fall photo shoots, fall vacations, Thanksgiving, Holiday photo shoots and Christmas as well!010

If those aren’t enough to fill my days,  in yesterday’s mail I got some more goodies to keep my busy. 003

My staff copy of the spring issue of A Primitive Place & Country Journal. SPRING 2012Even though I had to cut back the amount of time I work for the magazine, I will continue to work part time doing shoots as well as occasionally writing, and one of the perks is getting one of the first copies of the newly released issue. Kristine also sends the issue’s featured homeowners a copy right away too. I think it is soooo nice that they get to see it before the wholesale and subscriptions are mailed out. It’s not too late for you to subscribe and get your spring issue ~ you can do that by clicking ~HERE~. 

Did you notice those little awesomely wrapped bundles? 003Those are some of the soaps I ordered from Ellie’s Handmade Soap. (click on her name to get there) Ellie makes her own 100% natural olive oil soaps. I ordered the Orange & Spice and let me tell you, I could spend all day in the bathroom washing my hands with this. You know how sensitive to fragrances I am and this is a keeper for sure. And Ellie included a sample of her Gardener’s scrub which I am saving for gardening season. She has several other all natural fragrances as well. Do stop by and check them out!

Let’s see ~ what else about my desk can I blame for me not getting to my projects… 

…it couldn’t possibly be my computer which has a link to this….Pinterest

…where I found this gorgeous picture…Pinned Image

…which linked me to this post on Ellie’s blog…. Frog Goes to Market ~Antique Butter Mold …and where of course I saw the butter mold as well as the yellow ware and had to explore more which lead me to this blog post…

Frog Goes to Market ~ Christmas at Mom & Dad’s which was full of eye candy like this..

and this….

and this…

So I of course I just had to explore more of Ellie’s great blog (where I snatched these photos of hers to share with you) and that eventually lead to me Ellie’s Handmade Soap site!

But of course none of that kept me from getting any projects done. Honest.

Until next time ~ prim blessings and hugs, Linda