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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Assembly Required

Grammy alert!!

Baby pics ahead just because I can!!
It just feels so good to hold this sweet baby. I could hold her all day. She feels and smells so good. And she is opening her eyes more. Here she is on her changing table. Jay says Liliana does not like diaper change time!! She is very loud I am told. hehehe Like her daddy when he was little? What is they say about grandparents revenge? hehehe
Her daddy took this next picture and sent it to me to thank me for doing some grocery shopping for them. I have it as my external wallpaper on my phone now. It looks like she is trying to talk. She does squeak though. I almost forgot about those cute sounds babies make when they are so young.

Just as content as could be in her other Grammy's arms. This baby is very loved!
Liliana, Grammy Linda and grampy David love you right up to the moon and back!

Now for the title of my post. Assembly required. Those two words are feared by parents (and grandparents) across the globe. It is another thing I almost forgot about babies - assembly required. LOL It came right back to me today though. Instead of prim shopping, I did something even more fun - yes MORE fun than prims. I went shopping for my sweet Liliana. I was in search of a portable crib so that we have a comfy place for Liliana when she spends time at Grammy and Grampy's. I was just amazed at the new versions these days. Gone are those old wooden slated ones. So many styles and colors to choose from and some of them are so elaborate! And the colors and patterns. I settled for this convertible version.

It took me awhile but I got it all together. What amazes me is that for something with 10 billion safety warnings, they don't make the assembly instructions very clear. Not the words or the drawings! And I am the queen of visual stuff but they had even me stumped for awhile. If it needs to be put together just soin order to be safe, then make the instruction more clear Graco!!

Right now the bed is up high like a bassinet and later I can move it down to safer level when Liliana gets more active. It can be used as a playpen as well.

And it has this neat changing table built in too. I don't know how practical it will be when she is older, but it will work for now. I am sure this is old hat to many of my followers who are parents and grandparents but I was just amazed !! I wanted one of everything!

I have the best friends! Last Thursday I was about to have dinner with my friend Jenn, when Jay called to say Angela was in labor. We quickly left the restaurant without ordering, but before we said goodbye, Jenn gave me this gift for Jay and Angela.
She made them all these gorgeous had stamped thank you cards. This one on top is my favorite! Isn't that stamp adorable?

Each one is different and so detailed!
Jenn has her own blog, Stampin Angel Jenn, so named because she too angels patients with cancer. In fact that is how we met and became friends. Stop by her blog and see some of her other card creations. And Jenn is a Stampin Up Demonstrator if you need any Stampin Up supplies, just holler. She is cool - she doesn't hound you like some other demonstrators do!

Thanks so much Jenn! I know the kids will love using them.
I am looking forward to our rescheduled dinner tomorrow evening! We have so much to catch up on - even more now!

I have to give a woohoo to Dawn over at Holly Hills Primitives. Her sweet grand daughter Lucianna was born yesterday. Congrats to the whole family Dawn!!Lucy is just gorgeous! How sweet to see Abbey holding her. Enjoy your newest grandchild!!

That's about all from Behind My Red Door today. I was hoping to have some garden pics to share as well because my garden is usually so pretty this time of year, but with rain for days and days on end, the garden is pretty wilted. Anything that blooms is rotting away. So sad. It is still much cooler than usual too. Almost July and the a/c has been on rarely and usually only for a short time- more to dry out than cool off. In fact I actually made Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. At the end of June. Pot Pie! Unheard of! Even I am ready for some sun and heat and I NEVER say I want heat! LOL The latest forecast says we may get some sun tomorrow. I hope so because it is time for my daisies to bloom. My favorite flower! And isn't it funny how the sun coming out coincides with golf night! Come to think of it, the last time we had even a few hours of sun was last week when DH had a charity golf tournament. Humm......

Until Next Time - Hugs, Grammy Linda

PS - our friends over at A Primitive Place now have a blog. Stop on over and sign up to be a follower!