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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sharing is good…

…so to the first 100 people who comment, I’ll be happy to pack up a big box of good old fashioned original New England goodness to share with you! I’ll pack it as full as you want – you pay ONLY for the shipping!! So many folks have commented in the past about how they would love to come to New England. Well instead, I’ll send some right to your door instead! Now doesn’t that sound great?

Here’s a little of what you will get…



That’s right, you will be getting some good old fashioned New England snow….006

and ice!!023


I’ve got plenty to share ! Sand and rock salt included at no extra charge!!

Any takers??

Yup, that is what it looks like outside My Red Door today. Remember when I said I was thankful for our snow blower? Well it died halfway through cleaning up the storm we had Wednesday into Thursday. Mr. Red Door finished by hand and it wasn’t easy throwing snow from the middle of our 22 foot wide driveway up and over those 8 foot snow banks. As soon as he could get his Murano out of the garage, he went and bought a bigger and stronger model (before they were sold out!) It will throw the snow much further so hopefully if we ever have another January like this, the snow banks won’t be as high because the snow will go further into the yard and not just land on the edge of the driveway. Let’s just hope we don’t have any major snow before it gets delivered!

Can you see the top of the light post sticking out?


And this is what I see when I am trying to back out of my driveway and I drive an SUV…003


And the other side…..


Most intersections are just as bad. It puts an entirely new spin on defensive driving that’s for sure!

But despite all that, I still like it better than heat and humidity! So except for the defensive driving, I am not complainin..just sayin!


I am thankful for:

Our son – he is a fine young man, wonderful husband, great dad and a joy to have as a son. It’s his 32nd birthday today so Happy Birthday Jay! We celebrated at family dinner on Monday because today he is in his first ever ice fishing derby.

A strong roof overhead!

My cozy fleece slippers.

Soft tissues – still. I feel much better but the tissues are still close at hand at all times!

Getting together with friends I have met through the Internet. Tomorrow my sweet friend Karen is stopping by for lunch and if it weren’t for the Internet, we would have never met! Check out her gorgeous home ~here~!


Speaking of gorgeous homes and snow ( they have had a lot in North Dakota too!) click ~here~ for the new APP blog post with a few new sneak peeks of the spring issue and updated info about when you can expect to see your copy!

Time for me to get back to cleaning…. company is coming!!

Until next time – prim hugs, Grammee Linda

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