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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 10 best things about August…

We have had some pretty hot and humid days in this neck of the woods lately. I am happy for my summer loving friends, those on vacation at the lakes, beaches or pools, and for the farmers as well, but I am longing for fall. I am seeing some small signs that it is a comin a right around the corner ~ signs in Mother nature and in blog land. Many of you are mentioning fall and some are even decorating fro fall already. I won’t start that this early, but I sure enjoy seeing your homes decked out.

My friend Loretta over at Under the Wild Cherry Trees mentioned many of things that make fall so appealing to me. If you don’t know her, click here to wander over and read her post about it ~ scroll down a bit and while you are at it, do take the time to scroll back to see pictures of her gorgeous home!

A few peeps have asked me some fall related decorating questions and many of those I had blogged about last fall. So if you weren’t a peep last year and you are just dying to know more about my fall decorating, foliage or shopping trips, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog and click on the dates from back then and read the blog posts from those dates? I have read the back posts of several of my favorite blogs and it’s fun way to get to know them better.

Those that know me well already, know that I am a glass half full person. So even though I like to whine about the summer heat and humidity, and long for fall to start, I always find something to be thankful for. The truth is, I really don’t go around all day whining about the heat. Just part of the day <wink wink>. I find that sometimes the best way to keep a positive outlook is to just take the time to write down positives things ~ things to be thankful for. And while I was doing that this week, I decided why not share them with my peeps! What better way is there to spread those good feelings! I decided 10 was a good place to start (and luckily for you all, to stop as well). You can make your list any length. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and of prayer. They make a powerful combo.

My 10 best things about August

1) My parents

I had to start at beginning. My folks were married on August 8th in 1952. With out them, I wouldn’t be here to make this post. Happy anniversary Mom & Dad!


2) Corn on the cob

I love corn just about any way you make it, but a fresh ear? Pure gastronomical delight! I don’t even use butter or salt if it is fresh and sweet! Mr. Red Door and I have been enjoying it for weeks now but last week we found a farm stand that gets it fresh from Hadley , MA and it is the best corn we have had all season.


3) Birthdays

Two of my dear friends have birthdays in August! Chris on the 1st and Jenn on the 6th. Dinner out is the way we choose to celebrate! Happy Birthday Chris and Jenn!


4) A new car

Our daughter Jen picked up her first brand new car this morning. She loved my loaded Nissan Murano but that was a bit rich for her young budget so Mr. Red Door helped her negotiate a great price on this sweet new Nissan Rogue. Drive it in good health sweetie! You look great in it!



5) Fresh tomatoes

Need I say more?


6) School shopping

Maybe because I always loved school, I also I loved getting new notebooks, pens and pencils and organizing them. That was always fun for me. When I was the Director of the preschool, I loved getting new school supplies and setting up the classrooms for the new school year. Now I still love to see the store shelves loaded with the crayon packages and bright colored notebooks.

Back to school

7) Black eyed Susan's

Daisies are my favorite flower but Black eyed Susan’s and sunflowers are right up there with them. I think the colors are the perfect transition from summer to fall. Mother Nature planned well! I love to pick a bunch from my perennial garden and arrange them in the old enamel coffee pot I have had for many years. Shh, don’t tell Rondell and the other gals who are just now getting into blue that the pot USED to be blue. I can just hear them all groaning now!


8) Shorter days and cooler nights

When the days get noticeably shorter and the evenings start to cool down, it really excites me because I know that means FALL is really on the horizon! (WHAT???? You thought I would some how have a picture of a shorter days???? LOL Noooo sillies - this is fall “on the horizon”


9)Window boxes

Around the beginning of August, my window boxes finally seem to fill in nicely. I think a home with window boxes or containers of flowers near the entry doors are homes that say WELCOME.


10) Bestest

And the bestest thing about August why of course it is our sweet and adorable Liliana Lee

This month we are celebrating that she is now 2 months old. I love how she forms her sweet little lips when she ‘talks’ to me.


Sunflowers 1

So what are your favorite things about August? I invite you to make a post and then come back here and let me know!

Sunflowers 1

I hope to be back on Wednesday with some of the projects I have been working on. Until then, stay cool, and enjoy the last days of the summer of 09 and thanks so much for stopping by!

Until nest time – hugs, Grammy Linda