Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This too shall pass…

…this nasty head cold that is. I know it takes 7 – 10 days for a cold to pass so I am half way there. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday not doing a thing. Now it seems all I do is sneeze, blow, wipe my nose and then I start all over again. I am now sporting a very unfashionable red ‘moustache’. I am thankful it is just a cold but it kept me from an awesome photo shoot on Saturday – BOOHOO! Did you see some sneak peeks on the APP blog? Click ~HERE~ if you haven’t. Oh my… what a gorgeous home! I had blogged about the store a few times so I was really looking forward to seeing Jerrie and Norm’s home. I am thankful that I am privy to the rest of Bonnie’s photo’s and all I have to say is if you love colonial and prim, subscribe before the Christmas issue comes out this year because Bonnie captured this home so well!

So while I didn’t get to take photos on Saturday, I had taken a few around the house before I got sick, but after some minor tweaking here and there.

First I want to show you two new things…

This is cotton that Jill brought me in the fall. A whole bag of stems like this…

002 (2)

…that sat in the garage until after Christmas because I had so much fall décor then Christmas décor that I just didn’t have room for it. But I thought it would be prefect for a nice white winter touch so here it is…


And my other new goodie is this lamb pantry cake that I got from my friend Dana over at Homespun Treasures by Dana. Isn’t he great? He is moving come spring though….


The rest of my tweaking I did with things I already had around the house so no explanations are needed…














I am thankful for:

…soft tissues

…spiced chai tea to soothe my throat

…Weight Watchers Frozen Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars to soothe my throat too!

…accurate weather forecasts

untitled (2)

…hugs from the sweetest little girl in the world!

daddies boots

Until next time – hugs Grammee Linda