Behind My Red Door

Behind My Red Door

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who has time to rest??

Phew!! It sure has been busy Behind My Red Door. All that time to just be at home that I was planning for… well it hasn’t materialized just yet!! I am hopeful that I can find some soon though!! Week days are still filled with Lili time, magazine work and lots of trips back and forth to my folks home to care for then and get them to appointments etc. Just when I think I can breath (and stay home!) something else creeps up out of the blue. I am a planner and organizer and I have to truly learn to take one day at a time.

But despite all that, there has been some fun on the weekends too! Mr. Red Door and I and our grown kids all went to a wedding of a family friend. The groom Jeff, is a friend of both our Jay and Jen, and his folks Jim and Sandy are our friends – so it was a treat for all six of us to celebrate the special occasion. We saw so many of the ‘kids’ that were familiar faces in our kids lives during high school and college years.

The venue was right up my alley – full of antiques and history – just a wonderful setting for a wedding!

I was happy to know my ticker had been tested Mr. Red Door and I danced the night away with all the young uns and and it was a blast.

The very next day, Jay and Ang hosted an early 2nd birthday party for our sweet Lili at their home and she was so excited to see so many friends and family and just run around with her friends and cousins.

I think she looks so grown up with her curls pulled up into a pony tail!

Of course she enjoyed blowing out her candles…

…and opening presents too!

It’s hard to believe 2 years have gone by since she came into our world. She continues to be the light of our lives and a blessing to us each and every day!


That day was fun for me for a different reason too! Our local paper did an article on a home that was featured in Country Sampler magazine recently and I am quoted in the article. I had put the home owners in touch with Franklin and Esther Schmidt, the team that photographed our home for CS a few years ago. I had the pleasure of seeing inside this gorgeous home and Jack and Paula graciously let me take pics and I blogged about it ~here~!

To read the article, click here –> Rusty Roosta has a Reason to Crow!


Jack and Paula Fisher’s beautiful home ~ photo by Franklin and Esther Schmidt

Of course that was well before APP Magazine was even thought of – I now save my prim home connections for us!


On Saturday the 18th, I spent a wonderful day at the Walker Homestead’s Simple Treasures from the Past show.


If you love New England and antiques and fine quality primitives, this show is a must!! I helped my friend Lana Testa of Winterberry Primitives at her booth. Lana makes the wonderful dolls and bears for each issue of APP magazine and her home will be featured in the fall issue that is coming out this summer! She has become a dear friend and kindred spirit!

Her dear friend Linda was there to help too

as well Lana’s husband David.

We all had a wonderful time together.

My friend Judy Coffey from Country Plus in Hopkinton had the booth next door to Lana’s and she shared it with Cathy Liddell and Kathy Holland. Lots of eye candy here!

Judy’s home will be in the Holiday issue this year and Cathy’s home will also be in the fall issue this year!


I met several bloggers, and followers of my blog and saw prim friends I haven’t seen in a while and it was just a awesome show! Kris and Doreen and their families out do themselves and it just gets better and better!

I spent some of my money here at American Country Rugs and took home a darling hooked rug! You can find their website ~here~.


And here…


…at Pied Potter Hamlin Redware and Kalina Folk Art. Rick Hamlin and his wife Gariné Arakelian make all these gorgeous pieces you see here. I had ordered two jars so I took them home as well as a small plate and bowl. 062

You know how I ‘love me some redware’ and I already had several of their pieces and was so excited to see they would be at the show this spring. I could have taken it all home!


If you are looking for beautiful pieces to display or lead free food safe pieces you can actually use, you can see more of their work and order pieces on their website ~here~.

(I hope to have time to take pics of my new treasures this weekend and will share them the next time I am back!)

And because I know you are dying to see what I passed up (at least for now!!),here are more pictures from the show ~ be prepared to drool…









Oh LOOK! It’s Maria from Maria’s Primitives and Country Culture! Her home will be in the fall issue as well – it is going to be a great issue and Kristine has promised us all some surprises!! 050

Maria’s booth was hopping! 049

Oh look – she is having a Fall Open House on September 10th from 10 – 4 and we will be there from 10-2! Make your plans to join us now!!047

This belongs booth belongs to Hometown Antiques from West Brookfield, MA. It was great to finally meet Cindy in person!




If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, antiques and prim shopping and meeting so many great people, here is a head’s up on the next Simple Treasures show in September. Brookfield is just minutes from Sturbridge so make a weekend of it!!

I will be there shopping and I hope to see a lot of you there as well!


On Father’s Day, Lili’s actual birthday, she enjoyed some swimming at her other Grammy’s house… 253750_2143033939409_1353051558_2537115_7957295_n

and later in the day, my family all met at our folks home. The weather was perfect and we brought in all the fixins for a backyard cookout.

Both Bampee…

and I enjoyed some snuggle time with our sweet birthday girl! 253721_2143900281067_1353051558_2538462_6731621_n


And then on Tuesday the 21st, this couple…

leaving church

wedding small

celebrated 36 years of married life with a quiet dinner out and a long ride in the country. I have often said how much we enjoy long rides together and it was just what the Dr. ordered this week!

And speaking of weddings, our Jen has picked a venue and set the date!! 10/13/12 we will be celebrating at a gorgeous country club venue in the country. The ceremony and reception will take place inside this historic home. I am so excited she choose this as the place to celebrate her marriage. Now the planning can begin in earnest!


Today I am thankful for:

Sharing 36 years with a wonderful man

Having 4 generations together on Father’s Day

The fun and excitement of planning a wedding with my daughter

Being able to drive a well made safe vehicle with many safety features

The helpful cheerful clerk at the pharmacy

Thanks for once again making time to stop by!

Until next time – prim blessings, Linda

Friday, June 10, 2011

Doing what I love best…

…okay second best! I love being with my family best, but coming in a close second is decorating. What?? You didn’t know that?? 

I just love being the keeper of our home. But I often wonder how it happens that some of us are this way and others are not. My sister could care less about being at home, maintaining a home, or decorating a home even though we were raised by the same mother who did it all from upholstery to drapery making to furniture refinishing to canning her own produce from her own gardens. Martha Stewart couldn’t begin to compare to my mom before Alzheimer’s robbed her of all that.

My daughter is not nearly as interested in cooking, decorating, and domestic arts as I am either. I know she loves and appreciates what I do, but she is not like me at all in that way. Then again, I can’t dance and do the splits like she can either! Whatever makes some of this way, I am really glad I do enjoy it. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than making a house a home and haven for me, Mr. Red Door, family and friends.

Okay, I will admit, for some us though it goes waaaay beyond that. Yes, we belong to a special group. Tweakers International I am calling it. I saw those homes in the summer issue of APP that were across the big pond and I know many a prim decorator up there in Canada and I see visitors from all the world who stop by my blog so it isn’t limited to just in the good ole USA.  I volunteer to be the first President of this new group. Are you ready to join?? I am collecting the dues right now. What dues you ask? Your dues are one piece of redware or an antique basket or piece of pewter. Just leave me a message if you need my mailing address.  Not sure if you qualify for this exclusive group? Well if this describes you, get ready to join…

We can’t leave well enough alone. We get it just right and take 300 pictures from every angle on every camera setting during the day and at twilight. We burn our $12 beeswax candles down to the nub to get the pictures just right. Then we post the pics on our blog and FB and Picture Trails and before the web pages are even published we have already tweaked it and of course it is EVEN  BETTER, so we have to start all over again. Sound like you or some you know??  Who just said MY name out loud? I heard YOU! Are you ready to join yet??

Well thank goodness for us – huh?  Same old same old would get pretty darn boring, wouldn’t it? LOL I can hear the men folk saying “NO NO NO! I want same old same old. Just once I want to come home and know EXACTLY where everything is.”

Poor Mr. Red Door. The only time the house didn’t change was when I was in the hospital! He didn’t even get a chance to enjoy same old as he was so worried about me. Recently when I asked for his help to un-assemble a bit piece of furniture, he asked me “Honey, why do we have to keep changing things?’” I told him “We can keep the same house and I can keep changing things in it or we can keep changing houses. It’s no different than you going to play golf over and over and over. You have already hit the little white ball on the same course with the same clubs hundreds of times but you keep doing it to see if the outcome is different – better. It’s the same with me and my decorating. I need to see if the outcome is different – better. Tell you what, I’ll quit when you quit.”  He just smiled and went golfing.  Good man!! 

So that is what I do and why. And I am here to share it all with you and I won’t even bother to explain what has already changed since I took these pictures. HA!!

You know I love me some redware and I got 2  new pieces recently from Turtlecreek Pottery. I put this plate here in the dining room. Lili is fascinated with this little bureau lately so the décor is set up with things she either ignores or can’t hurt. 063


And I got a wee little plate too and put it in my office ~ which has seen a lot of changes. Notice I didn’t call it office/guest room anymore?

This is to the left as you stand in the doorway. 026 (2)

015 (2)

013 (2)

And more changes in here…. this is straight ahead when you stand in the doorway…082

This is where I blog. That red cabinet on top of my desk was in the laundry room/bathroom downstairs but someone told me I needed it upstairs somewhere. So I moved it up here. Well Mr. Rd Door moved it up here. I won’t tell you what he wanted me to say to my friend with that bright idea! Good thing she lives all the way down in Columbia, SC. 084

Oh now look at that? Is she not the cutest little bear sitting there. Want a closer look?076

Why it is one of the very special A Primitive Place magazines collectors series summer bears. Hand crafted and designed exclusively for APP by the very talented Lana Testa of Winterberry Primitives. Well look at her, she can’t bear to part with her summer issue! 092

To order YOUR very own APP collectors bear or any of the previous dolls in the series, you can click ~here~. 

To go to Lana’s blog, click ~here~. Hopefully she will be sharing some of her garden pictures soon! Her home and yard are just gorgeous! How do I know… well just wait for the fall issue for that answer!

So continuing around the room…008

Yes, I know, I still haven’t hid that TV. Some things take time you know…. 026

Going around to this corner… did you notice something missing? It is the daybed we moved down to the family room. 002 (3)

Now when I have an overnight guest, they will have privacy, a TV, a microwave and dorm refrigerator at their disposal and access to their own bathroom for their stay. Oh no, I guess that means I need to find something to replace the red cupboard we moved up here won’t I? 005 (2)

I moved an older wing back chair up from the family room so I have a place to read and relax. And I moved my little antique desk and ladder back from the living room in here too. I am not quite done with this space, but it is getting there. I am looking for just the right piece to replace that shelf/peg rack and I’d love a new chair at some point.  007

So you ask, what took the place of the desk in the living room? Well the dry sink of course! Remember I got the antique dough box table and new lamp for over here where the dry sink used to be? I already tweaked this since you last saw it and put my old black stockings on the blanket crane. 048

So here is the dry sink  and  the AWESOME new Kathy Graybill tavern sign I got to hang above it. 038

I am in love! 055

I got it from one my favorite sources for colonial goodies Circa Home Living. I have admired tavern signs in several homes for some time now and I decided I just had to have one. Circa Home Living has several different styles to choose from so it was hard to decide. But the colors and size and design of this one spoke to me. If this speaks to you or to see the other designs offered, you can go their online catalog if you click ~here~! Noel and Verge are a pleasure to do business with!


See the black iron candle holder? They sell that in their catalog too. They also have opened Circa Home Sampler in Nobleboro, ME in the Nobleboro  Antique Exchange if you are in the area. I need to find myself in that area sometime soon! You can read more about it on their blog if you click ~here~.023


Most of this post was written before I had my little stay in the hospital so I wanted to take time now to say thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers and comments after my last post. I am so sorry that so many others are also feeling the same stresses in their lives while doing their best to help ill and aging parents,  but it is a comfort to know there are others to commiserate with. It is both immensely rewarding and immensely difficult at the same time.

This once again reminds me that bloggers and prim friends are truly the best! If we could bottle up all the love and goodwill I have seen in blog land since I started blogging  over 3 years ago and we spread it out to places that need it the most, there would be no more war or hunger or poverty. I am sure of that! And to be on the receiving end of some of that goodwill is just the most amazing feeling ever. I felt so warm reading all the comments and prayers and love. My eyes leaked more than once.  For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Until next time – prim blessings, Linda