Behind My Red Door

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another wonderful road trip and photo shoot…

Yesterday I was blessed with a gorgeous fall day, sunny skies, dry roads, light traffic, gorgeous foliage and 3 great traveling companions as we made our way across the Hudson River to New York state to shoot another gorgeous home for next fall’s issue of A Primitive Place magazine. There is never a lack of fun and giggles and Bonnie often documents our fun with her camera. I suspect she has the goods on each of us by now and I know she is dreaming of having a house like this built someday …

Exterior of Post and Beam Cape House with Ell, Barns and Garden Shed

so now I am getting a wee bit nervous about what she plans with all of those videos??!! Do you think she can be bought???!! Naw, not our Bonnie!???! Do ya think????

Yesterday she made a video of us crossing the Hudson River Bridge as we listen to our traveling theme song and this one is safe to share…..

I even did a good job of staying in my own lane and we arrived safely…

…and it was another wonderful shoot! After taking some shots outside in the chilly air…



…the homeowner served us a delicious hot soup lunch in her ‘to die for’ kitchen!!


(An important note: We are always happy to pack our own lunch and we NEVER expect to be feed. We know how much work goes into getting a home ready for a day like this!)

And then we got busy shooting her GORGEOUS HOME!





Bonnie didn’t want to leave and was even trying to take a tubbie…118

…but I pulled her out just in time! Shhh…if you recognize this home (and many of you will ) don’t tell the gracious homeowner!!


After a busy shoot, we sat down and enjoyed some dessert and the fall issue…


…it was just what we needed before we began the long drive for home!


And as if that wasn’t a perfect day, this is what we found when we arrived Behind My Red Door…


…my staff copy of the Holiday Issue! After unpacking the car, I sat down with a cup of my spiced chai tea enjoyed pages like this…


What?? You can’t see enough?? hehehe – you’ll have to subscribe or find a shop in your area that carries it!! Kristine said that wholesale orders will start shipping the week of Oct. 25th. Subscriptions were shipped on Oct. 12th and were shipped directly from the printers mail house and it could take a week or even four for yours to arrive -depending on the USPS and your postal zone!!

This is a great time to let everyone know that at this time, the NE team only books shoots that we can make in one day, including traveling time, and we are fully booked for this calendar year. We will be booking some Holiday shoots in January and then additional shoots and events in the spring. We are taking the month of December off to enjoy the holidays with our families and friends. You many spot us at some prim events, but only as guests!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you are enjoying some of autumn’s beauty wherever you are.

Until next time… prim fall blessings,

Grammee Linda

P.S. There are a limited number of single copies of the Fall Issue for sale if you click ~HERE~. You can subscribe there as well or find the name of the shops in your state that carry it!