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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a note from the New England crew …



We have thoroughly enjoyed a whirlwind of events and photo shoots since even before the magazine was announced, and we still have several shoots and events in the coming weeks that we are eagerly looking forward, to including 3 Christmas houses to attend (with details to follow.) However we have decided that will be taking the month of December off to spend with family and friends.


Prim blessings from the New England APP Magazine crew

Bonnie, Ashley, Audrey and Grammee Linda


Sunday, September 26, 2010

We finally meet!!

Yesterday was just an amazing day all around. Not long after the gals at Walker Homestead had their first Antiques and Primitives show in June, they asked if the APP gals would be the booth judges for the next show – which was held yesterday. As the time grew closer, we learned that Kristine would make the trip from North Dakota, Kris would make the trip from Ohio and Margo would make the trip from southeastern MA. In case you don’t know the story, Kristine and Bonnie had not even met in person when they started this joint venture! This weekend would be the first time Bonnie, Audrey, Ashley and would Kristine, Kris and Margo and them us!!

Kristine, her DH Jeremy and almost 4 year old son Damon arrived Thursday night to spend the next few days at Bonnie’s along with Bonnie’s DH John, DD Ashley and DS Nick. Bonnie was determined to show them a little bit of New England even at THAT late hour. Damon looks happy doesn’t he?

Bonnie, Ashley, Audrey, Kristine and Damon spent Friday seeing some of the New England countryside, shopping and then stopped here briefly for cold drink, snack and short visit. It was so wonderful to meet Kristine in person finally! And she came armed with something good… we got to preview the proof of Holiday issue – let me just say this- BIGGER AND BETTER!

Of course I busy playing hostess and serving drinks and snacks, being Grammee to Lili who was here and trying to look at the proof that I didn’t snap one photo! But I snagged a few from from Bonnie… see what Kristine tried to steal?? Good thing I had Lili’s safety gate at the top of the stairs! It slowed Kristine down JUST enough!

And I heard that later they had a pretty good time celebrating Nick’s birthday Friday evening!

Despite those yummy looking concoctions, they managed to be up bright and early Saturday and with Audrey’s help, they made it to Walker Homestead in time to set up Audrey’s tent and our booth.


Here is the gang (minus Dan Weaver who couldn’t make it from Illinois–hopefully next time!) along with Kris Casucci of Walker Homestead. From left to right:

Ashley Lucente- photographer and cover layout, Audrey – our new marketing assistant, Kris – prim projects coordinator, Kristine- owner, editor and publisher, Me – photographer and contributing writer, Kris Casucci, Bonnie – owner, photographer, director of publications and marketing, Margo Gracia – photographer for the cover photo’s.

the gang

Our friend Maria from Country Culture had a booth set up and she joined us for some fun pictures!untitled (2)

Bonnie, Kris, Kristine and Ashley. I am so jealous of their long legs!! 029

And nope – Kris and Bonnie has no idea the other was wearing the same shirt just in different colors. Two gorgeous ladies with great fashion sense!!62030_149524008416438_100000765202391_226707_6399466_n

This is the close-up of the sweet necklaces that Audrey made for each of. One side has the Fall cover and the opposite side has the Holiday cover. Audrey is always doing thoughtful things like that!!62928_149523968416442_100000765202391_226704_948770_n

It was heartwarming to have so many people stop by to meet us. We had many new customers as well. After flipping through the magazine, many bought the fall issue and then subscribed for another year! We had shoppe owners stop by to get more because they sold out within days. We heard over and over and over how much everyone is enjoying the magazine. We were smiles all day long – despite the heat and humidity. It was pretty brutal when the wind stopped and the clouds parted. But despite that, just having most of the magazine team together was fun!!

Here some pictures of just some of the booths and displays. So much eye candy!! Margos







See that trunk? I wanted that…






011 017



024 026

See that post office sign? I wanted that – my dad retired from the Post Office. But it was WELL over $200 so it stayed there. 027

This is the booth that won the contest! She made it look like a home with walls. It was amazing! Log Cabin Country Primitives – click ~here~.


For a complete list of vendors – click ~HERE~. BUT I can’t match my pictures with the names or tell you if they have a link. Sorry!!

In addition to the Post Office sign, a few of the other things I checked out and left there were a mortar and pestle ($295.00) a trunk ($8.95), cupboard ($1,325.00), various crocks ($150 and up). As I have mentioned, I am trying to be pretty selective when I buy something new and it has to be something I REALLY want.

I did come home with some awesome wool BUT best of all, I came home memories of a very special day meeting and making new friends. That was more than enough for me and I look forward to many more future adventures with these great gals !!


Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes for my dad. He is still in rehab and getting stronger every day – hopefully going home soon. I am off to pick up my mom and take her to see him now – gotta get myself home before the Patriots kick off!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Prim hugs, Grammee Linda

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It is finally Autumn…(and some fun news!!)


…but you’d never know it here! After some wonderfully cool weather, it is a stinking 85 and humid here right now (or it was when I started this a while ago!) Not exactly how I want to welcome Autumn, but I will welcome Autumn none the less! The trees are starting to turn and we have have enjoyed some really cool nights and I am starting to feel like I am awaking from that horrid hot summer. Hopefully this weekend we will have more seasonal temps for a very special event … but more about that in a minute!

First I wanted to share some pictures from our A Primitive Place magazine event last Saturday at Homestead Primitives in Fitchburg. Charleen and Roger had the store all decked out for fall and it looked wonderful. Chuck full of prim goodies! Now you can see for yourself why I LOVE this store!!






027 012


These are the Halladay dips we got to sample! OH YUM!!!!!!!!!! What a treat!! Charleen made sure that we didn’t go hungry!!





019 024 028


Bonnie, Ashley and I met some wonderful people and some special friends stopped by as well! It was a wonderful day! Thank you so much Charleen and Roger!! For more information about Homestead Primitives, you can go to the last post I made.

Of course Bonnie and I did a little prim shopping while we were there!! I got myself the neatest box for My Red Door! Roger makes these right there in his workshop. You can see a dark red one in one of the pics above too. On Sunday Mr. Red Door and I did some yard clean up and I put the last of my bittersweet in my box and I just love it. I will change the display for each season and I can’t wait to put greens in it for Christmas. Wait – that’s a lie – I can wait. I want to enjoy every minute of my favorite season first!! This is just the start of my outdoor fall decor. I still need to dress my scarecrow, and get mums, cornstalks, a bale of hay and some more pumpkins!!



023 008

I did get inside decorated for fall and I have done well to keep to my less is more philosophy this year. I used half as much bittersweet and I usually do and I purged half my fall decor and just used my favorites! I simply have not had time to take too many pictures so here are just a few for those who asked.


129 036





I am hoping that sometime before Winter arrives, I can take more pictures – but I am not promising anything because my free time is so limited right now and that isn’t going to change. What did change is that my dad was hospitalized with pneumonia and is now in a wonderful facility receiving rehab to get stronger but that has left our mom home alone. My sister and I are busy making sure she is ok and visiting our dad and working to arrange for more in home care when he does go home. Some of you know that my mom has early Alzheimer's but she has been adamant about people coming into their home to do HER job of caring for my dad. It has been a matter of pride for her. My dad and I have been determined to help her retain as much dignity as possible The upside to this otherwise difficult situation is that he won’t be released without this in home care so my mom is accepting this help because it is medically advised. I feel so blessed that my dad got into this particular facility because they have been wonderful in helping the whole family with this situation.

Now back to the fun stuff!

Next I want to congratulate Ashley on a big accomplishment – she got her license!! WOOHOO! Way to go Ashley! I cannot tell you all often enough what a delightful young woman she is! She is so sweet and kind and thoughtful and resourceful and smart and she is a great cook and she helps her mom and she is just gorgeous too! I have so enjoyed working with her on our photo shoots and magazine events. Ashley, whenever you get behind the wheel, may you have an Angel on your shoulder!

And finally, on to the special event. The gals of A Primitive Place have been asked to be the booth judges at Walker Homestead’s

Simple Treasures from the Past - Antiques & Primitive Goods Show

Now here comes the exciting part! The GALS are not just the local gals- me, Bonnie, Audrey and Ashley, but Kristine – the Editor is flying out from North Dakota and Kris, our Prim Project Coordinator is making the trip from Ohio, and Margo, who takes the amazing cover photos is coming from southeastern MA as well! This is really big for all of us because Bonnie, Ashley, Audrey and I are the only ones that have ever met. This is going to be so much fun! I have to tell you that the show alone is worth the price of admission – so many amazing vendors. You can see more pics of a visit to Walker last fall if you click ~HERE~!

front of house

For those that don’t know, Brookfield, MA is just minutes from Sturbridge so maybe that will entice you even more! I hope all our friends within driving distance can make this special event.

Happy Autumn everyone and thanks so much for stopping by. I know you all are as busy as I am so I appreciate your visit. Have a wonderful week and weekend! May you get to enjoy some of the splendor of fall!

Prim hugs, Grammee Linda

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