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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some new fall decor…

…Lili style that is!

Way back when I first announced that I was going to be a Grammee, a lot of folks wondered if I would be able to still decorate the way I like to with a grandchild around. Of course I knew that some things would change but I also knew that I’d find a way to continue to decorate for each season and with the prims and antiques I love.

And since we have THE perfect grandchild, it has been a breeze. Downstairs is her play space but she is upstairs sometimes too so I made sure things on lower shelves and spaces won’t harm her or break if she touches them. With things like baskets, pillows, wooden boxes, stacking boxes etc, that is pretty simple. I also make sure Bampee knows exactly what he can let her touch when he carries her around and she can see things ‘up high.’ If she wants something she can’t have, we redirect her to her toys, her cupboard of Tupperware goodies, some old wooden mashers and spoons and metal molds, or some of the decor that is safe – like fabric birds and dolls.

This summer I decided that the big trencher on the coffee table would be Lili’s seasonal domain. I filled it with fabric sunflowers and water melon slices. She checked them out occasionally when were in the living room but more often she went to her little cupboard of toys and books in there.

But something tells me that this fall she is going to enjoy HER gourds (plastic) a lot more than those!


What do you think? !












And something else tells me that Meemee is going to get a lot of exercise picking them up!

I hope you are all having a great week. The weather is turning cool again tomorrow so I hope to get some bittersweet this weekend and then I will be able to finish up my early fall decor and show you a few pics!

Until next time…

apple sunflower bar (2)