Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

taking a blog break….

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Most of you know this is my sweet grand doggy Brady. He is the only dog I have ever liked, never mind loved in my entire life. I have had many cats but as the daughter of a letter carrier who was bitten many times by dogs, I never cared for dogs until this sweet guy came into our lives a few years ago. He stole my heart and Mr. Red Door’s even more. They have such a bond – as strong as any I have ever seen. When I walk into the house to care for Lili, Brady is always looking behind me to see if his buddy - Mr. Red Door, is with me. Just the word ‘Grampy’ will illicit his attention. Even my folks adore Brady.

Brady Jan 05

So with tears in my eyes, I have to tell you that today is a very sad day Behind My Red Door. Today we got the devastating news that our beloved Brady has lymphoma cancer and has probably had it for some time now. Jay and Ang now have some very agonizing decisions to make. We are all in shock and heartbroken right now so I am going to take a break from my blog as we all deal with this news and what lies ahead. I’ll still be around but blogging about dream homes or favorite things seems so pointless right now.

Thanks for stopping by,

Grammy Linda

PS I have shut off comments for this post - I just can't read any more sad stories about others pets cancer/death etc right now. Thanks for understanding