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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Does it really matter…

…if we paint the walls a new color? Or hang something new, move a shelf, tweak a display,move accessories, change out some curtains, get a new lamp or any of the other things we often do in our homes? I mean, does it really matter? Does anyone else really notice that the candlestick that was top of the TV is now on the shelf over the desk? Or that there are 3 fewer things on the whale shelf or that the shelf in the hall is gone and the bowl is now hanging in the kitchen? Even more than anyone else noticing it, does it REALLY MATTER? In the greater scheme of life when people are loosing their jobs, their homes or suffering from hunger or cancer, does it really matter??? Not really is the quick and easy answer. It’s all just “stuff” after all. It seems pretty shallow on the surface I have to admit. So why bother?

Because I know that for many of us, this thing we do in our homes, the tweaking and redoing and painting and changing and moving and creating, well, it is what makes us tick and it feeds our soul. And when we are fed well, we are better able to help feed others, don’t you think?? We all need something in our lives to feed our soul. Yes, God, family and friends are what is most important, but for many of us, our creative soul needs feeding as well. And I’ve said it before, what better way to fill that need, than in our own homes where it also feeds our family and friends by enveloping them with our love?

And that is exactly what I have been doing in my limited spare time lately. With the ache of loss still in my heart, I knew it was time to do some tweaking and a project that I had on my mind for awhile. I needed something to keep me busy and feed my soul. As I said in my last post, I tried the retail therapy by going to the mall with my DD. That was fun because I was with Jen, but not therapy. So then one evening when I knew I HAD to get out of the house, Mr. Red Door and I took a trip to Toys R Us and sweet Lili was the recipient of some bright and colorful new toys. I love this Sassy line. She can chew on them and they light up, make sounds or both. I keep some upstairs and some downstairs.


And of course, Fisher Price toys are a must. I thought Lili would love this crawl along snail. It rocks and rolls and lights up and plays music and has a nice big mirror too. And I was right - Lili just loves it! She squealed and got all excited when she saw it and it is her go to toy right now.004

And Lili also loves looking out the big picture window when she is at home. This was Brady’s special spot and he enjoyed watching the neighborhood from there. They live on a nice cul-de-sac and he could see the neighbors coming and going and walking their dogs. He knew when Grampy and I arrived and he would hop down and be waiting for us. Now it’s Lili’s turn to watch the world from this spot. And yes, she IS the cutest Red Sox fan I have ever seen!


And with my retail therapy behind me, it was then time to get my paint and supplies and start painting! The caramel paint in the living room had been bugging me for awhile. I wanted something warm and cozy when I painted it several years ago, but it was just too much color and too trendy. I wanted a neutral backdrop for my collections and furniture, and Powell Buff by Benjamin Moore is perfect. At first glance, there is a not a huge change – but when you see the colors side by side, you can can clearly see how much lighter the Powel Buff is. The Powell Buff is on top – think of replacing Caramel Syrup, with melted Vanilla Ice Cream!! Still warm and cozy, but a more neutral backdrop. It is like the room is flooded with candle lit.


And the finished room these were taken either on a very sunny day or at night. Neither the best way to really capture the color. The only new goodies are the 2 prim portraits, a sampler and a lamp. The rest are my own things just moved from other spaces. They look brand new in here. 064





I played with a million things, well maybe just a few thousand things, on my dark red shelf and finally settled on this look for now.054


On my computer, this picture below is a fairly good representation of the Powell Buff color.


The silhouettes and blanket crane were in the hall before but I really wanted them in the living room.044

The silhouettes are Jay and Jen. We had them made in Disney World when we went there about 20 years ago. They were matted on shiny white paper with the Disney Logo and I came home, carefully peeled them off the white paper and mounted them on aged parchment paper and framed them.

016 061

And the hallway got a redo as well. The top was a very light ivory and under the chair rail was Philadelphia Brick Red. Under the chair rail is now Tyler Taupe and now the top is the same Powell Buff as the living room. In the picture above, you can see how the wall in the living room (behind the bench) goes all the way down the hall so now it all blends together. That’s just a shadow above the kitchen doorway. Gone is the red and molding that was there before…



Much better!!

And the hall before…002

And after…018 008

A nice grouping of my samplers…016

And I am waiting for 2 of these sconces


to go on either side of my portraits below.



And looking back the other way…066

I do all the painting on projects like these, from patching the holes in the walls, to the edging and rolling and clean- up. Mr. Red Door does help me with any heavy lifting and anything else I ask for help with, but I can handle most of it myself and I enjoy most of it. I find having the right tools is the trick. For edging, I love this little Shortcut brush I found at my paint store - Economy Paint Supply. It’s short squat rubber handle and angled brush really makes cutting in a breeze. And with all the doors and moldings in the hall, here was a lot of cutting in. And with the textured ceilings we have, many edging tools don’t work well but this brush does.


In fact the only time I got any on the ceiling was when Mr. Red Door walked by and goosed me! I kid you not. There I was, on the step stool carefully edging when he did that. I screeched – but not in delight. I think I should make him get out the ceiling paint and fix that one, don’t you??

I also like disposable paint tray liners and this Handy Paint Pail. I buy the disposable liners for this too. I love the magnet inside. I can stick my Shortcut rush to it as I climb up and down the ladder.

paint pail

Another one of my favorite tools is my step ladder. It is item V26651 on QVC. I did not put the wheels on it when I bought it last year but it can be used as dolly if you do add them. I like the large rubber coated handle at the top. For our home, I can reach the ceiling edge easily by standing on just the second step. step ladder v26651

Having the right tools always makes a job easier, and since I seem to have a new paint job every 6 months or so, they are worth their weight in gold.


Have you met Dan over at Yesterday Once More? If you are like me and you strive to be positive and see your glass as half full instead of half empty, then you HAVE to stop over and read his blog. His positive outlook is so refreshing! I found his blog just before we found out Brady had cancer, and reading it each time he posted gives me a little lift. And if you are a Country Sampler fan, Dan’s home will be featured in the this special Home Tour Edition coming out soon! Congrats Dan!!



I love surprises – at this age, they don’t come very often anymore. At least not the GOOD kind of surprises. So I was especially tickled today when the doorbell rang and this was delivered to me.


Mr. Red Door totally surprised me!! Wasn’t he sweet to have the florist include LILIES with the roses??


Anyone can have roses, but in our family, Lilies rule!!


I think they look great no matter where I put them and they are almost are pretty as this little Lili…


Thanks honey, I love them and you! 143- 734

(And you are now forgiven for the painting ‘incident’ )


Before closing, I want to wish each of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

God bless you
with the warmth and love we celebrate today,
with personal fulfillment
in your work, your rest, and play.
God bless your close relationships
with people you hold dear -
and fill your life with gentle things
to warm your heart all year!


Thank you as always for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day – especially to my 600 followers! I am honored and humbled and amazed that 600 kind folks have chosen to follow my blog.

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda