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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thankful thoughts week two…

Thanks for stopping by to see week two’s thankful thoughts. If you missed my last post, I am posting thankful thoughts every Sunday through the end of November and I invite you to join in. Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know you joined in so I can stop over and see your thankful thoughts –it’s contagious you know!!

Even though this was an extra busy week for me, I am still full of thankful thoughts.

Many of you know I help care for our 16 month old granddaughter Liliana (Lili) 3 afternoons a week while her mommy Angela works part time. Bampee joins in when he can as well. This week we had her an extra afternoon while Angela’s mom spent some well deserved time in Florida with her sister. I am constantly amazed at how smart Lili is. I am so thankful that she is growing and developing right before our eyes. Here she is coloring at home. 33479_442442302619_713172619_5435700_2405636_n

I am so thankful for the delight in her eyes when she sees Bampee and Meemee. One day last week she was still napping when we arrived at her home so Ang went off to work and Bampee and I eagerly watched the monitor until we saw her stirring in her crib. When we went into her room and she saw us, she sat up with the biggest smile and then starting clapping! I am so thankful for moments of pure joy like that!

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And you also know that almost every weekend, we have been busy with a photo shoot or other event for the magazine. Well this week I am thankful that I got to do 2 photos shoots! On Thursday I had the pleasure of shooting a gorgeous primitive/colonial home.  Bonnie had to work and Ashley was in school, so I did this one solo. The homeowner made it so easy for me though. Her home was picture ready!  I really enjoyed the yummy lunch the homeowner’s mom provided us. Here are just a few sneak peeks of Thursday’s shoot. The antiques and collections were right up my alley! 088


105  162






I am so thankful for the wonderful home healthcare personnel that took such good care of my folks after my dad’s release from the hospital and rehab. They showed us some better, easier and safer ways to do things. Even though I worked in nursing homes in high school and through college, and upon graduation I was a charge nurse in a nursing home, I still learned some new things from these dedicated people!

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I am so thankful that our friend Lana Testa – Winterberry Primitives is so creative and talented and that she is making these exclusive A Primitive Place Santa's! You can find out more about them and order one if you click ~HERE~!


I am thankful that Mr. Red Door spent an entire afternoon at my folks house removing the old tub and shower doors and tracks, cleaning the mess they left,  and installing grab bars and a new shower curtain so my dad can be safer in his bathroom.

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I am thankful I get to share the wonderful prim home that Bonnie and I had the pleasure of shooting yesterday. Another home full of wonderful antiques but wait until you see the fall and Halloween collection in this one! So much fun! 






157  410

And the mural throughout the entire front hall is GORGEOUS!303  

I am thankful that tonight while waiting for Trick or Treaters, I will be able to sit down with cup of steaming chai tea and browse through my Circa Home Living catalog. I have been shopping with Noel and Verge for many years now and the catalog just gets better and better. Click ~HERE~` to go to their website. But if this is your first time, I need to warn you, you will want one of each!!


I am thankful that we were able to enjoy some late summer foliage this week.

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In this world of mobile families, I am thankful that our adult kids live close to us and we can continue our weekly family dinner nights. I am especially thankful that we get to share in the special moments in Lili’s life, like when she turns into the cutest little duck I have ever seen! Here she is just waiting to kiss Meemee as soon as I got up the stairs in her house earlier today.


And Bampee’s next…019 

I am so thankful that I have been able to meet several friends from the Internet in person and I am here to tell you, they are as genuine and nice and kind in person as they were in emails and forums. Obviously we know that not everyone on the Internet is who they say they are, but I have been fortunate to have met the nicest gals.

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And last for today but not certainly not least I am thankful for all the wonderful men and women serving in the Armed Forces so that I am free to continue living in this wonderful country!!

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Happy Halloween Blogging friends!

Until next time – prim hugs, Grammee Linda