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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Miracle Indeed...

I really didn't plan to post again this soon. In fact I thought I wouldn't be back until the chair rail in DH's office was done (it's not even started.) But I am much too excited and just too proud to NOT share something with you all. This post won't have any photos of my home, or shopping trips or crafts I am working on or the primitives that you have come to expect. Instead, I have something far more important and personal to share. Because you see, on this weekend when we celebrate the miracle of the resurrection of the Lord, we got to experience our own special miracle named Liliana Lee. Jay and Angela invited David and I, and Angela's parents James and Laura to accompany them to a 3 D Ultrasound of Liliana at 29 weeks. We arrived at the office of Miracle Of Life in Paxton, MA in the cold rain, but it was nothing but warmth and sunshine inside.

From their website: An elective ultrasound is an opportunity to look at your baby for non-diagnostic imaging. The exam is not ordered by a physician for medical evaluation purposes. It is the choice of the parents to have the baby viewed with ultrasound strictly for photographic purposes. What is the Difference Between 2D, 3D & 4D Imaging?
Basically, a 2D sonogram provide the typical ultrasound images your doctor uses to analyze the health of your baby. The small picture you may have received from most doctor’s offices is probably the standard 2D black and white image.
The 3D image adds the dimension of depth and color. This depth aspect is what provides the more life-like appearance.
A 4D is the animated 3D. Your baby moves, yawns, etc in live 3 dimension. This is the ultimate in fetal imaging. It provides the most realistic view of you baby

I guess technically we got to see 4 D and it was simply amazing and so touching and moving to be able to see our sweet grand daughter in person like this.

I was able to take photos of the screen and they came out very well! It's a little hard at first to know what you are looking at in a still picture if you haven't seen the action leading up to it but I have tried to make it easy for you. In the following pictures, on the left the mass you see is simply part of the placenta. I have drawn a line and on the right of the line is Liliana.

In this one, our sweet girl was smiling for us and she moved her down by chin just in time for u to see it!! The technician had the prettiest CD playing and when a song came on with a lot of piano music, she smiled!! She must like it because her Grampy made her a CD of classical music and there is a lot of piano music on it and her mommy and daddy play it for her every night. Her Grampy might have to dust off his fingers and play for her someday. Can you see her chubby cheeks? Her daddy has them too! She has a cute little button nose.

You can see her pretty profile and her hand in front of her chest.

Here are those sweet little hands. I can't wait to hold them!! Oh I think she is going to need a pretty little ring real soon! And a gold bracelet for her teeny wrist maybe....

And aren't these the cutest little feet you have ever seen?!!! Well of course they are! I can't wait to play This Little Piggy Went to the Market with her!
We spent about 30 minutes watching her play with her fingers and try to get her toes to her mouth. She smiled and made sucking movements, opened her eyes several times and was quite active. It was just the most wonderful experience!! We were so blessed that she was in a great position and cooperated very nicely. What a wonder of modern technology to be able to enjoy. I truly believe it helps with the bonding experience. Grampy and I enjoyed it thoroughly! It just makes us all the more eager for June 27th!

Jay and Angela got a CD of the ultrasound with the same pretty music playing, and about 65 still shots as part of the package they purchased. It was well worth the price of admission! At the end of this post is a short video I took with my camera. WAY KEWL!

After we left the office, Jay and Angela invited us to join them for lunch and we went to one of the best Chinese restaurants around, Nancy Chang. The buffet lunch was the perfect way to cap off the great morning!

And in blogging news, in exactly one week, I will be celebrating my One Year Blogoversary. I will be back then with my Give Away announcement, so make sure you are signed up as one of my followers so you can get in on the action!

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and well wishes after my last post. My hand feels MUCH better. DH had a great time with his folks and he thought I did a great job on his office.

Once again I want to wish a very Happy and Blessed Easter to my Christian friends and a very Happy Passover to my Jewish friends as well!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda