Behind My Red Door

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful thoughts week six

Happy Sunday after Thanksgiving!! I am feeling especially thankful today after spending a wonderful day with my family on Thursday. The food was yummy if I do say so myself but being with family is what it is all about.


I am thankful for this harvest table Mr. Red Door and I made last year. I am thankful that our kids and my folks all sat around this on Thanksgiving Day. 015

It is 8.5 feet long but just 3 feet wide. So while we can seat a crowd around it, when we are actually eating a meal on it, I cannot fit much in the way of fancy tablescapes on it. But that’s fine with me. I use my simple narrow trencher with something seasonal and a few candles and it is just enough!008

Of course Lili was as much the star attraction as was Mr. Turkey. Here she is telling Bampee it is time for another one of their walks around the neighborhood. She is pointing to the back door.


And here she is playing PEEK a BOO with her Great Mama.


And with her Auntie Jen


And with her Meeemee…


And just looking too cute with her in piggy tails. Look at all those new teeth! I am thankful I get to snuggle this sweetie!!

turkey day (2)

I am thankful that it was cool enough to use my deck to keep the Thanksgiving pies cool. There just is never enough refrigerator space Behind My Red Door during the Holidays!!


I am so thankful that my dad only received minor bruises, bumps and cuts when he fell INTO the tub last week. As bad as it was, it could have been much worse as he could have broken a bone or received a concussion when he hit his head on the tile wall. (It was a freak accident as he wasn’t even attempting to get in the tub. )

I am thankful for the kind staff at my mom’s Drs. office and the staff at her local CVS who helped with some prescription issues this past week. Even though at times we were all exasperated and even though it took a lot of my time making phone calls back and forth for a few days, as well as some detective work on our part, at no time did anyone act anything other than kind, helpful and professional.


I am thankful that Bampee and I were able to share in the tree cutting and decorating with Jay, Ang and Lili yesterday.


I am thankful I brought my old cotton coverlet. Brrr….it was cold and windy! 005

Lili found one just her size!

007010014I know that Bampee was thankful that Lili helped him center the tree. All those kisses did the trick!!022


I am really thankful I got my inside Christmas decorating done today. Even though I am going for a more colonial inspired look and sticking with my less is more, it still took me a lot longer to get the look I wanted this year. Here is the tree. This is my prim German feather tree that I bought 5 or 6 years ago. I am no longer in love with the look of it. I like the size and shape but it does not look natural and I want my faux greens to look real. I think this is the last year for this. With real trees costing $50 and up in my area, this paid for itself long ago.


I am thankful I got to bring home the extra branches cut from the bottom of Lili’s tree. I love using real greens in my Christmas décor!

I am thankful for all the new followers to my blog, and I thankful to have so many prim folks I have met through my blog and other blogs, the APP forum, through Picture Trial, and at magazine events. It is very clear to me that the prim look is here to stay! Whether it is the colonial look we are so accustomed to and love so much here in New England, or any other variation of prim, it is still very popular and growing!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to have pictures of my Christmas décor the next time I am here! Until then, prim hugs, Grammee Linda