Behind My Red Door

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I survived....

...the heat wave that is! It was a doozy and I hope we never see temps like those in April again. Actually never ever would be too soon for me! As horrid as the heat was, Wednesday and Thursday were just perfect. Mid 60's, dry air, light breeze, bright sun - my favorite weather. And the last few days have been seasonably nice cool so I made up for acting like a slug last weekend and got some projects done around here so I do have some things to share. But first I really need to start off by saying some important thank yous. In chronological order...

First, to all who donated to Kids Cancer Crusade. At last count, they had received $155 as a result of my post! Isn't that awesome! Thank YOU!

Next I would like to thank Linda Babb for these sweet little shoes. They are perfect in the gathering on my dresser.

and this wonderful little sampler. I will treasure this!
as well as the set of perfectly prim note cards you included. You were so kind and generous!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you haven't seen Linda's beautiful colonial home and her other albums, take a few minutes and click here.

And last but in no way least, I want to share with you the sweetest gift! Loretta from Under the Wild Cherry Trees contacted me and asked for my home address as she had something for Liliana's nursery. When I received the box on Saturday, I was tickled pink to see these adorable pulls for the ceiling fan and light that was recently installed in the nursery. Loretta had them painted to match the room. Are they not just PERFECT?

They are the perfect finishing touch and match the pinks and plums in the room perfectly! Even the little flowers on the butterfly are a perfect match!! Jay and Angela and I all say a huge THANK You! If you haven't meet Loretta yet, please go on over and say hello. She is just the nicest gal. And if you want to see some eye candy, you have to see her new arbor and patio. Then if you want even more eye candy, scroll back a bit to see her gorgeous new kitchen! Thanks Loretta!


Leave it to my bloggy friends to keep me in line and on task! LOL One of them (she will remain nameless AHEM!) so kindly reminded me that she was waiting to see what I purchased on my shopping trip in Maine. Either I was acting like a slug in the heat or I was busy as a bee with projects and chores so I just have not had time to make the perfect photo's. Please excuse that the lighting isn't perfect, the candles aren't necessarily lit and they were taken rather hastily.
Here is the soft brown calico bird pinkeep I found. I love the fabric.

And here is a runner I bought. I wanted something to soften this big wooden piece and it does so nicely I think.

Another sweet little bird...
And some quills for my inkwell...
This candle holder/snuffer...

And this gorgeous coverlet ...
which is hanging on my new blanket crane that Jill made! She is so talented!
It is hard to capture the soft tan, warm nutmeg and black colors in the coverlet. They are perfect in our hallway with the doors recently painted nutmeg.
I love this basket. I hope to make some black prim kitties for it when time allows.

I have been taking updated pictures of all the rooms in the house so the next time I come back I'll have more to share.

I am happy to say that I have been chipping away at my list of projects. Some of my time has been dedicated to making things for and preparing for Angela's baby shower on Saturday. (more about that after the shower - I need to have some surprises for Angela!) And then there are those projects I want to get done before Liliana is born. I want lots of free time to hold that baby as much as her mommy and daddy will allow. (did I tell you that already or am I having a moment of de ja vue? - hummm....)

One of the projects on my list was to repaint the front door - and don't worry, it is still red - just a bit deeper red. When I first painted the door red many years ago, I used Benjamin Moore's Country Redwood and that is what it had been for ages. Over time it had faded and more orange in the paint came through so this time I chose the darker Cottage Red from the same paint strip. And I love it.

Now that the paint has cured, I'll have to hang my big garden basket on it.
While I was snapping these pics, I had to snap a few more outside.
The heat really propelled our cherry tree into bloom....
and the maple out front is leafing out. I love the soft greens of early spring.
And the forsythia seemed even more vibrant. Can you see the broken and bare tree tops behind it? Those trees lost their tops or most of their canopies in the December ice storm. It is so sad to see the landscape so changed as a result of the devastation. So many really old beautiful hardwoods were severely damaged or lost.And do you remember the two eggs momma duck had laid close to the foundation of our house? Well now there are 6 eggs and momma duck has been keeping a close eye on them. Every morning when DH heads out to work or to get the morning newspaper, she is sitting there tending to them. Does anyone know how long they need to incubate before they hatch? I guess that is it for this time. I won't be back with a new post until after the shower and after Mother's Day. Later this week I will be repeating a post I wrote last year to honor my mom so please do check back for it.

I hope May has been good to you so far!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda