Behind My Red Door

Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Emotional Journey....

I have been told that some Grammy's get pretty emotional after their grandchildren are born and that has been true Behind My Red Door. To be honest, I have to say it started long before Liliana was born. We can go way back to the day Jay called to say Angela was pregnant. I won't even tell you where I was sitting when DH handed me the phone because Jay couldn't wait to tell me something! Good thing I was sitting down! And then when we found out it was a girl. Oh and then it was very emotional when we went to the 3d Ultrasound and saw our sweet Liliana for the first time. My emotions were overflowing, when I was in the stores looking for just the right things to bring to the baby shower. Or how about when I was making a card to have ready to bring to the hospital when she was born. And you should have seen me in the restaurant when Jay called on the 18th to say that Angela was in labor! LOL I can only imagine how crazy I looked! Jenn knew something was up just by the look on my face.
And then there was that first time I got to hold her in my arms. I felt my heart swoon! I told her that I loved her right up to the moon and back.

And now I get so emotional when I see a new picture of her, or better yet hold her, or hear my son say "isn't she beautiful?" Just the other day when I was picking out a porta crib for our house - I could feel the emotions welling up inside me. And then when the mail came the other day, well the flood gates let loose. Look at some of the pretty cards we got congratulating us on our new grand daughter. Each one means so much!

And I got teary again when I opened this package from Sherrie, who is one of my followers and lives in SC. She is a Grammy too and she told me she saw something when she was at the beach and she just had to send it to me. Look at this pretty this bag...
And lookey here.... isn't this the most darling thing you ever saw?? L for Liliana!! What is it? I hear you asking.....
A burp cloth!! Isn't that the most clever idea! I mean if a sweet little girl is going to do something as indelicate as burp and spit up, she might as well do it in style. And look what Sherrie wrote... "because spit happens!" Isn't that the cutest?
So I was already blubbering and then I unwrapped the second package and Niagara Falls let loose! Look at the PERFECT book she got me!! Remember Mama duck hatching her eggs right by our front steps? Well Sherrie thought this was just right for me to read to my "little duckling". And it is. I LOVE books and this one will hold a place of honor in my library. I am going to print out the pictures of Mama duck and the eggs and tape them inside the cover of the book to show Liliana some day.
THANK YOU so much Sherrie. You really touched my heart with your thoughtfulness and kindness.

And then when we got home from visiting this sweet little bundle of pure joy the other day,

Grampy noticed a box tucked near the front stairs. I was expecting something else, but when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a note for me from my sweet friend Carol, and this pretty wrapped box for Liliana! What fun! Because the kids were coming on Saturday, I decided to wait and let them open it.
They were delighted to find the softest and prettiest little sleepers you ever saw and they match the nursery too! The bottom set has snaps all the way down the inside of the legs and can be used as a sleep sack or sleeper with legs. It is so cute! Liliana is going to look so pretty in these. I wish I had jammies this soft.

Thank you so much Carol and Jerry. It meas so much that you thought of our Liliana.

And Saturday was a pretty emotional day for other reasons as well. It was the day Liliana got to meet my parents, her great grandparents for the first time.
But she didn't make it easy. Our little bundle of love slept soundly for the first hour. My mom was ready to climb in the car seat with her and just start loving on her! And I was too!

Finally, Liliana was in her Great Mamma's arms, and it was love at first sight!And Liliana seemed to enjoy Great Bampa's soothing voice. There are only 87.5 years age span between these two after all!
Yes, it certainly has been an emotional journey, and one that I am thrilled to be taking.
I can't wait to see you tomorrow Liliana. Grammy loves you right up to the moon and back!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Grammy Linda
PS a special congratulations to our dear friends Pat and Joe down in PA. They too became grandparents for the first time yesterday. Please give Kat, Brian and baby Benjamin hugs for us!!