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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let’s play a matching game, and a long goodbye…

Thank you to all my repeat visitors and welcome all new visitors and followers. I think you are going to really enjoy this post – it is full of what we all just love – primitive eye candy!! As promised here are some more of the photos that didn’t make it to print in the spring issue.

Now for the fun part… can you match them to the four homes in the magazine that I had the pleasure of photographing?

Here’s #1 ….








Did you figure that one out??

Here’s #2 …


029 - Copy

037 - Copy




Still not sure? Well how about #3…







and last but in no way least, here is #4…074







I hope you figured out which is which and enjoyed playing my little match game. Maybe we can play again after the summer issue makes it’s debut! If you haven’t gotten your subscription yet, what are you waiting for?? Click ~HERE~ to find out how to subscribe, about wholesale orders, where to buy it, and to get answers to most of your magazine related questions!

If you are planning to attend the Country Spirits Show in Arcola, IL in March, then you will have a chance to meet some of the APP staff! We are excited to let you know that A Primitive Place magazine will be at the Country Spirit show in Arcola, IL on March 4th & 5th.

Meet: Senior Writer, Dan Weaver

Stylist/Contributing Writer, Kimberlee Johnson

Publisher/Editor, Kristine Berg Doss

Assistant Editor/Contributing Writer, Jeremy A. Doss

Stop by our booth and pick up the spring issue! We will also have a few of the Holiday issue on hand for purchase.

Click ~HERE~ for all the details!

Don’t forget the New England crew has two events coming up in MA as well. Check my previous post for all the details!


Our blogging friend Sheila over at Seasons of thy Heart posted about a wonderful service for women battling cancer. Cleaning for a Reason offers free home cleaning services for women going through chemo treatments. PLEASE pass this info on! Click ~HERE~ to find out more about this great service!


Way back when I started blogging, one of my most faithful followers and commenters was a very sweet gal Kathy. Kathy and I emailed for awhile and I so enjoyed chatting with her. Unfortunately at some point we lost touch. But recently Kathy started her own blog The Heart of the Home and I am thrilled to be able to mention it here. Kathy shares the struggles and frustrations of raising a family, keeping a home, and juggling all those hats many women wear. She happens to be avid quilter too. To meet Kathy and to see some of her gorgeous quilts, please click ~HERE~!


I also promised I’d share the new piece of redware that I ordered from my friend Janet. If you missed my last post, she recently began carrying a line of made in the USA redware on her website Winter Willow Primitives. It all started several months ago when Janet asked me about this piece of redware that I have owned for many years..


I think you can guess why she liked that particular piece – the willow tree.


Janet asked me for any info I had on it and all I could give her was the name etched in the back. We did some research and found that artist. Janet was able to contact her and get the plate reproduced and now she carries it and other pieces from the same artist on her website. I was thrilled that it worked out so well for Janet. And of course when I saw the great pieces she was offering, I knew I had to have another one. I finally settled on this adorable little square plate…


Isn’t it darling?? It is a perfect fit in the little cabinet in our bedroom, don’t you think?017



My heart is heavy tonight. This afternoon we took Lili to see my folks. You see today is my mom’s 82nd birthday and though we are having a party for her this weekend, I knew she would love some snuggles with Lili today. Lili was charming and delightful and loving with my mom. I could see the joy she brought to both of my parents. She was the best gift we could give my mom right now. Joy in the moment. As many of you know, my mom has Alzheimer's and is slowly failing. It is so sad to see the once vibrant woman slipping away. The body works amazingly well for her age but the mind is another story. If you are new to my blog, my mom was one of the most creative and talented woman I have ever known. You name it, she did it and did it well. Martha Stewart couldn’t hold a candle to her. That is no exaggeration. If you click on MOM under labels in my sidebar, you can read about just some of the things my mom did in her lifetime. But today my mom couldn’t remember how to play her piano. It about broke my heart. I grew up doing my homework to piano music. At one time my mom owned an organ, an upright piano and an electric piano. She played every day of her life until just a few months ago. Now it is but one more thing lost to her and lost to the rest of her family as well. It is incredibly sad. As many of my friend’s call it – “the long goodbye”.

Today I am thankful for:

All the cassette tapes I own of my mom playing the piano and singing to and reading to my children when they were young.

The primitive portraits of my children that my mom painted when they were young.


All the creative skills I learned at my mother’s side.

The memories of all the wonderful times she created for our family over the years.

The time we have left to make more memories and share joy in the moment.

Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share a little of my world with you today. If your mom is still around, right now tell her how much you love her. You won’t be sorry.

Until next time – hugs from Bev’s blonde and blue eyed daughter