Behind My Red Door

Thursday, June 2, 2011

After the storms….


I just wanted to make a brief post because I have been contacted by many online friends and followers asking about our safety after the devastating tornadoes touched down in MA yesterday afternoon and evening.

My entire family is fine and as far as I know right now, the same with my friends. We so thankful we lived through the frightening storms without any damage to our homes and properties. But that is not the case just 20 minutes west of me and 10 minutes south of me, and friends have friends who have lost everything.

Many of you know about the towns of Brimfield – the famous Brimfield Flea Market is world renowned – and neighboring Sturbridge with it’s historic Sturbridge Village. Both towns were hit and sustained damage, and there is one confirmed death from a campground in Brimfield. And further west of those towns there is much more damage in Westfield, Springfield, Monson and other towns. All told we are told 18- 20 communities have been affected, some by more than one tornado. Right now 4 deaths are confirmed and search and rescue goes on as clean up begins.

For many reading this tornado warnings are a way of life ~ but not around here. We seldom even have a watch, never mind a full warning.  And because tornadoes are so very rare here and of those that do touch down, most are very weak and dissipate quickly without doing any measureable damage, we do not have the warning systems like sirens that other parts of the country have. In fact the first touch down caught even seasoned meteorologists off guard yesterday afternoon. While they warned the weather was ripe for one, there was little warning that one was forming. Thankfully after the initial touchdown, the warnings went out immediately and for the rest of us in the path of those storms were able to take cover ~ if we were even aware of the warnings. My town’s cable broke into programming and warned us to move to basements or otherwise take shelter because those cells were going to pass directly over us. But again, because they are so rare, not everyone was listening to radio or TV.

It was a long and frightening afternoon and evening. Today as I watch the constant coverage on TV, I am still shaken and upset at what I am seeing. When it comes this close, it is indeed an eye opener and painful reminder of the fury of Mother Nature and how there is often little we can do when she let’s loose her fury.

This picture from Monson, MA shows just a minute example of damage. Our friend who took this less than a mile from his home, has friends who lost their homes entirely…


My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by these storms and all the other storms that have plagued our nation recently.

Stay safe everyone and whenever you hear a weather warning – pay attention and take cover. Just because it ‘never happens in your area’ doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t. Yesterday is proof of that.

Today I am thankful for ~

The safety of my family and friends

Clear skies and cooler temps – especially for those searching for survivors and starting the clean –up

FEMA, MEMA and all the other agencies helping the hard hit areas

Modern technology that warns us of these storms

The care and concern of so many of you – thank you!

Until next time – blessings, Linda