Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Update to my previous post….

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I moderate my comments which for you newbies means that I get an email with the comment and then I decided to either publish it or not before the public sees my comments. It has been so heartwarming to read them all when I have a chance in between phone calls and chores as well as making a special dinner for Mr. Red Door. I want to celebrate that he started a wonderful new job today. Congratulations honey, I am so proud of you and wish you well in this new venture! It is with an exciting new company and we are so blessed and appreciative that this opportunity came his way. I may be a wee bit prejudiced but I think his long career as well as his expertise and stellar reputation in his field had something to do with it!

Back to my dad. As of 3:30 he has had some additional brief exams and additional blood work and some visits from at least on Dr. He is still NOT bleeding so that is a relief. They did start him on clear liquids as those are safe in case someone at some point decides to go forward with any additional testing. I should add that long before he was admitted to the floor from the ER, they had already ruled out hemorrhoids and other simple explanations. He has had colonoscopies in recent years because he has had some history that required it so it is still unclear why they are not doing one now. One Dr is awaiting a consult from another is the best explanation we are getting. His blood work and vitals apparently rule out any unseen internal bleeding so that is reassuring. As a former RN, I know how overworked and understaffed the floor nurses are these days so I certainly don’t blame them for the lack of info. They are doing the best they can.

That said, he is comfy (as one can be in a hospital room) and safe and not quite so hungry anymore and he has TV ~ his favorite past time! So we continue to wait. My mom has chosen to wait at home with Muffy, her faithful kitty companion. I probably won’t update again unless or until anything significant happens or he is home.

Hopefully next time I am back it will be with a more lighthearted post and some pictures of my trip to Maine. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! You are all the best!!

lots of warm hugs, Grammy Linda