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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where we play and our next big event …


 Many of us who have been blogging for awhile have done posts about where we blog  or where we craft and so I decided to show you a bit of where we play! That is where Lili and  Bampee and I play.  Bampee has enjoyed a summer of not working and he spends his early mornings on the golf course but I can promise you that he looks forward to our 3 afternoons a week with Liliana just as much as his golf game. We are both just smitten and love every moment with our sweet baby girl.

Way back when I announced I was going to be a Grammee, a lot of prim friends asked me if I was going to have to change our home a lot when our grandbaby was active. So far we haven’t had to do too much. We do have some gates and cabinet latches and I have moved a few things upstairs but so far that is all I have done up there – other than filling some cabinets and cupboards with baby items and toys! A good part of the reason why I don’t have to change very much is that when Lili is here and we aren’t outside or eating our meals, we spend a lot of time in our lower level family room – now our play room. I don’t show you pictures of this room too often. 

Here are some pics I took 2 years ago when I painted over the dark 70’s paneling.





back right 

It is a big room spanning the length of the house from front to back under the living room and dining room. There are two windows on the front wall and sliding door to the back yard on the back wall so it is a light filled room.

In these photos taken after those above but at various time before it became our playroom, you can see that there is an long wet bar (this shows about 1/3 of it)


a lovely fireplace made from reclaimed brick…


some cozy chairs

017 (2)

and it is the only room in the house that is carpeted so it is perfect for sitting on the floor and playing. 


  It also houses an exercise bike, small freezer and a huge old piano and a big old toy box. When Lili’s daddy and his sister were young they played down here as well so it has now come full circle.

When Lili began to get more active we put rubber bumpers on the edge of the hearth and the hearth is one of Lili’s favorite places to sit. (We don’t use the fireplace so she never has to learn that it will be hot). When she was learning to walk, it was the perfect spot to sit and then stand-up and take those first precarious steps.


She also likes sit on the built up footrest under the front of the wet bar. We moved most of the bar stools behind the bar so she can line up her toys and she also sits there to read her books.



She just loves her foam blocks with vinyl pockets for family pictures. She picks them up and kisses our faces.


When it is time for a bubbie, she walks over to the love seat and lays on the pillow  and waits for Meemee to snuggle with her…


Her porta crib is in here…and it is outfitted with special soft toys from some of my sweet friends and the Mickey blanket her mommy made her.


And here are a few of her favorite books. Some of them I read to her daddy and her auntie when they were little too. Some were gifts from sweet friends.


Bampee installed hooks in the beam so we can hang her special swing…


and she loves to look at the family pictures as we tell her who they are.


When she needs to burn off some energy she plays in the improvised ball pit…


and kicks and kicks until almost all of the balls have gone flying out of the pit!

And then when she is tired, Meemee can rock her in the same big old 1975 dark pine rocker that I used to rock her daddy when he was her age,


or in the old wicker rocker that was handed down from her great great grandmother – my Nany Varney…


by the soft light from this lamp made many years ago by her great Uncle Bob (Nany’s son).


And while we play, we are surrounded by gifts of love from many of my sweet friends…








I think it is a pretty nice place to play with our favorite little girl.


When we are upstairs, I use my Nany’s special cabinet 


to keep some toys handy in the living room.


To read all about this special treasure ~click here~. 

And when she is in the kitchen with me, she opens the door and plays with all these goodies


…who needs expensive toys??!

So that is where WE play?

How about you? Do you have a special spot where YOU play?  If you do then show us!!


fall pump crow hay line (2)


I am so excited to share with you about next special event for A Primitive Place magazine!!

Way back when the magazine wasn’t even in print yet, Charleen and I were in her shop chatting about it and we came up with the idea to have a special event to showcase the magazine. That idea grew and grew and now this Saturday, Bonnie, Ashley and I will be at her shop, Homestead Primitives in Fitchburg, MA from 11 – 3 and we hope you will stop by if you are in the area. There will be a lot going on!


The shop, which is all decked out for fall  now has a new antique section, and a new prim bedroom! Check it out by clicking ~here~.

You can see a preview of the gorgeous cover for the Holiday issue and get a few sneak peeks inside too!

Charleen will some have goodies to sample from Halladays of Vermont. Click ~here~ to see some of the good stuff they offer. YUMMO!

And if that wasn’t enough, Charleen’s husband Roger will be doing a Caromal Colours paint demonstration from 1-3 pm as well! If you want to see just how to use this special paint to get the best effects, don’t miss this!

And if you decorate in the primitive style, do bring along pictures of your home to show us! Maybe your dream of being in a magazine will come true! 


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you on Saturday!

Until next time, hugs, Grammee Linda


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