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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gathering around the table…

Thank you for all the sweet compliments on our table and for all the questions. I wanted a new table for several reasons but truly - mostly so we can all sit together at family dinners and holiday gatherings. My old table had several leafs but all combined they were not as long as the new one. This table is long enough to put 5 chairs along each side and one on each end. And someday, we may attempt to add a company board to one end. Another big reason I wanted a new table because the one were using had a damaged top and I always had to have a tablecloth on it. I am now freed from that! WOOHOO. And then of course there is style. This fits our home and lifestyle better.

So many have asked how we made it. I am sorry that I cannot make a real tutorial – Mr. Red Door and I really are amateurs when it comes to this. We are not afraid to dive in and try something but we have not perfected it enough to make a tutorial either. When he bought his Shopsmith about 30 years ago, he took a few lessons but you know the old saying ~ “if you don’t use it , you loose it” ! He is willing (sometimes) and tries his best and I appreciate that. I don’t know how to use the Shopsmith and I just don’t like that machine. You have to take one tool off to use another. I want all separate tools - you know, the professional ones?? Yeah those!! I have a few of my own small power tools and my own tool case and belt, but I want the big boys. But until I get those and take some classes at a Vocational School like my friend Jill did, I have to rely on Mr. Red Door using the Shopsmith ~ with my expert directions! And I do all the finishing – hours of sanding went into this piece and painting and staining and the layers of poly too. So as I was saying, there won’t be a tutorial but I will tell you a few details as best I can. Several people had recommended joining the four 8 foot long boards and the two bread board ends with biscuits and glue but Mr. Red Door had learned dowel joining so he used the Shopsmith’s drill press to make the holes and then we used the dowels and glued and clamped the top together.


Because he didn’t have pipes long enough, he bought some simple joints to join two pipes to make them the right length for clamping the ends on.005

We also used cleats on the underside for stability. The “sides” were attached to these as well.


One side after one coat of black paint and some sanding. 031

So that’s about all the help I can be on making the table folks!


Sunday was a gorgeous fall day here in NE and it was perfect day for family and friends to gather and celebrate Liliana’s Baptism. She is blessed to have so many people that just love her so much. Many traveled a distance just to join us. Here are just a few pictures from the very special day…

Getting ready…


Playing shy…


Showing of the new bracelet I gave her and the pretty necklace her other Grammy gave her. Both have crosses on them.


She was good as gold with the minister. I am sure she was thinking “Hey this water is as much fun as my tubby…”043

Thank you for all the inquiries about my dad. He is doing much better and enjoyed getting out to Liliana’s baptism. Liliana enjoyed sitting on Great Mamma’s lap and chewing her hands!!


Did I tell you that my FIL had to go to the ER last Friday? Yup, my dad one week, Mr. Red Door’s dad the next! My FIL had pneumonia this summer and was told he also has emphysema. He was feeling OK when they drove up from SC last week but then the next day he started having trouble catching his breath and had a cough that kept him up all night. His color was not good and so they headed to the ER on Friday and thankfully, he was taken immediately and given x rays and blood work and he got his results and saw a Dr. in no time. Quite a different experience from my dad’s! He was given new meds and a new inhaler and out the door in about 4 hours. In 24 hours felt like a new man – or at least a pretty chipper 81 year old man. Thank goodness!


We were all so happy to have both sets of great grandparents at Lilis’s special day. Now that our parents are in their 80’s, every time all 4 generations can be together, it is truly a blessing.

And so while they were in MA, we have fit in as much time as possible with Mr. red Door’s mom and dad. They came to dinner one evening to have some more time with us – but mostly to have more time with Liliana. My MIL is a baby magnet. She adores babies and they always seem so comfortable with her. She and Liliana got along famously!


But their King Charles Spaniel, Andy, was feeling a wee bit jealous so Great Grampy had to make sure he gave him lots of attention while Great Grandma was feeding Lili.011

We got to use the table for the first time. I enjoyed setting it with my Bennington Pottery and new placemats.





And sweet Liliana enjoyed it as well while she played with her Great Grandma and Grampy David’s sister Wendy. 013

It truly was a special week having them back home again!


On Tuesday, I spent several hours with my dear friend Jenn making cards. Jenn is a StampinUp demonstrator and we met when we both did a lot of volunteer work with a cancer organization. We just hit it off right away. I was making cards at the time but very simple ones with graphics I would print out. Then I saw how much fun stamping and embellishing cards could be and I was hooked. When Jenn was working just 4 days a week, we often got together and stamped. We always have fun together. Now that she has been promoted to the Bursar at her college, our time to stamp together is limited. And in recent months I have gotten away from making as many cards because I was spending more time on other projects. But my time spent with Jenn reminded me how much I enjoy being creative when making cards. I need to turn off the computer more often and spread out my supplies and get creative!

These are a few simple cards I made this week.



My long term followers may remember some of my posts mentioning my trips to Pickity Place in Mason , NH. You can click HERE to read a post I made about it in the summer of 2008 and to see the gardens and inside the old home that houses the restaurant and gift shop. If you like the story Red Riding Hood, you’ll want to read about it!

Last fall at this time I took this picture outside the gift shop when my friend Chris and I made the trip. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day. Today however, it was very gray and just freezing – in the high 30’s and it felt like it would snow any minute – inside the gift shop where they had no heat. No kidding – it was COLD.

But inside the restaurant it warm and toasty and the meal was out of this world! Each month there is a new menu and you get all 7 ‘courses’ and the only choice is between two entrees. Each course is very small so we usually have no trouble cleaning our plates.

Maple Ginger Wasabi Dip w/crackers
Vermont Cheddar Potato Leek Soup
Roasted Root Vegetable Salad w/Cranberry Vinaigrette
Multi-grain bread w/Pumpkin Seeds
Apple Walnut Chicken
— or —
Wild Mushroom Cannelloni
Baby Carrots w/Rum Raisin Sauce
Southern Bourbon Walnut Pecan Pie

Chris and I both had the chicken and it was perfect for a fall day. Any day I spend with my dear friend Chris is perfect. We met when my Jay (Liliana’s daddy) was just 6 months old. Chris and her DH Jack moved 3 houses away from us back then and they had a 7 month old daughter. It’s now 30 years later and we are so blessed to enjoy our once a month outings. Next year when she is retired like me we hope to make them more often!


The next time I am back I hope to share some pictures of the Harvest Gathering I am hosting this Saturday for a few friends from the wonderful forum over at APP. I already made my pumpkin soup, and the table is set for the four of us. Tomorrow more cooking and lots cleaning are on my agenda.

Right now however, it IS snowing lightly, so I am going to make another cup of my favorite spiced chai tea and snuggle up and relax. It’s been a busy busy week and it isn’t over yet.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Thank you as always for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Grammy Linda

P.S. For the gals that asked – I use Windows Live Writer to make my posts and you can add text to any photo that way.