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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The winner is... and some re-do's Behind My Red Door

WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW!! And once more WOW! I cannot say thank you enough to all the heartfelt and amazing comments I received on my last post and cancer. I have to be honest, I was afraid some people would be - ummm - annoyed for lack of better word at my recruiting donations for a cause. I know how annoying it is to get so many non-profits calling, mailing and recruiting. Let's face it - we all have only so many funds to donate and there are many worthy causes. So I thought maybe I might turn someone away but instead, I got so many wonderful comments. It seems that we ALL have been touched by cancer in some way. I did not mention that both my parents and DH's parents are all survivors of cancer. Unfortunately, DH's brother lost his battle at the young age of 50. Like each of you, I could go on and on about the people in my life that faced that dreaded word. Yes, sadly, we all have been touched.
It was so wonderful to read that so many of you were going to check out KCC and make donations or help in some way. Sometimes when we give to organizations, we don't really know HOW our dollars help and that is one reason I chose KCC. I KNOW how they spend their money and I have seen the smiles on the kids faces. So to all who donated or got involved in some way or spread awareness - I say a very sincere THANK YOU! If you would like to get involved, there is a link to Kids Cancer Crusade on my side bar.
Did you notice the new look of my blog? I thought I would try one of the free scrapbook backgrounds from ScrappinBlogs. It was super easy to use too! Let me know what you think! It is a little 'lacey' for my taste but a lot like a card I might might make, so I am enjoying for awhile.
And now to what you REALLY came here for .... the winner of my blogoversary Prim Gathering.
I copied and pasted and then printed out and then cut ALL the the comments into equal size slips of paper and put all the names in my big antique yellowware bowl and had DH pull out the winner .....
Are you ready?
Are you sure?
Okay - here we go....
Drumroll please....

Can you see - it's Lauren from Simple Blessings !

Lauren said...
Thank you for another wonderful post, Linda:) I enjoy each and every one I read...I know how much you truly put into them, and I appreciate it! So with that, happy blogging anniversary!! I look forward to another year of happy reading:) Thank you for offering such a great gathering for your know I would be more than proud to display anything of yours in my place!!

And also, thank you for all of your work with cancer organizations and patients. I'm sure you've been thanked a million times, but I want to thank you too. I have known and loved so many people suffering from cancer...I actually got a call this morning that a woman from my church past away last night after a long battle. And you're does SUCK!!! (to use an ugly word). I am going to visit the site you linked right now, and I sincerely hope that I can help them in any way possible! April 15, 2009 12:00 PM

Congratulations Lauren! A nurse in training - near and dear to my own heart. I will be contacting you to get your mailing address. I hope you enjoy your prim gathering!


In other news, I finally have pictures of hubby's finished office to share! YAY!! it is done. DH is very happy with the changes I made and the colors I chose, so even though it is not the picture of perfect prim or colonial style I would choose, it is a success because it is his room after all. He's a really great guy so he deserves it.

View from the hall....

This is where DH watches golf with his eyes closed....

I suggested we get DH a new black flat screen TV but DH isn't into the newest fads, so the big silver box stays put. I guess that means more money for prims!

And this where DH sits when he pays the bills I make for him. I managed to put his favorites back while adding a few nice prims too.

Again the paint colors are both Benjamin Moore from the Historical Collection. The top color is Powell Buff and the bottom is Tyler Taupe. Nothing in the room is brand new. In fact most things I have had for a long time so I don't have sources for anything else except the wonderful game board over the TV. That is a Momma's Prims Original from Kindra. I think she is still having a mini sale on her blog, so stop on over!


And I also spent some time on another redo Behind My Red Door - this time quite literally! For quite awhile now, I have loved the black door in the foyer over at Dot's Picket's Place. I first saw it when I met Dot on RMS. That gal loves her black and when she painted that door, I think I was as excited as she was! The inside of my front door - My Red Door, was the last interior door needing a spruce up and I decided that unless and until I get to paint all my woodwork a nice colonial color, black was going to be the color of the inside of that door. I use so much black in our home and this just seems to pull it all together. And if it didn't work, I could just repaint it after all. But I am thrilled with the color choice and it just adds a pop of black to the front foyer.

The dark spots you see in the side lights are the little tin animals I got in Colonial Williamsburg many years ago.

That's all I have for today folks!

The next time I come back I will have a few things to share. A small but significant change in our bedroom, some pretty spring views and I will be sharing some real eye candy and just a wonderful home - I think my all time favorite. Just wait until to see this one! And last but not least, I also hope to have some updated pics of Liliana's nursery. I have some stenciling to do before I can share, so stay tuned. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring weekend in your neck of the woods, down your country lane, up upon your hill or in your big city.

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda