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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see???

I see shades of brown, staring back at me!

Happy last day of February blogging friends. I know many of you are more than happy to say goodbye to this month and the winter weather it brought your way. It seems many of my fellow bloggers are thinking spring as soon as the calendar flips to March but here in the NE area, we can still get cold and snowy weather despite spring starting in 3 weeks. In fact we are supposed to get some tomorrow morning. As they say about March ~ In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb. One thing we are sure to have March as the snow melts is mud – lots of brown mud! March is a pretty brown month in general I think. All the bare trees and shrubs look brown. The underbrush is all matted down and brown and even the piles of sand on the road and edges of the lawn from all the snowstorms is dirty brown. Yup, March is brown all around.

But brown isn’t always a bad thing. Carolyn over at Primitive Devotion presented a challenge to share our shades of brown. To see hers, click HERE. When she did hers I put it in the back of my mind and it got lost there – hummm, seems to happen a lot more these days. But then I was visiting Mandy over at A Mayberry State of Mind and she had joined in and that reminded me that I wanted to join in as well. You can see her shades of brown if you click HERE.

It is amazing how much brown you can find in a prim /colonial home. As wood ages and gets a lovely patina it turns the prettiest shades of brown. So many of my favorite antiques are made from wood – firkins, band boxes, rolling pins, bowls and spoons, shoe molds and more. And of course baskets, pottery, crocks, and textiles all look wonderful in shades of brown. I’ll let you see for yourself….













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That wasn’t too bad was it? Now why don’t you join in and show us your shades of brown!


Another color that is popular in spring is purple. It just happens to be Lili’s favorites color of course. How do I know that? Well I just look at her room of course…IMG00163-20091226-1124





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And her newest friend is purple too. Please meet Violet! After seeing Scout (he’s green) that lives at home with Lili, Grampy and I had to make sure she had Violet to live here. Violet is made by Leap Frog and and you can connect her to your computer and personalize her. She sings songs, recite Lili’s favorite food and color and says her name. We can press one paw and Violet will play lullabies for 2 minutes. Press it twice and she plays them for 5 minutes. Press a third and she plays for 10 minutes. I think that is so kewl! We were so pleased that the name Liliana and the correct pronunciation was one of the options. When Violet says “ I love you Liliana”, Lili smiles and acts all coy. It is so cute! I am enjoying all the new toys and gadgets they have ‘these days’. I sure wish I had some of them when my kids were little! Yes, pots and pans and plastic bowls still make good toys, but sometimes new things are good too!



After a busy Saturday, I did a little more tweaking, this time in the dining room. We have been using one a modern plastic high chair like this for Lili. We got it from a friend of Jay and Ang so it didn’t cost us a thing. When open it takes up a lot of floor space but it was perfect for when she was younger.


But now that Lili sits up so well, Grampy went up into the attic and got down the high chair that Lili’s daddy used when he was her age.


It takes up much less room and after I scrubbed and polished it, I think it looks much better in my dining room. Now I just need to get a nice cushion for it. In the meantime, the pink one will do.



Did you all watch the hockey game today?? I am not typically a hockey fan but even I got excited about it. How exciting for Canada!! I so enjoyed the Winter Olympics this year and kudo’s to our friends to the north for the fine job they have done hosting the games this year. I am looking forward to the closing ceremonies a bit later.


Just a heads up to the kind bloggers who come looking for me when I don’t post every week. I thought after the holidays that I might have time to post more often but it is not looking like that will happen all the time. We have a lot of family events happening this spring and I have another project on the horizon for 2010 that will take more of my time. I have even toyed with closing my blog and just starting a Facebook account under the same name. For now, I will stick with blogging but if you don’t see me here as often, please just know that I am just busy with life.

Thank you as always for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda