Behind My Red Door

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What are you just dying to know? and a thank you, and a gorgeous home for sale!!

Good evening friends and peeps! I hope all is good in your world! I have been busy with the usual ~ cooking, cleaning, some organizing and purging (files this time), spending time with family and friends, reading, keeping up with Internet friends and of course my usual time caring for Lili. I should say – playing with Lili! S he is really getting so active and she loves her jumper and scooting around in her walker.


She is sitting up alone and starting to hold her own bottle too. I can’t believe she is 7 months old already. She likes to be read to for short – OK REALLY short periods and I enjoy singing some of my favorite children's songs and rhymes to her and she doesn’t even mind that I sing off key. At least I choose to believe that her smiles and giggles are smiles and giggles of delight – not at my singing. <wink wink>.


I am going to try something different here at the request of a sweet gal who reads my blog and always leaves me nice comments via email. She told me that she knows I LOVE reading Rue’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Life blog and she got hooked on it as well. Rue is the sweetest gal and married second time around to the nicest guy, Rich, and they are so darn cute together and together they are restoring and old home. Not as old as my dream old home, but it is about the age of the home I grew up in and so a lot of the characteristics of the inside architecture remind me of my childhood home. And even though there are a lot of differences in our lives and decorating tastes, I think Rue has a similar zest for life, and love for family and home that I have. I love reading her blog and following her journey. By the way, she has no idea I am mentioning her or snagging the picture of her wonderful home – I hope she doesn’t mind! See the red front door…. you just gotta love a gal who paints her door red, don’t ya?


I decided that I am going to do something that Rue occasionally does on her blog. She puts it out there that if anyone has a question for her, then she will do a post answering them. You can go on over to her blog and see the latest version of Question and Answer to get an idea of some of the kinds of questions folks asked her. I decided to this because every time I post, I get several questions and I sometimes don’t get to answer them in a timely fashion so I thought it would be a good to answer them all at once! And I have many new followers who may not know what al my longtime followers know about me. I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that the memory card for my camera bit the dust today and I can’t retrieve the pictures I took and of course I can’t take any new pictures until I get a new one so I can’t make that post about my favorite things. I need a lot of pictures so that is making it very time consuming and obviously I can’t take any pictures right now! And I still haven’t even finished taking pictures since I got the house back in order after Christmas got packed away.

So instead of that post, this is your chance folks! Ask away! Now I do reserve the right to ignore anything too personal or not suitable for blogging but I will try to answer the rest as best I can. You have until Sunday January 24th at noon to leave your question in the comment section. If you don’t have a blogger account and don’t know how to comment, I am happy to explain. First, just look right under this post where in small letters it says ‘kind folks clicked here to leave me a message’. Click on those words and a window will open. Next if there are comments showing then you scroll down under them to the box and type in your comment/question. Next you scroll a little bit further and click anonymous so you don’t need to open a blogger account. But please do leave your name in your comment though- thanks! Then click the orange box that says publish! Next, you will have to type the letters that appear (word verification) and then you are all set! Now you won’t see your comment until I get an email from blogger with your comment and then I approve it being published. (That is so I have control of what gets in my comment section and no one with foul language or links to nasty websites get through.) I look forward to seeing what you all are curious about!! And don’t forget to head on over to Rue’s and see her new old home coming back to life! It is gorgeous!! When you have time, scroll back to older posts to see some of the wonderful projects she and Rich have already finished.


Next I want to send out a great big thank you to Noel and Verge from Circa Home Living blog and Circa Home Living (formerly Circa 1820)catalog. As I have done in the past, recently I mentioned their wonderful wares when I made this post here. I also recently placed an order with some gifts for friends. Along with my order they surprised me and included a very generous thank you gift for sending customers their way. It’ this gorgeous hand forged iron candle holder! I This picture is taken from their catalog because of the afore mentioned camera problem. When I get a new memory stick, I’ll take a picture of mine in it’s new home! ironcandleholdercirca3

Isn’t it wonderful??!! I love it. Thanks so much Noel and Verge. I am happy to make others aware of the what you sell as everything is top notch and such nice quality.


Do you remember these pictures that Linda Harris sent me of her GORGEOUS home all decked out for Christmas in 2008?


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Those are just a few of the pictures – you can see the rest here. And you can see it in it’s finest fall splendor in the September 2009 issue of Country Sampler and you can see some additional pictures on the Country Sampler website by clicking here! After you are done drooling, just think of what it would be like to live there!! Well if you live in Oregon and are in the market for a gorgeous custom built saltbox, this will be on the market soon! Linda and Joe called me last night and told me that they are ready for their next challenge and ready to downsize a bit at the same time and they are getting ready to build a reproduction early Cape style home. Linda said that they are building their own little New England right there in Oregon! If any one reading this is seriously interested in this home, leave me your info and I will be happy to pass it on to Linda and Joe. The rest of us can just keep on drooling and dream a bit…


So that’s it for this week my friends! I’ll be back with the answers to your questions (if there are any!) as soon as I can!! Thank you as always for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda