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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it Wednesday Already?

Greetings! I am still here. It's just been busier than normal Behind My Red Door and this is going to be a 'shorter than normal for me' post because my right hand is suffering from over use and typing makes it hurt. A lot. It's my own fault really. You see for weeks now I have been planning to re-do my DH's office/den. It is the room next to my office/craft room. His used to be Jay's bedroom. Mine used to be Jen's bedroom. Another perk of being empty nesters!

As I said, it was in the plans for weeks. I wanted to strip the wallpaper below the chair rail and paint above and below the chair rail. And that old chair rail is gone and a new one will be made to match the rest of the chair rail in the house - hopefully next Monday when DH has some spare time. You see in order for this project to work, I had to get rid of my DH. I just couldn't have him coming home from work, wanting his room - needing access to his laptop or desk top. Needing to nap on his sofa. So I got rid of him - sent him packing - yes I did. But please don't feel too bad for him. You see, the man LOVES to golf. Why? I have no idea, but he does. So where did I send him? I bought him a plane ticket to Myrtle Beach, SC. NO no no - not one of those cheesy guy vacations. Nope - I sent him to stay with his parents, who just happen to live in a lovely home in a lovely golf community in a lovely town not far from the ocean. Yes, the 'poor' man had to get up early and golf every day with his dad. While I stayed home and worked my tail off. And hurt my hand. All so his office would come close to passing my inspection. Hey, a prim girl has to do what a prim girl has to do, right?

So while his mom waited on him, I spent countless hours stripping the top layer of the wallpaper and then steaming the backing off. Inch by inch. Then I had to get the rest of the glue off the walls. Then patch and repair several spots. All that before I could even begin to paint. I have done this many times before, strip wallpaper and paint, but it has been at least 5 years since I stripped. Wallpaper that is. Boy my joints have aged in five years. And all those other times I had DH around to move heavy furniture, carry tools up from the garage, carry trash down to the garage. I didn't realize how much he schlepped around for me when I do these big projects. But noooo, I had to send him off on vacation. Who's the dummy here?

But, after 4 very long days, I got the room all painted and while waiting for coats of paint to dry, I even redid some pieces. Like this shelf-
before...and after...

DH wanted to keep the sofa - I got out voted when I suggested replacing it, so I did the second best thing and got a nice slip cover to hide the dated and faded slate blue fabric. Well maybe not second best thing. Second best would have been to have a custom slipcover made using some really nice durable colonial fabric. That I vetoed myself because I'd rather wait for a new sofa than spend hundreds for that. So I did the third or fourth best thing. And most of the rest of furniture went back in the room along with DH's list of 'must returns' like a cell phone charging base, German beer steins with pewter lids that DH got in Germany, some engineering books and manuals, a professional certificate, a little golf bag with golf club pens, and other office paraphernalia. That was my biggest challenge. Making it work for me and at the same time still work for DH. I did change the wall decor quite a bit. After all, I didn't do all that work patching the old holes for nothing!

After 4 days of stripping and painting, I spent another entire day playing and tweaking. And wishing DH was home to cut and install the chair rail. I am so impatient that way. I want things done - now. But I was the one who sent him away, so once again I had no one else to blame but myself. I think the room came out pretty good considering it is not full of the antiques and prims I would like to put in there. And considering there is a big silver TV, a desk top and a lap top, several modems, and big shiny black printer all out in plain view. Not hidden the way I would prefer. I need to keep DH happy so he continues to keep me happy. It's worked for almost 34 years so I am not changing the formula now.

And so now you are wondering where are all the pictures I usually share. I'll have to be a tease and only show you bits and pieces until the chair rail is up. You'll have to be patient along with me. If I can wait, you can wait. I'll let you guess where the chair rail needs to go. The sooner the better. Not you guessing - the chair rail getting put up.

Yup, that's the whale shelf DH made many years ago from David T Smith's pattern and it was in our bedroom until recently.The gorgeous game board over the TV is by our sweet friend and talented artist Kindra.

I love antique chairs. This one is perfect in here.
All my fellow Pfaltzgraff collectors, do you see hubby's lamp?
More game boards and old sampler I did for DH.

In case you're curious, both paints are Benjamin Moore Regal, Historic Collection. The top color is Powell Buff and the bottom color is Tyler Taupe. I love their paint - it's like 'buttah' and their historical colors are just the best. I use the eggshell finish in most rooms. That flame stitch throw is by Perry Ellis and I have had it for many years so I doubt you can find it any more - sorry. I hope that the next time I post, I have some views of the finished room.

Tomorrow, I am spending the day with my dear friend Chris for our monthly outing. Chris needs a new swimsuit and she likes a particular shop in Sturbridge. She asked me if I would like to go with her. Let's see - DH just spend 5 days golfing while I worked my tail off. ( I know I made him go but that is besides the point ladies!) and she wants to know if I want to go to Sturbidge where some of THE best shopping is. Ummmmm - YES! I am sure I can convince Chris to stop in New England traditions so I can find a new ceiling light fixture and of course I can't drive by The Handmaiden without stopping in and if Chris is real patient with me, I can think of a few more places to go. And if not, it is still a day out with a dear dear friend and that's good enough for me.

In the baby department, we had some great news this week. The week before last, Angela's routine blood work showed some abnormalities that are often red flags for gestational diabetes. A more involved set of fasting blood draws on Friday showed she does not have it. What a relief and a huge blessing! This Saturday DH and I are joining Angela's parents and Jay, as Angela has a special 3 D ultrasound. We are so excited to be able to see our grand daughter before she is even born! And baby shower plans are coming along. I picked up the paper goods today and thought of a really cute idea for some decorations.

Saturday is also my younger brother's birthday - Happy Birthday Allan!

And on Easter Sunday my parents, my sister and her daughters and our kids will be here for our traditional ham dinner. Of course we all look forward to our traditional Potato Kugelis almost as much as we look forward to being together. To read more about Potato Kugelis, you can click here.

I want to thank you again for stopping by and spending some time Behind My Red Door with me. I know every one's lives get busier and busier and there are so many wonderful blogs to visit when you do have time to sit down for a bit. I so appreciate the time you are here!! I have been visiting my favorites as well but not leaving as many comments as I'd like because of my injured hand. It's taken me all day to get this post ready as it is. The price of beauty and aging I guess!

Don't forget, my blogoversary is coming up soon. Stay tuned for more about the special giveaway I am working on.

I want to wish you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Easter. I hope that you get to spend the day with those you love.

until next time - hugs, Linda