Behind My Red Door

Behind My Red Door

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Textures of our home part 2

Happy rainy wet Saturday to you peeps!! I know I promised you a tutorial on stenciling and it is coming, but I just haven’t had time to finish it yet. I have been busy with family, friends, of course our sweet grand baby, and then Mr. Red Door and I took a much needed trip to one of my favorite places on earth – Lake Winnipesauke, NH. I have some nice pics to post about that too ~ next week sometime. But right now, like many of you, I took so many texture pictures that I have enough for a second post – actually I have enough for a third but I won’t bore you with that one for awhile yet. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!!



035 (2)


















Just a quick note on watermarking. There has been a lot of mention of it on blogs lately. My sweet friend Kris over at Simply Prim did a great post on it the other day with some very good points made. You can check it out HERE. I use Live Writer for that purpose since I am making my posts right in Live Writer (and I love it). I found I can choose the option of where I want the watermark to show up from from each corner to the center of the photo and save that as the default setting and it shows up on each picture I import. I love that feature! I also have a right click code on my blog as well – someone else helped me set that one up so I can’t help you there. If you are a member of the APP Forum, ask me about it there and I will direct you to the my friend that helped me. And that remind me to mention this, if anyone ever wants to use one of my pictures, please just let me know in a comment, leave me your email address, and I am more than happy to share (and I’d be extremely flattered as well!!!!)


We are getting the remnants of Tropical Storm Danny here. No crisp dry air in these parts. It’s cool but wet wet wet today and tomorrow, 80’s and humid – more wet! Wet is getting very old. We actually have mold growing on some places on the back of our house and I haven’t seen that EVER in the 23 years we have lived here. It’s just one more chore to take care of this fall whenever it does dry out. To say I am craving the cool and CRISP DRY air of fall is a huge understatement! And that brings me to answer your questions of when I am decorating for fall. It is too soon for my bittersweet gathering and I am waiting until September to put out the other fall decorations inside so it won’t be too long. Outside comes even later as the hot sun we get on the front of the house is not great for that kind of decor. So in the meantime, I am enjoying all of you who are already decorating for fall. It helps me get my fill so I thank you for that!


And speaking of fall decorating, A Primitive Place Forum is having a decorating contest this fall. Click here to read all about it and yes, that links you to A Primitive Place blog where you will find out about some of the wonderful things going on over at APP. So no need to be confused. A Primitive Place is the main website where there are loads of prim decorating ideas and galleries of homes and gatherings and all kinds of decor. You can then join the APP Forum to join on more sharing and fun. And there is the blog as well. Lots of places to find other gals with similar interests, lots of eye candy, all kinds of resources, and the kindest sweetest gals you will ever meet. We have members from all over the country and some international ones as well!. Why don’t you join us and do tell them Linda from Behind My Red Door sent you.


It’s time to get some chores done Behind My Red Door. All this dampness means spider webs galore (YIKES both mold and spider webs!) and not being home much this week means everything else is still waiting for the keeper of the home to get busy. Even in retirement, a woman’s work is never done……


Until next time – hugs, Linda

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

heat rises….

So what did I get myself into during one of those hot and humid days we had since I was here last ?? Nooooo..not hot water! Hey I heard you say that!! But almost as bad. Hot air! Not as in a balloon. When Mr. Red Door and I went to the Napa Valley 9 years ago for our 25th several anniversary, he wanted to take me up in one but I just couldn’t do it! Sorry honey, I am too chicken for that!! But I did climb to the top of a ladder last week~does that count? Now mind you, I was in the room with a 15,000 BTU window a/c running full blast and yet it was HOT on top of that ladder. So if you ever doubted the science lesson we all had in 5th grade that says ~hot air rises and cool air falls ~~~ DON’T ~ my sweaty brow was proof it is true!

So what was I doing with my head in the clouds heat? Why stenciling of course!! I told you I wanted to add more back to our home and I have been. Summer is not when I do my best work but telling you I am going to do it sure does motivate me. (note to self – keep your mouth shut) I did gather enough energy to add a new frieze. Loosely translated a frieze is a decorative design above doorways and windows. In this case, a stenciled design. I have had this colonial swag stencil for years but I never used it before. I don’t know what I was waiting for!









I think the new stencil helps to finish off the room nicely. I was considering a corner stencil and I still may add that at a later date.


I have been asked about my stencils several times recently and almost all of them are18-20 years old and most were bought in a little store that no longer exists. BUT, I did some research just for all of you and came up with some online sources of stencils. I cannot personally vouch for any of these ~ they are simply sources for the colonial and historical style stencils I use.

My dining room stencil was made by this company years ago and is one of the ones I bought locally. However it is now available online. It is listed under classic stencils. I also own their Hopkinton, Newington, and the Aaron’s border- again, all bought locally years ago.

I hope to do some additional stenciling in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!!

Edited: I will do a mini tutorial on stenciling this weekend or next week!


Thank you to everyone who asked about my sweet grand daughter ~ Liliana is growing like a weed! At her two month check up last week she was 23 inches long and 11pounds, 3 ounces ~ both in the 75 % for her age. She didn’t like her shots very much but who can blame her!

2 months

I love the time I spend watching her so that Angela and Jay can run errands, get to appointments, do yard work or have a date night. When I say hello and smile at her and she smiles right back and coos, there is nothing like it. I love how her little nostrils flare as she works hard to get the sounds out and it is the sweetest sound ever!!


And those eyelashes – I wish mine were half as long!


It amazes me that as this young age she enjoys being on the padded mat under her play gym and talking to the Octopus that hangs down and to the cute baby in the mirror.



I just have one question – how come the chubby cheeks, double chin, chunky belly and thighs look so darn cute on her ~ but on me ??



Until next time – hugs, Linda

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Textures of My Home, Part 1

Let me just say this… the other gals who already participated in the textures of home challenge are absolutely spot on when they say you just can’t stop ~ taking pictures that is!! I had really enjoyed each post that Jen from Taylors*Farmhouse* Attic had done several weeks ago showing us many of her textures, so last week when Carolyn from Primitive Devotion  challenged us to show the Textures of Our Home, I decided to join in. I was busy with a decorating project and Liliana was here for several hours yesterday, so I am just getting to it this weekend.

Now it is easy to take pictures of a room or a gathering or area of the room, but it is much harder to just capture the textures in your home. Carolyn was right when she called it a challenge!  Several other bloggers have already joined in, each in their own unique way. I decided to show my pictures without explanations or names. I hope you enjoy part one…

























If you haven’t already joined in the textures challenge, what’s wrong with you peeps! Go ahead and grab your camera, set it on the macro setting, and get busy! I will even challenge my Webshots and Picture Trail and APP Forum pals to make an album of their textures as well! Now get busy and please make sure you let me know when are your done so I can stop by and enjoy your hard work!

Thanks so much to each of you for stopping Behind My Red Door today. Please leave a comment so I know you were here and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

And here is one more picture and it is just a tease… I’ll be back with the rest of the story early next week sometime.


Until next time - hugs, Linda