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Friday, November 25, 2011

More, more, more ~ sneak peek of my Christmas décor, more of my SC trip and more Michelle’s gorgeous home!!


Happy Friday!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was a bit different this year. We took the meal to my folks house because we know in our hearts, this is their last Thanksgiving in their home. So we all worked together and made it as nice as we possibly could. We made the traditional dishes we all enjoy and having all 4 generation together made it very special! And while I really missed having my family here, there was an upside ~ my house stayed clean!!

And today you won’t find me out and about today, I will be decorating for Christmas. Before we went to my folks yesterday we took the bins out of the attic. As I went through them,  I found half the stuff I have used for years and years is just not my taste anymore, so LESS IS MORE will really be the key for me this year. Long gone are the days when I pack away my every day décor to make room for boxes of décor for each holiday or season. I like my everyday decor so for the most part, it will remain in place and my favorite Christmas pieces along with lots of greens, red berries and white tallow berries (from my dear friend Sherrie in SC) will be tucked in and around my everyday décor.  Just for you, I have a few sneak peeks of what I did already this morning…












And that is just the beginning so no shopping excursions today for me BUT I will be participate in Small Business Saturday tomorrow and shop locally though!! I want to do my best to support the family owned and locally owned shops as much as possible.

But now it is time to get back to the business at hand! From the moment I arrived at Jill’s home, she treated me like a queen and fed me like royalty too. In case you don’t know, when I am there, I get my own room and bathroom! No one has ever slept here but me so it makes my room doesn’t it?? Here are some pictures of MY room that Jill sent me before the trip…SAM_0567


She even made space for my clothes and luggage in the big closet!!SAM_0568

SAM_0569Isn’t it pretty?? I am so comfortable there!

The first night, she made the most delicious corn chowder for dinner….she knows I LOVE corn chowder!soup

The second day we were busy doing her photo shoot. She was such a wonderful assistant helping me with my lights and cords etc.! That night she rewarded our hard work with this ‘pumpkin pie in a cup’ hot drink. OH MY!! My intentions were to share the recipe but I misplaced it so I will get it from Jill again. Believe me, you will need to save this for another week after you have worked off the calories from Thanksgiving. It is that good and that rich! pumpkin pie in a mug

Whenever we get together,  we love to look at books, magazines and the Internet together to talk about decorating ideas. I showed her this picture I took at the Rusty Rooster this fall of a shelf Jack made for over their door ~ he makes the best stuff! You can see more of their wonderful home and shop ~here~!12

So we showed Jim the picture too and by the end of Saturday, he had done this for her….mashersThose two are so talented! I wish I could show you lots and lots of room shots but you’ll have to wait for the fall issue next year for that. If you missed the sneak peeks, you can hop over to the APP & CJ blog for that. Just click ~here! 

And if you are smart, you will pay attention to the backgrounds in the next pictures and you just might get some more sneak peeks….

On Saturday, we went to Kathy’s gorgeous home for her photo shoot and a delicious southern meal too! You can read about that great day ~here~.

Sunday was the day Mr red Door left his parents home and headed to Jill’s to get me so we could start for home but not before we fit in a gathering with some of my southern friends! This was planned for last year but we couldn’t make the trip south because of work commitments, so I made sure we left enough time Sunday for it!!  Jill and I prepared a fall brunch of apple pie French toast, maple apple chicken sausage, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pecan muffins and some fresh pineapple. Hot coffee, tea and mulled cider were on the menu too!new year 2011 1088

Hint hint…. are you looking past the table….038

Sherrie Hinson was the first to arrive! Sherrie started following my blog and we started emailing and we became fast friends!  You may have seen some of her gorgeous garden and porch photos in A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine and in Judy Condon’s garden book. They are just amazing! Sherrie has a green thumb and then some! It was wonderful to finally meet such a kindred spirit in person!!  Sherry had hostess gifts for Jill and I ~She is always so thoughtful!! 016

Then Jennifer Gass and Dana Harpley arrived! Many of you know Jen from her blog Taylors Farmhouse Attic and she has a selling blog as well ~ Simple Goodes Stitched by Jennifer. She designs her own cross stitch patterns as well as selling finished pieces. She and I have followed each other’s blogs for ages!  And many of you know Dana as the gracious Hospitality Coordinator in the APP forum – her forum name is Homespun Treasures and that is where we met. She is so sweet! Her blog is Homespun Treasures by Dana. She also has a website Homespun Treasures and Dana makes hand poured candles, bowl fillers, pantry cakes and other wonderful smelling delights!!  You can reach their blogs or websites by clicking on the names!!  I was so happy to finally meet all of these sweet southern gals in person!!

Oh and we had so much fun greeting each other and comparing accents!! LOL And then while I finished some last minute meal preparations, Jill gave them a tour of her beautiful home and then we all sat down to the feast we had prepared.

Jill and I had hostess gifts for them and this is what Jill put together… she made us each a pillow and that is pumpkin spice hand gel! What a neat idea and aren't those acorns so cute!??013

Then it was swap time!! Jen got this wonderful Santa!! 042

Dana got a pretty handmade candle mat and some fall goodies! 044

Sherrie got a wall candle sconce, real beeswax candle and a hand loomed towel. 046

Jill got an assortment of yummy goodies – a candle, candy canes, wax pineapple and more!! 045

And I got this adorable doll!! new year 2011 1104

Here she is setting on my Homestead settle…028She doesn’t get to rest there very often. A certain little girl likes to carry her around and love on her!!

Here is a snapshot of Jen and Jill! Hi girls!! new year 2011 1140

And all too soon it was time for the girls to head out and I had to gather up my belongings so when Mr Red Door got there, we could pack up the car and start the two day drive home. But before we all left, Sherrie’s very patient hubby Ernie took our group picture with each of our cameras. He was such a good sport! 048

One of the treasures I brought home was this gorgeous blanket chest made by Jim. He is a carpenter by trade and he can make just about anything! He had made Jill one of these and since he is looking for work, I commissioned him to make me one as well. I paid for unfinished piece and came home and painted it myself. It is black over red with a distressed finish. I used a combo of latex paint and Caromal Colours, crackling medium and CC chipping crème and used the CC toner on top and then sealed it with a matte spray varnish. I love it! 012If you are within a reasonable distance of Colombia, SC and are looking for some prim pieces, I can give you Jill and Jim’s contact info. He can take a photo of something and with proper measurements, he will quote you a price and make you a custom piece too. 

Jill and did a little swap too and she sent me home some yummy Pumpkin butter, a sweet little whisk broom and this delightful little old buttocks basket. 036

It really was a whirlwind 6 days!  And while I love all the goodies I came home with, what I will treasure most is the time on the drive with my hubby, time spent with Jill and Jim, and meeting Kathy, Sherrie, Jen and Dana for the first time finally. Those make it truly worth all those hours driving!


Now I know y’all are either decorated for Christmas or like me, fixin to finish decorating so as promised here are more pics of Michelle’s gorgeous home from the Holiday 2010 issue to help get you in the Holiday spirit!!  They need no explanation ~ ENJOY!!

137 (2)

144 (2)


074 (2)

070 (2)

104 (2)

084 (2)



221 (2)

181 (2)

086 (2)

211 (2)

187 (2)

165 (2)

265 (2)

Thanks Michelle for the pleasure of sharing your home once again!!

And thank you all so much for stopping by.  I appreciate each of you!! Have a great weekend and until next time ~ prim hugs and blessings, Linda