Behind My Red Door

Friday, June 19, 2009

Worth The Wait!!

Well this Grammy is so tired she almost can't get another woo hoo out but I'll try...
WOO HOO! I finally got to hold my precious girl. OH MY there is NOTHING like it and so worth the wait! She is just so sweet and it feels so good to have her in my arms. Ang has a big family so it was a revolving door at the hospital today but I still managed to get some kisses and snuggles in. I had first dibs!!

She and mom are still recieving antibiotics but are otherwise doing great!!

Yups, she knew she was safe and very very loved in her Grammy Linda's arms.
And a very tired Grammy managed a smile for the camera. This is what it looks like when you have about 3 hours sleep and sat in a straight chair or paced the floors all night.
A very proud Grammy with her firstborn and his first born. Another sleep deprived Grammy with her 7th grandchild. And a sleep deprived Grampy with his baby girl's first baby girl.
And her Auntie Jen couldn't wait to get there after work and hold Liliana. Auntie Jen has a new job and couldn't take time off so it was killing her to have to wait until this evening to go to the hospital.
I can tell these two are going to have a special bond.Ang is not quite ready for a public debut because her poor face was incredibly swollen after pushing so hard so we'll give her a chance to rest before we show pics of her and her sweet baby girl. And Grampy David had other duties to attend to today so pics of him with Liliana will follow. We plan to go up to the hospital tomorrow and get some more hugs and kisses and snuggles in before we head to Jay's house to spend some time with Brady.

And thanks to the dozens and dozens of emails and messages and comments. Jay had his laptop at the hospital today so I was able to read a lot of the messages left here on my blog and the emails too when Ang's friends and relatives were holding Liliana. I read many of them to Jay and Ang as well and we are all so very moved and touched. I will never get around to everyone of you, but please know, every single message message brought another warm fuzzy feeling and a tear or two. Good tears!! Even many of my regular followers who don't often comment took time out to send good wishes. It really means so much to me to be able to share this very special time with all of you. I will be printing out those comments for Liliana's scrapbooks so that she can someday see how many incredibly kind and good people were following her story. THANK YOU!

Now this tired Grammy is off to dreamland with visions of that sweet baby dancing in her head.
Until Next Time - Hugs, Grammy Linda