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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Prim Gathering

Did anyone see CNNMoney's list of the top 100 best places to live that was recently published? Our town made the list and I have to say, I agree with CNN! We love our town. We love the amenities and the town services. Yes, they are struggling a bit with the economy like every other town in MA (or the country for that matter), but they still are top notch. We have a great school system, wonderful senior center, and one of our favorites is our town owned electric light, Internet and cable company. We don't get those services from some huge conglomerate that doesn't care about the little guy. Our town has it's own. And the prices are extremely competitive and the service is first rate. We have gorgeous parks - our Dean Park even has foundations that dance to music. We can park by the fountains and tune to a local radio station for the music that synchronizes with the fountains. Our town is located close to major highways yet we still have the feel of a suburban town with open spaces. We are minutes away from a huge medical center with a world class trauma center. There are many colleges close by as well. And shopping - we have just about everything you could want within 10 -15 minutes. But the best part, most of our family and friends are close by. Now that tops MY top 100 list anytime!
Okay, okay, I know you are chomping at the bit to hear about my prim gathering with Bonnie and Audrey. It was sooooooooo much fun! We could have talked all day long. We had a nice visit here and enjoyed lunch - which I forgot to take a picture of!!Colleen's salad was hit of course. I did get some nice pics of their visit and our shopping trip to Country Plus though.

Please meet Bonnie and Audrey!
And Bonnie just had too see where I blog and she sent off a message to our friends in the APP Forum too!
The gals were so sweet to bring me hostess gifts - not necessary but so appreciated. This adorable bee is from Audrey - she made it! Isn't it darling?
And inside - more goodies. She made the wax rooster and he is clove scented. I wish we had smell a blog! It is soo yummy! And look at that absolutely primilicious bear she made. He is precious! And look at the cute birdie and her nest. They will be added to my spring decor! And the cute little sign will go in the family room. Thank you Audrey - you are so talented!
And Bonnie just had to get some for Miss Liliana for when she is visiting Grammy. It is the cutest and softest turtle blankie. He is just so cute. I know our sweetie will love him. Thanks Bonnie!

Right after lunch we took off for Country Plus in Hopkinton. It was so humid and it started to sprinkle as we walked from the car to the shop. Not a good hair day! But not to worry - it was nice and cool inside thanks to Tricia! You might remember that I mentioned that one of my followers, Tricia, was going to be working there that day. Tricia is just the sweetest gal ever! She made me feel like a celebrity and even asked me to sign her copy of Country Sampler. Bonnie, Audrey and I so enjoyed meeting you Tricia!

Here are just some of the antiques and prims we got to choose from!

There were so many antique bowls, baskets, cupboards chairs and tables. I wish I had won the lottery!

This corner cupboard was amazing! I would have liked to take this baby home!

Audrey and Bonnie liked it all too!
Before we left the store, Tricia surprised me with a bag full of goodness! Can you see the card? It says From One Prim Chick to Another! In the prim jar is her family's home made blueberry jam that they make every year. She told me that their family and friends eagerly await it each summer. Let me tell you, as soon as these pics were uploaded, DH and I had some on toast. Then last night, it was yummy on vanilla ice cream too! You can tell it is made with love. Tricia also included the wonderful napkins because she knew when we went back to my house we would be having dessert. How kind is that? And she also included the star plate and adorable basket with candles and drieds. Thank you Tricia! I can't wait until you can visit me Behind My Red Door!

I am so proud of myself for being very selective when I shop now. Saving for DH's hopefully early retirement is a priority so I only came home with one thing. But is a winner. I got this wonderful antique yellow ware mold.
It has a similar shape to one of my molds and has the corn motif of the other. The best of both!It was just a wonderful day with wonderful friends - old and new - and I can't wait to meet up with all of them again!
Last week I promised you some updated pics of the tweaking I did in my office and I didn't forget this time but thank you anyway to my loyal follower that emailed me and reminded me - just in case! LOL You must know I have CRS and mentalpause sometimes!

My office is much more country prim than colonial but I love it. I have recently decided that while my goal has been to make our home as colonial as possible, I know that without the painted woodwork and the antiques I would like, I just won't ever achieve that real period look. And I don't mind anymore. I'd rather spend the time and energy and money on my family and friends. I am not saying I am done decorating and tweaking and changing things by any means! I just am relaxing a bit and focusing on it differently. And I gotta tell you, seeing Karen's Red Farmhouse (formerly Yellow Farmhouse and briefly Liberty House) this week, it really helped me to cement that decision. Her GORGEOUS home is not colonial but I could move right in and not change a thing!! I love all her choices and finishes! If you haven't seen it yet, get ready for some breathtaking eye candy. Grab a drink of you choice, grab a snack, tell everyone you will be indisposed for a bit, lock the door to keep them out and head on over here - with the biggest drool towel you have. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, back to reality - here are some of my favorite things in my office...

Lookey here, my little bear has a new home!

When Colleen made the adorable stitchery, I knew it would go in my office where I spend a lot of time on the computer, reading, stitching, making cards or even. It is now over my desk with other samplers I love.

I moved my whale tail shelf from our bedroom to this corner.

My antique school bell and slate are some of my prized treasures.

The last time I shared the day bed, I had the mustard blanket on it but I pulled out my quilt again. I love the colors in it and even though it is more cottage than colonial or prim, I love it. I love all the linens layered too!

Someday this little Angel will have sleepover on that day bed. I can't wait!!

I feel so blessed to have my own space. And I feel blessed to have so many wonderful followers and prim friends as well. Thank you for coming here to visit me!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Grammy Linda