Behind My Red Door

Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy ~ busy ~ busy !!

And it’s not just me because that seems to be the word of the month in blogland. So many of the bloggers I follow are using it as they too are blogging less frequently and asking themselves – is it spring time



and getting back outside

that is keeping them from posting on their own blogs

and reading others as often as in the past?


Another friend questioned whether the growing popularity of Facebook

was the reason?


And yet a third opinion I have heard is that many bloggers started around the same time and at first the novelty of connecting with new people and sharing of themselves was so much fun. After time the novelty wears off because after all, they can only show so many pictures of their homes and family and town. And yet another opinion is that with blog rolls and followers lists growing by leaps and bounds, how can they keep up like they did back when they only knew of a dozen or more blogs AND still maintain balance in their lives?? Balance – yet another word that comes up frequently.

Personally, I don’t think there is just one answer – and quite possibly there are some other common denominators I haven’t even mentioned, after all blogging is pretty much unchartered territory for many of us. It’s not like we have grown up knowing the etiquette of blogging. We each have to decide for ourselves how to handle the growing lists of blogs we love and faithful followers to our own blog. As for me, all that and some keep me away from blogging as much as I did when I first started. But I know if I stop, I would miss you all so much. And so I will post here, read others and comment when I can – trying really hard to be an equal opportunity commenter - all the while sincerely hoping that my favorite blogs continue to do the same thing – because I suspect come May, busy will still be the word of the month!!


Speaking of etiquette I have a policy about accepting awards because I can’t leave out anyone when passing them along. But sometimes in life, you just HAVE to make an exception. In this case the very adorable Miss Joy – also known as Doodlebugs, sent me this sweet blog award and I accept it whole heartedly.Thank you Joy! You are a sweetheart!! Joy is also a talented dancer and I so enjoy seeing pictures of her in her pretty costumes and with her trophies. Way to go!! It brings back so many wonderful memories from when our Jen was that age and dancing.

bestblogaward from Joy - doodelbugs

Joy is the daughter of my blogging friend Tammy over at Country Girl at Home and they are in the process of adopting a little boy from China and my heart is so full for them and I enjoy following the strep by step process they must undertake to bring their son home. Have you ever been frustrated by all the paper work you need to do for something like buying a car? Well that is a piece of cake compared to what their family has to do. But in the end, when they hold Luke in their arms, I am guessing they will all agree it was worth it a million times over!



Speaking of piece of cake – our wonderful DIL Angela celebrated her birthday last weekend and we took Lili overnight so that she and Jay and Jen and some of Ang’s friends could go out and celebrate in style. Grampy and I had so much fun with Lili and I didn’t even mind getting up in the middle night for a feeding and some snuggles. She is teething again so whatever I could do to comfort her I was happy to do. The next morning when they came to pick up Lili, we celebrated a birthday brunch here. Family time is the best time!



And speaking of families, this one is gone! While we were taking care of Lili this weekend, the eggs hatched and Momma duck took her babies to water and we didn’t even catch a glimpse of them like we did last year.



And speaking of buying a car, that is one of the things keeping me busy this week. Remember I posted that meme ~ HERE~ ? When it came to car I said I would be ~

a brand new Murano with sun roof, CD player and Lili’s car seat in the back – and just maybe heated leather seats this time…(and just for the record I had Pearl White, Merlot Red, or Tinted Bronze in mind)

~ little did I know that the very next day Mr. Red Door would find out that his 17 year old van was beyond repair (at a reasonable price). Still, at that time, he declared that since he has a very short commute, he would drive it until it fell apart or caught fire. The man will save a penny any way he can! LOL

And so he did, thankfully neither falling apart nor catching fire, until he noticed Nissan was having some really good deals ending April 30th. So after some heavy negotiations on his part and keeping with his policy of not paying anyone interest, and with some compromises on my part – OKAY – I’ll be brutally honest - just ONE that is really worth mentioning – namely color - I am now driving a nifty new Murano with those options and then some. I have for years and years said I would NEVER get leather seats but after all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind isn’t it? I already love the back up camera, and the push button smart key entry and start. What will they think of next? And I feel so blessed to have such a reliable vehicle with all kinds of additional safety options to keep Lili safe when I tote her around, and a vehicle that my handicapped dad can actually get in and out of when I drive him to appointments and errands – not many fit that bill. So you can see, color is really not even an issue for me after all.

Because the most precious things in life, are not really things at all!


And speaking of things, the next several days should be full of good things. We have some fun plans with friends and family and I might even get a peek at a potential home for the magazine! I’ll be sure to share all that and then some when I come back here next time. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful May Day this Saturday. The weather in NE is supposed to be splendid!

As always, thank you to each fan, friend, and follower for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda

Friday, April 23, 2010

A sneak peek at A Primitive Place magazine and a giveaway!!

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As always, thank you to each fan, friend, and follower for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda

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As always, thank you to each fan, friend, and follower for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When one door closes…


…another one opens of course! But sometimes we still are sad to see that door close and that is the case for many of us who are fans of my friend Kathy’s Home on the Hill in New Brunswick, CA. You see today, Kathy and Stephen close the door on the cottage they built 10 years ago as their retirement home. A lot of love, time and hard labor went into building that cottage. Stephen and Kathy did a lot of work themselves. Even as recently as last summer Stephen added a gorgeous stone patio, fence and arbor to the property. They make an awesome team with Stephen building and Kathy decorating and pulling it all together. But when they built what they thought would be their forever home, they were not grandparents yet. So living out in the country seemed right. And it was right ~ for a season or ten. But now with 4 young granddaughters and a grandson coming literally any day, living in the country is not where their hearts are anymore. They want to be closer to their family and church among other things. So today, that is exactly what is happening. They are packing up the very last of their belongings from the country and moving to their brand new town home in the city.

Kathy and Stephen so graciously allowed me to share with you some of the different seasons at their now former Home on the Hill ~ both inside and out. For all the Webshots gals who, like me, spent many happy times looking at Kathy's Home on the Hill albums, this our chance to say goodbye to the home we all fell in love with.



It isn’t just that Kathy decorated so nicely,P1030157



but it was easy to see that she put a lot of care into her home as well. P1030856

Whether it was using things she inherited from family like her grandmothers pantry…P1050531


or something Stephen built especially for her…P1050872







P1040250 Kathy made us all want to stop over and share a cup of tea with her.







Kathy, So while we are sad to say goodbye to your cottage, I know many of your friends, family will be thinking of you and Stephen as you close the door on one season and open a brand new one in your gorgeous brand new town home on James Street! P1050714_2

I know it is a bittersweet time leaving the Home on the Hill that you put so much into, but I also know for you both the sweet outweighs the bitter because where your family is, that is where you are most at home. A new season in a new home with a new decorating style, closer to family and church – it’s an exciting new beginning for you.

And even though it was our shared loved of antiques and primitives that brought us together on Webshots, and even though for a time I will miss all the primitives that aren’t making the trip with you ~ it is because we both always agree that ~ the best things in life are not really THINGS at all ~ that our friendship endures.

Best wishes and many blessings in this new season dear friend.


Speaking of doors, a big new door opened for our niece Jamie as she married her college sweetheart Will at the gorgeous Simsbury Inn in CT this weekend.

Jamie was a stunny bride!!


The flower girls were too cute!!010Her dress was stunning!


016 Jamie and Will were charming as they danced their first dance…


… and we all loved the pretty turquoise shoes Jamie wore ~ what a fun twist!



The food was delicious and Mr. Red Door and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with his side of the family…


…his parents, who have been visiting from SC all week and…


…his sister ~ the Mother of the Bride…


and all 3 of our grown kids. (Lili stayed with her other Grammy and Grampy.)

3 kids

Because our family is so small it is not often that we get to celebrate such a special event so we decided to make a family weekend of it. Mr. Red Door reserved rooms for all of us to stay over night at the Inn so we could celebrate late into the night.

Mr. Red Door and I had the room on the top floor just to left of the left chimney!

It looked like this inside!

I highly recommend a wedding ceremony and reception at an Inn where the guest can simply take the elevator to their rooms at the end of the evening. It really made for a wonderful weekend! And we wish Will and Jamie many many years of love and laughter together

This special week closed with a family dinner here last night. Great Grandma R had to get in some more Lili time. They got along famously of course!

005 We hope we made many memories to hold us through until the next time we can all be together here Behind My Red Door.

015 (3)


Here Behind My red Door, many actual doors will be closing as well.

Yes it is time. It really has to be done.

The bathroom and bedroom and office doors will be closed all the time now.

But all for a very good reason I promise….

Yes ~ this little beanut is crawling around!!


So now it’s time to baby proof Grammy’s house!!

A trip to Toys R Us is in order. I see gates and latches in my future!


And did you hear?? A Primitive Place blog will he having a giveaway soon!!

llc logo

Click HERE and become a follower so you won’t miss any of the details!!


Thank you to everyone who has chosen to stop by. I know there are so many things you want and need to do each day with your time. I hope that you too are able to enjoy special times with those you love. Whether it is something as momentous as a wedding or even just some snuggles between the generations, 002

I hope you are making your days count as well.

As always, thank you to each fan, friend, and follower for making Behind My Red Door part of your day! And thank you for taking the time to comment when you can.

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda