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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I really needed that….

All summer long I waited for a cool dry day so that Mr. Red Door and I could take a day trip north to the lake where my family spent many summer vacations when I was growing up and where Mr. Red Door and I spent some time on our honeymoon many moons ago. And I waited and waited and waited! Through rain and heat and more rain and humidity and more heat and more rain.

And then one day the skies parted, the rain stopped and air dried out. Finally THAT was the day I was waiting for all summer! Mr. Red Door and I packed some fresh fruit and water bottles and hit the road.

We drove north over ocean inlets,


016 and down country roads. 019

And well before noon, we landed at our first stop – a last minute addition to the trip (thanks honey!!) Susie’s Bittersweet Primitives in Rochester, NH. Country Sampler fans will recognize Susie’s home from last fall’s issue. The shop and grounds were already decorated for fall and it was so cute and quaint! This day was not meant for shopping but I had wanted to meet Susie ever since we chatted about our CS experiences via email last year. 021


Once I got inside, Susie was busy with customers and when they left, I introduced myself and she quickly told us about the “guest house” out back – which was another part of the shop so we had to check that out. When we got back inside the main shop, she was on the phone so we never did have a chance to chat much. I only bought one small thing but it is for my fall giveaway (more about that in another post) so it will remain a secret! 025

From there, we decided to take back roads towards our destination. Can you say redneck traffic signal? 026

And all of a sudden - there it was – just what we were looking for…. or at least the sign for it! Yippee!! Woohoo!!


OH wait – first we had to stop in the General Wolfe in Wolfeboro, NH. The shopkeeper there was busy on the phone so I breezed right in and out. 031


And a short distance later, we reached the docks in the town of Wolfeboro, NH. Every year Mr. Red Door and I stop here and take in the views – looking back towards town….038



And out over the lake… Lake Winnipesaukee! One of my favorite places on earth!!




And then we drove through the quaint town and all the little shops we have been to many many times. 040


And past many historic and antique homes. Wolfeboro is the oldest summer resort town in America and there are many many gorgeous old homes!




We got a short distance outside of town….. and oh honey - do you see what I see?? Oh be still my heart!! Mr. Red Door – PLEASE PLEASE STOP!! 057


Yes go up that driveway over there….. yes that one …in front of the red barn… WHY?? Because it is Apple Hill! One of my very favorite stores!! Please please can I go in? Thank you honey!! 060


If you are not familiar with this great shop AND gorgeous home, you have to check out the website HERE. Suzanne Bogannan and her husband David have done wonders with their old house – it’s eye candy for us prim and colonial lovers! 062

And the shop is wonderful! I could have loaded up the back of the Murano with the awesome furniture and lighting and antiques and but once again, I got just one small item for my giveaway. Don’t worry, I’ll be back sometime!!

So we set off once again and took many back roads around the lake and enjoyed wonderful vista’s and did a lot of stopping along the way to just take in the views of that beautiful lake. Ahhhhhhhh – my heart was so happy!065


And Mr. Red Door even let me stop here. For all my quilting friends. This is A HUGE shop just for you! It is Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. I was thinking of all my quilting bloggy friends and imagining the oohs and aahs! Row after row after row of gorgeous fabrics. I saw several groups of women and I just know that somewhere someone has blogged about their fun day out and their stop here! I was hoping to find some wool and appliqué patterns for moi, but those pickings were slim. The lines at the register were very long anyway, so I moved on.068

And we continued our journey until we spotted this sign… the REAL reason why we had only fruit and water all day long. Hart’s Turkey Farm in Meredith, NH. We were saving room for dinner here. Growing up a meal here was tradition every summer when we stayed on the lake. And Mr. Red Door and I have been enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinners they serve all year long ever since our honeymoon in 1975. And this day was to be no different!! This was part of my master plan all along. When you sit down, you start off with their signature carrot relish and crackers. Just the right touch while you decide on the size of your dinner! Then out come the plates with turkey, stuffing, potato, gravy, squash and cranberry sauce. Just like homemade too – yummo!! They sure know how to do it right! 069

And then with my heart full (and my belly too) we got on the road for the long drive home. It was a wonderful way to spend the perfect summer day with my dear hubby - and certainly worth waiting for! Thanks honey!!


I really have been enjoying the fall decor showcased on so many blogs the last week or so. I have started my fall decorating. I just the love how the warm colors fit in with my decor. My home is meant for Autumn all year long. I still need to get my bittersweet later this week if Mother nature cooperates with a dry day when I have some free time. I think it is almost ready! And even though some of this will change when I do put my bittersweet out and around, I took a few pictures for a sneak peak until then…





035 007








And last but certainly not least, my favorite pictures of the week! The light of our lives….

In her new chair… 028

sitting on her Grampy’s lap…045

and wondering just what the heck that bright yellow thing in the sky is doing in her face!! No fear sweet girl – next time you will be all set because your daddy and mommy bought you some infant sunglasses! Nothing but the best for our sweet girl!


And with her own personal guard dog...yes he really is THAT big! DSCN5342

Thanks so much for stopping by. Check back soon for details on my Fall Giveaway!

Until next time- hugs, Grammy Linda