Behind My Red Door

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Odds and ends…

Hello blogging friends! Sorry I haven’t been around in awhile. It’s been crazy Behind My Red Door lately – some good and some not so good. I was playing around with my blog and almost lost it all. I recovered it but just haven’t had time to fix it up the way I want so excuse the odd look to it.

The past two weeks we have had all kinds of problems from too much snow on the roof. Thank goodness we were not one of the hundreds who suffered roof collapses from the weight of the snow because Mr. Red Door got on the roof and shoveled a good 2/3 of it off. But we still have ice dams to deal with and they are what caused the problems. We think we have it under control… for now!

MY FIL in SC has been very ill and was hospitalized for a few days. He is finally back at home now. His illness is progressive but hopefully with the right services and care, he will be feeling stronger and able to enjoy life more than he has lately. Like most places in the country, they have had a brutal winter and I know he is anxious for the good weather and hopes to be able to golf a little come spring. We are all thinking positive thoughts for him.


Now on to the good stuff!

Since I was here last, I had the pleasure of a wonderful visit from my dear friend Karen of Catskill Mountain Prims. No blog but an awesome Picture Trail that you can see ~HERE~. Karen and I met online and she is a frequent poster to the APP Forum and the sweetest and most talented gal. Her home is one of my favs! She always has a project going and it just gets better and better! Karen came bearing hostess gifts including this sweet hooked heart she made for me. It is just darling and I plan to leave it out all year!


We had a wonderful visit and the time went by all too fast! Thank you again Karen and I look forward to your next visit!


We all very anxious for spring here in the northeast and in two weeks we will have just that when the APP gals are part of the Spring Open House at Country Plus in Hopkinton, MA. We are so excited to spend time in Judy’s shop. You can see pictures I took recently if you go ~HERE~.

outside spring

Saturday February 26 from 10 – 5.

Bonnie, Audrey, Ashley and I will be there from
12 – 3 PM to meet you
and sign your magazine! Please feel free to bring pictures of your homes and gardens. Maybe your dream to one day be in the magazine will come true! For more pics of the shop and the address and directions click on the name of the shop above.


But even though we are anxious for spring, in the magazine world, we are shooting in the current season for that issue almost a year ahead. So yesterday, we were off on another road trip through the gorgeous New England country side and this time, we landed in Halifax, MA and I don’t think you will have any doubt what season we were shooting!


We had the pleasure of meeting John and Gail and shooting their gorgeous antique Cape style home. Even though we see many pics of a home before we commit to a shoot, when we first walk into a home, it is like seeing it for the first time and it always so much fun! Gail and John have done a remarkable job renovating this home – honoring the past while making it livable for today. As usual, I can’t show you whole rooms, but here are a few peeks at some of the wonderful eye candy awaiting you if you have a subscription or get the magazine at your favorite shop!








We packed our lunch and Gail surprised us with some yummy treats and we got to enjoy them sitting by a gorgeous roaring fire in one the many fireplaces in their home. Gail and John were as delightful as their home and I know you will all enjoy it in a future issue!


Because we were so close, we just HAD to stop by and visit another of our favorite stores – The Gingham Goose in Rochester, MA

The last time I took pictures here, it looked liked this:





Yes that is right – you will recognize some of my exterior photos in in the current Spring issue of A Primitive Place magazine.

But this is what it looked like outside yesterday… still just a s gorgeous dressed in it’s winter finery!




Inside was another season though as Barb had just come back from Market in PA and she was just beginning to put out her spring goodies!





Barb invited us to come back to a magazine signing at her shop in March. Our weekends are pretty full but we were so pleased to find a date that works for all of us! You are invited to stop by on Saturday March 12th. The shop is open from 10 –5 and we will be there from 12-3. Please feel free to bring pictures of your homes and gardens. Maybe your dream to one day be in the magazine will come true! For more pics of the shop and the address and directions click on the name of the shop above!

One of my goals for 2011 is to spend even more wisely and I did just that yesterday while in the shop. I have been looking for the perfect little prim tray to use when I am sitting on my daybed stitching or reading or watching TV. Because it is so deep, as I sit back amongst all my pillows on the daybed, I am too far away to reach the trunk I am using as a coffee table. This little guy is perfect to hold my mug of chai tea or glass of water. I already put it to the test last night!



The next time I come back, I will share some pics that didn’t make it to print in the spring issue and a sweet story about how the redware willow tree plate that I have had for MANY years..



…has new cousins now for sale over at my friend Janet’s website Winter Willow Primitives!


Click ~HERE~ to see her newest selection of made in the US redware and other goodies! I’ll also show you the plate that is in the mail for me. It’s my Valentine gift from Mr. Red Door.

I don’t have a lot of hearts around the house anymore. Mine were too ‘cute’ and I gave them away a few years ago. But after seeing ~ this post~ on Janet’s blog, I am looking at hearts in a whole new way now! Go on over and see for yourself what a wonderful collection she has!


I want to leave you all with this Valentine’s Day message…

God bless you
with the warmth and love we celebrate today,
with personal fulfillment in your work, your rest, and play.
God bless your close relationships with people you hold dear -
And fill your life with gentle things
to warm your heart all year.

Until next time, hugs – Grammee Linda

PS stop on over the APP Blog to see Bonnie’s sneak peeks and read a cute story about Humpty Dumpty at the Gingham Goose!