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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The ABC’s of The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

Do you ever do that? Actually start a blog post when an idea comes into your head? I do that all the time now because with Mentalpause, I know otherwise I’d be sitting looking at the screen thinking – what was that brilliant thought that came to me yesterday as I was vacuuming ~ taking a shower ~ driving ~ trying to fall asleep? So I had already typed up some ideas when I saw a post by Shanda –over at Colonial Homekeepings called The ABC’s of the Harvest Season. PERFECT!

I decided that was just the format to list some of the things that make this the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Are you ready?

A- Apple Pie – need I say more?? And Angela, our loving DIL.

B - Baptism – Liliana’s is Sunday. And Brady – Lili’s BIG brother


C- Cider – hot and mulled of course and Corn muffins!

D- David aka Mr. Red Door. Because he is such a good man. A wonderful father, husband and son. And because he enjoys those foliage rides as much as I do!

E- Enough – I am blessed to have enough food, heat, shelter, clothing and so much more!

F- Faith, family, friends and foliage!

out my window

G- Gatherings of friends and family.

H- Halloween – because it’s fun!


I- Internet – it has changed my life and my world because I met all of you!

J- Jay - our son, and Jen – our daughter and Justin her boyfriend – all wonderful kids!

K- Kisses – I am not saying another word about that!

L- Liliana – did you expect anything else? She makes everything better!!

M- Maple trees that turn the brightest and warmest colors.


N- Nesting- I love that the weather turns us inside to nest and appreciate being inside our warm and cozy home

O- Orange gourds


P- Pumpkins to decorate with, to carve, and to cook and bake with!

Q- Quills – pheasant quills


R- Red Door of course!


S- Simmering stews and soups

T- Tables – as in the new one Mr. Red Door and I MADE! Yessirree! That is the big project we have been working on for weeks. Now this is a true collaboration of love! When I saw the Harvest Table over at Lisa’s Primitive’s from Above, it was the inspiration for ours. She even secretly shared measurements with me – THANKS LISA! With my friend Jill’s help, we drew up the design and I worked side by side with hubby when he cut it out and assembled it and I did ALL the painting, staining and many coats of poly on the top. The bottom is painted Olde Century’s Lamp Black and the stain on the top is a mixture of 3 Minwax colors and there are several coats of satin poly on the top. It’s 8.5 feet long (no typo there) and 3 feet wide. Now we can accommodate more family at the table when we get together and there are no pesky legs to straddle either. Are you ready for the big reveal??








U- Umbrellas - we really needed them recently!

V- Vines of bittersweet


W- Witches – the cute friendly ones


X- X-tra snuggles on a chilly morning!

Y- Yellow mums!


Z- Zippered sweaters and jackets! I love that is cool enough to need them!

I truly am blessed this season and every season of the year! And I’d love to hear your ABC’s of The Most Wonderful Time of The Year so please join in and post yours as well!

I am not sure when I will be back to post again because the next week or so are extra busy Behind My Red Door. My in laws are up from SC for Lili’s baptism tomorrow and to enjoy the foliage so we are making the most of their time here and they will be here for dinner once or twice, I have a date to make cards with my friend Jenn, some babysitting time with Lili snuck in, a date to go to Pickity Place with my friend Chris and this coming weekend Jill will be back down for a visit and a few friends from the APP forum are joining us for a gathering on Saturday. Phew!!

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year! Thank you as always for stopping by and making Behind My Red Door part of your day!

Until next time – hugs, Linda