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Saturday, August 21, 2010

It won’t be long…

… until this…


is what I ACTUALLY see instead of just WISHING for it. There is a real chill in the air this morning and it feels WONDERFUL! I am so over the summer heat and humidity and so ready for socks and sweaters and a nip in the air every morning. I want to make soups and stews and chili and sip my chai tea and gather bittersweet and pumpkins. I have so many fun things on the calendar for the fall too. Some are for the magazine and just for me, and some for me and family and friends! There is a lot to look forward as the days of summer dwindle down. I will do my best to make each day a good one – while dreaming of the days to come!

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Has this ever happened to you? You are doing an errand and you hear your cell phone ring. By the time you fish the darn thing out of your purse, it is too late. Missed another call! That happened to me too so I have always looked for purses with a pocket on the outside just for my phone. But that really limited what I could buy. Too big – too small – too many buckles and rivets – too expensive – you name it. So recently I have been on the lookout for a cute solution to this problem and my prim friend Teresa from the APP forum had just what I was looking for. She listed some adorable wool cell phone/camera sleeves last week that solved my problem! I liked them so much, I bought one for my phone and one for my point and shoot digital camera too.


In the picture below you can see my phone fits perfectly inside. The hardware on these is great – the secure latch swivels. I can quickly detach it from my purse to take it with me if need be. Functional, prim and wool – you can’t beat that!!


Click ~HERE~ for her blog and from her blog it is just a click away to her Etsy and online web shoppes as well. Teresa makes all kinds of wonderful Folk Art and Prim goodies as well. This is a picture from one of the shows she has done.


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If you also follow A Primitive Place blog, you know that Bonnie, Ashley and I have been quite busy since the spring shooting homes for the magazine. We are now taking a short break from that but we have some events planned in the meantime to promote the magazine, meet some of the readers and find new homes. If you live in New England or plan to be in the area next month, you can find out the details about the events in September by clicking ~HERE~. You can also see a sneak peak at a gorgeous home we photographed this past week!

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Many of you know that we have family dinner here once a week and last night after dinner, we took Lili to one of the local ice cream stands that we took our kids to when they were little. After a few licks of her daddy’s chocolate soft serve, she was more interested in the empty cone and plastic spoon. I love watching her face as when she is so intent on making one thing fit inside another!! And I love those curls that she gets from her daddy and my daddy!

ice cream

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Right now it is time to get ready for that sweet little girl to come by for a few hours so her mommy and daddy can get some things done today. So with that, I will leave you with a few peeks of another wonderful home we shot recently. ENJOY!



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Until next time, prim hugs, Grammee Linda

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