Behind My Red Door

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Special Day Indeed!

Not only is this Father's Day, and the day Liliana goes home to her pretty lilac room and gets to meet Brady too (oh would I like to be a fly on the wall when he sees and HEARS HER!) but it is also our 34th Wedding Anniversary. On a very hot and humid day, 34 years ago, David and I said our "I dos" in front of family and friends. We dreamed of the future when we would be own our own home, which we did less than 2 years later, then become parents, 2 years after that and then grandparents - 30 years after that! Yes, this week we can say our 3 big dreams came true!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day Grampy! You are a great dad and amazing husband and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I could list the many wonderful traits you have and the way you have always provided for us and taken care of us, but I think the best compliment and the simple truth is that Jay could not have a better role model as he starts his journey as a dad. He has learned from THE BEST. 143-734 I look forward to celebrating over a nice dinner out for just the two of us when things settle down a bit.

Grampy and I had some wonderful time with Jay, Angela and Liliana at the hospital yesterday before anyone else got there. Grampy got to sing to his new grand daughter, just like he sang to his babies many years ago. I can tell she already has him wrapped around her pretty little pinkies!!

And Liliana just had to come early so Jay could celebrate his very first Father's Day right away. I think she has him all wrapped up too! Happy Father's Day Jay!! We are so very proud of you and so excited for you too. We know that you are already an incredible daddy, making sure your family is loved, safe and cared for even before Liliana took her first breath of air. Enjoy this special time and all the wonderful years ahead of you!

And I want to wish my dad a very Happy Father's Day as well. I can't wait until you and mom can meet Liliana!! For now, have fun with Allan, Cindy and Gracie and I'll see you soon!

Happy Father's Day Dad Rudman! We are all looking forward to your trip home in a few weeks. I know Grampy David can't wait to introduce you to his first grand child. In the meantime, enjoy the Open today and your time on the links!

After we left the hospital yesterday, Grampy and I shopped, cleaned, cooked and did some laundry for the kids - all the things they planned to do this weekend. Grampy then spent the night with Brady so Jay could spend the night with his family in the hospital - just the 3 of them.

Thank you again for all the well wishes and comments. It has been so nice reading them all. There is nothing like a babe to bring people together!

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in your lives as well. I hope you all have a chance to honor them some how.

Until Next Time - Hugs, Grammy Linda