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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday and more...

Happy April Fools Day!

In our neck of the woods, March went out like a lamb. It was close to 60, sunny and just glorious yesterday. Near perfect if you ask me. Unfortunately some areas of our great country are facing devastation from flooding and other parts had a very dangerous and nasty snow storm yesterday. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the residents of those areas.


I haven't participated in Whatcha Working on Wednesday for a few weeks so I thought I would join in this week. Make sure you hop on over to Leslie's when are done here and see all the other talented gals who join in.
I have admired the patterns that Primitive Betty so kindly shares with us on her blog. I often print off the freebies and until this week, have yet to finish one. I was determined to finish a spring pattern and I wanted to do another needle punch project, so I chose this one. I think it makes a great spring accent. Thank you Betty!!
I love little pieces like this that I can take out at the start of a new season. Since I am always tweaking, thess little treasures give me a real reason to make some changes.
I found homes for the two treasures I bought at Stephen and Kathy's Open House on our trip north. I had done some rearranging in my office and the colonial peg board fits perfectly under the window.
And my piggy cutting board is hanging out in my baking corner. He is so cute!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have been busy with a million other things but some how, they are just not blog worthy. But I do have some eye candy to share.
My friend Carol told me about this book the other day. (FEEL BETTER CAROL!!) Carol has exquisite taste and her word was enough for me to order it. It came yesterday and I have to tell you, Carol was right! What a wonderful book! Not only does it have pages of wonderful photo's but it is a great resource book. As I was reading it last night, I was struck by how much of what is said about these farmhouses, could really apply to almost any old house - not just a farmhouse. A good many of our forefathers were farmers by necessity so their lives were very similar. They raised animals and grew their food. There is a chapter that takes you through the fictional day of a housewife, from rising before the sun to start the fire to warm the house and bake the bread, to the other chores of her day. That chapter and the pictures alone were worth the price of the book, but it is so much more than that. I have some great books that I go back to all the time, and this is will be one of those books.

the farmhouse Book - David Larkin And for your enjoyment, I am including some photo's of my favorite pages.


Oops I almost forgot to show you one of my projects. This week at the top of my to - do list was to finish printing and then addressing the invitations to Angela's baby shower. I love it when I can cross something off my ever growing list. When I head out shortly, they will go in the mail. Originally I thought about hand making them but with the guest list so long, I knew they would never get finished so I settled on a simple design. I'll save my creative juices for something more permanent like the room decor.

And here are the promised pictures of that decor. Keep in mind it is still a work in progress. Just to refresh your memory, I painted the woodwork a fresh coat of crisp white and the walls lilac a few weeks ago. This is the bedding set Angela picked out. This first picture is a pretty accurate representation of the colors. They are so pretty!

Here is Liliana's new crib. The crib was a gift from Angela's mom and dad, and DH and I bought the bedding.

Liliana's new changing table - another gift from DH and I. You can see the soft new carpet too.
And her new dresser and lamp. Isn't the butterfly so sweet?!!
That's all you get to see for now. Stay tuned for updates as her birth day gets closer!


Starting tomorrow, I have a big project in DH's office. The wallpaper below the chair rail is coming down, the chair rail is down, the walls will get a new coat of paint and a new chair rail will go up when the painting is done. I want to switch out some of the wall decor and spruce things up a bit, but DH wants the furniture back where it is and I can't 'mess with' his stuff too much so it is going to be challenge. I think I am up to it though. Wish me luck!

Right now though, I am going to get out and enjoy this perfect early spring day and finish planting some pansies I bought yesterday!! Then it will really look like spring around here.
Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda