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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter displays and more …

Good evening! I had a wonderful day today with my dear friends Audrey and Laurie. We spent some time antiquing and for me, it was a much needed break from the stress of things going on with my folks and the ‘busy –ness’ of everyday life. I think it is pretty clear that my family means everything to me and they are the reason I get up every day, but also, the older I get, I cherish time with my friends more and more. I want as much time as I can get with all the important people in my life. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow so we need to make the best of today. I am even more acutely aware of that this week as a dear friend is mourning the very sudden unexpected death of her husband. He simply did not wake up one morning last week. His death left a huge void in so many lives. RIP Bill, you will be dearly missed by so many people!


Before I get to my fun day, tonight I am joining Misi’s 1890 Gable House Musings Display Chain Tuesday and her theme is Easter. As my decorating style evolves and I am using more antiques and quality period accurate reproductions, I find I really enjoy having some fun with my seasonal décor. It’s a chance to add some fun and whimsy to our home. Growing up my mom always decorated for the holidays and seasons all year, and I have always done that as well. Now my seasonal décor is just a little more primitive than it was when I first started!

I’ll just let you scroll through the pictures…

003004008009017019025028038039053039048035Aprill spring touches 012054

To join in on the Tuesday Display Chain fun click ~HERE~. Thanks Misi for hosting us once again!


Since I was here last, I made even more changes in the kitchen- no Mr. Red Door still loves his oak cabinets so I haven’t painted them the soft creamy taupe color I would like to… so instead, I painted the old bureau I used for the microwave and Keurig coffee maker. It was quite a process as I didn’t like the end results of the first attempt so I decided to try again. The second time I used Caramol Colours Pumpkin over black. I love the warm color.

When it was time to put things back in place, a funny thing happened – I didn’t move the microwave back. Having lived here for 25 years now, I decided I needed a change of pace and so I tweaked all the counters and the bureau! As usual, some additional tweaking will take place – when I have time and because of my shopping today. Here is a quick tour around the kitchen …

009 - Copy




With the new table against the wall arrangement, the room looks more crowded but in actuality, we have more space in the center of the room when everyone is here – so I am enjoying that. 010


This is where the Keurig is living now… it needs a cover I think! 050

Can you see the new needle punch mini rug I finished over the stove?? 029

Changed up my baking corner a bit… one of the best things I ever bought was my stand mixer cover from Noel and Verge at Circa Home Living formerly Circa 1820. Click ~here~ for LOTS of eye candy!



Now you can see where the microwave is living.. not sure how it will work out when we have a crowd here – but we shall find out on Easter Sunday!! 059

And all the way back to the bureau again! Oops – don’t look at that crooked draw pull on the third drawer down….053You looked didn’t you?? LOL I knew you would!


Okay back today’s shopping fun! Audrey and I met up with Laurie and we hit some wonderful old mill buildings with antique centers and we stopped at Laurie’s house for lunch. We always have such a nice time when we are together. They are such dear friends!

I had a list of several things I hoped to find today and I got all but one! And Laurie gave me a belated birthday present –she made a buttery pin keep for my new make do buttery on the wall in the kitchen and the cute Rockingham pottery custard cup. I had a yellowware custard cup on my list but this one is even better! I love them both Laurie – thank you! The rest of these treasures I found along the way today. I finally found a mortar and pestle and I am thrilled – it will probably go on the mustard bureau. I haven’t had time to put them in their homes yet, so I’ll try to get pics when I do.



Update on Momma Duck…

She spends most of her day sitting on the 13 eggs and she is becoming more accustomed to Lili standing and looking at her. The first day she flew off and didn’t come back while we were outside. Day 2 she stayed most of the time – maybe it was Lili blowing her kisses or all the compliments Lili gave Momma Duck like “soooo cute”. Lili said that about 50 times. What woman doesn’t like a compliment?

026(Momma duck is behind the fence)

I put together a little slideshow of day 2 of Lili seeing Momma Duck. You can click ~HERE~ to see that. Make sure to read the captions below the pictures.


Today I am thankful for:

Clean drinking water

An abundance of food choice at the grocery store

Lili’s deep throaty chuckles

Green grass

Deep red pansies


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope spring is finally making herself know where you are!

Until next time~ warm hugs, Linda