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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Thyme Behind My Red Door

Happy December!! Here in my neck of New England we have enjoyed some really wonderful sunny, dry weather the past week or so. I love seeing the golden country side with the rusty oak leaves everywhere. I love the dried grasses and underbrush and seeing for what seems like miles when the leaves are down exposing so many hidden gems like brooks, stone walls, winterberries and even some homes that were hidden the rest of the year by foliage! The timing of this weather was perfect for two outings with friends, some scouting for the magazine, and for several extra trips back and forth to my folks house. My sister went away for 3 days so I was making the 25–30  minute trip back and forth 3 times a day. Dry roads and sunny skies certainly made it a lot nicer!  And every evening, Mr. Red Door and I would take a different route to and from just to enjoy the Christmas lights. That tradition of taking Christmas light rides never looses it’s appeal!

With this nice sunny day we were given, I finally took some time to take a few Christmas pictures for the kind folks who have asked. I will admit, I really miss having that extra time to spend on taking my own pictures just right and editing them just the way I want them. There aren’t many full room shots but I think these will do and I hope you enjoy them.

Edited: I have had two followers tell me they cannot see the slideshow so here is the actual link for anyone else having the same problem.

Click –> Christmas Thyme Behind My Red Door

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