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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laundry room blues

I hated my washer and dryer. They were old and certainly not energy efficient. But in this house, we don’t replace appliances just because. I have secretly dreamt of a time when the dryer would die and I could pass the washer onto to Jen and get a new set for ME. I almost googled “how to kill a dryer’ but then something else always seemed more important. So I struggled each laundry day with my old mismatched pair. And then the most amazing thing happened! Both the washer and dryer died the same week?? Now what are the odds of THAT happening! (without me pouring acid on the motors or trying to wash stones and bolts or any other such measures) They weren’t even the same age!! After I realized I would have to spend one morning hand wringing a load of laundry and line drying it, it suddenly dawned on me that for the first time in 35 years of marriage, I was going to have a matching set. WOOHO! Now that was exciting!! In our old house, the laundry area was in the basement so I didn’t care. But here, they are in the bathroom/laundry room next to our family room and guests have been known to use that bathroom. A few brave ones that is. It has always been ‘the men’s room’. Mr. Red Door has always showered down there and when Jay lived at home, he did as well so any guest who chose to use it, was pretty brave ~ if you ask me. I am just sayin…

Over the years I have attempted to prim up the room a bit. Gone are the aqua sink and toilet. A few years ago I painted the walls a warm rich Benjamin Moore color called Brunswick beige and put up a prim wallpaper border to brighten up the space (yes, I actually have a border in there). We hung a great red cabinet and I added some antique laundry pieces and prim decor.

But two of the walls still had 70’s paneling 2/3 of the way up the walls (remember, Mr Red Door likes his wood) and the plumbing and faucets showed behind the washer and dryer. I did my best to hide and camouflage them, but it just didn’t meet my criteria.


So when both appliances decided to bite the dust, I was excited to take the opportunity to do a little sprucing up in there. I convinced Mr. Red Door that 70’s paneling needed to be removed or at the least, painted. Of course he chose painted knowing I would tackle that, and indeed I did just that. This past weekend he moved the old appliances out of the room and I worked my magic. I painted the paneling and tweaked the decor all in preparation for the delivery of these 2 babies. Oh yes, after a lot of research and comparisons, I choose these front loaders with pedestal drawers with lots of buttons and whistles in the perfect prim color, BLACK!!

washerdryer pedestal

Today was delivery day and it started out VERY wet. But luckily we had a very short break in the deluge, and the delivery men were able to install the pedestals out in the driveway where there was plenty of light and room.


And before long, they were in place and ready to be put to good use! Here’s a little tour of our modest laundry room/ bathroom.1

Yes, there are still several things I’d like to paint and prim up a bit, but this is not MY bathroom, so I have to let Mr. Red Door have some things his way…2

I did manage to sneak this prim heart in here. A gift from my friend Bonnie and made by my blogging friend Karen from My Colonial Home!3 3a

Whoa these babies are big- like many updated home goods, they really weren’t designed to fit in a 70’s home I guess. I’ll make them work though because they hide the pipes and plugs and all that ugly stuff. 5

OOPS! I got all the pictures taken and realized I forgot my laundry basket. 6


I know, I have a bit of a star theme going on in here. What can I say – this is my room to be a little cute!8

Looking out towards the hall… 9


So do you think this will make me want to actually DO the laundry now??~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~

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