Behind My Red Door

Monday, April 4, 2011

Things are just ducky around here…

Happy April blogging friends! Mother Nature certainly played a joke on us with well over 6 “ of heavy wet snow on the 1st.


But fortunately by Sunday evening it was gone.

It was another busy week Behind My Red Door.In between Lili time and getting my dad home from rehab and to appointments,  my baby girl turned 30 . Her daddy and I gave her  diamond hoops to mark this very special birthday. We are blessed to be able to do this for her.


My dear friend took me out for a belated birthday dinner of my own, and Audrey and I had the pleasure of another wonderful photo shoot for the magazine on Saturday.  If you missed it, I did a blog post with lots of sneak peeks over on the new A Primitive Place Magazine blog. You can get to it by finding this picture on my sidebar and clicking on it.

New blogI’ll be sharing all my magazine related events and sneak peeks over there from now on so make sure you sign up to be a follower so you don’t miss a thing.

One of the most exciting thing I have to report is that  Momma Duck came back and laid some eggs!! Count them – 13 so far! See the ring of feathers around them – they come from Momma Duck of course.


When Lili got here today, I took her outside  to see Momma Duck and of course she shrieked with delight – which then scared Momma Duck and she took off. She does that periodically anyway. We have always been surprised that she can leave the eggs unattended for so long on such a cool day.

For any of my new followers, this is the third year in a row that Momma Duck has chosen a little patch of garden between our front door and garage door to make her nest. See that little prim fence…


…can you see the eggs behind it??040


..there they are!!020

It’s so exciting to think that she finds our little garden patch a safe lace to grow her family. I really hope that when the eggs hatch, Lili can see the ducklings – but that is not very likely. We learned that Momma ducks take their babies to water very soon after they hatch and so the timing would have to be just right. And even if they are still here when Lili is here, Momma Duck does a great job of hiding them. This photo from last year shows the most we have seen of the ducklings in 2 years. And I am not sure Lili would even be able to discern them from the distance. I took this with a zoom lens before Momma Duck came squawking after me! 004 (2)

Still, I will keep my camera handy and try to capture any excitement that goes on behind my prim fence and keep you all posted.


I don’t normally make a habit of posting info on selling blogs on my blog, but I am going to make an exception this time. Many times I have mentioned how much trouble I have with scented items. Even when things smell wonderful to me, I can have an allergic reaction so I have to be very careful with any scent I bring into our home – from dish soap, to shampoo, to dryer sheets and especially cologne and candles. When I go to other’s homes, I have to be careful if they are burning candles too. Many times I come home with a headache and my face just burns. So when I found a candle that I can tolerate, you betcha I am going to keep telling everyone about it!

You see my dear friend Karen Leonard from Ohio has been making soy candles for years now. Karen is one of the very first prim gals I met online in 2007 when I discovered the online prim communities. We met on Webshots and it is from Webshots that  sprouted all the prim blessing in my life. Karen’s friendship is one of those blessings.  Just recently Karen changed the name of her business to Star Mills Candles and started a blog to help get the word out.

To read about how she choose that name and to find out about all the scents and sizes of candles she sells – very reasonably for priced high quality soy candles I might add ~ check out her blog by clicking ~here~.  And please tell her I sent you!


And one more promotion for a friend~ I got a call yesterday from my friend Linda Harris from Albany, Oregon. Many of you will remember her gorgeous home that was featured in the fall issue of Country Sampler awhile back and from when I posted some gorgeous pictures from her home at Christmas time ~ you can see that post by clicking~HERE~. 


Linda and her husband Joe built a replica mill complete with water wheel behind their home to house their new business -  a prim/antique shop  and they started a FB page for it. They call the business Pumpkin Hollow and you can get to it by clicking ~here~. If  you do stop by, please let them know I sent you!



Today I am thankful for:

A hot shower at the end of the day

Arthritis meds

The garage that shelters me and Lili as I get her into her car seat in the rain

Handicapped parking when I take my dad to his appointments

The budding forsythia in our side yard


Thanks for stopping by! I hope April has been good to you so far!

Until next time ~ hugs, Linda