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Monday, April 27, 2009

I can't wait until this is over....

...the nasty and very unseasonal April heat wave we are having that is! UGH!!My long time peeps know I do not like heat AT ALL. I have been bothered by it since the day I entered puberty at the age of 11. I am not having hot flashes lately either. I just hate heat! So if my usual clever wit or fun loving banter is missing, I plead heat sickness and brain seizures. I am toast.

Last Thursday and Friday the weather was just so perfect but it went down hill from there. Those two days I was so full of energy and I spent hours each day spring cleaning and purging and organizing. It was so nice to sleep without heat and to throw open the windows and enjoy the spring breezes.

Friday evening it was lovely - a perfect spring evening to join Jay and Angela and both of our families to celebrate Angela's birthday with dinner at Val's. Here are just a few of the folks that enjoyed a delicious meal.

The birthday girl and mother to be! Angela is holding up the two CD's we gave her. The one on the left is the one that we listened to when we all went to the 3d ultrasound the day before Easter. It is Disney's Lullaby album Volume 2. I also gave her parents one and bought a third for our home so we all can play it to remind Liliana of when we first met her. Every time I play it, my heart just wells up with love for her. The moment she smiled, the song Chim Chim Cher-Ee was playing and I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I knew I had to have that music in our home.

My beautiful mom...

Angela's Gram, Dad, mom and nephew Stephen....

It was a wonderful evening. There is nothing more important than family!
Saturday I got up bright and early and headed to Saco, ME to spend the day with my friend Jill - aka Prim Chick on Webshots and Made in Maine on A Primitive Place.

You may remember that Jill came down here in March and we had a fun day out and about back then as well. This time it was my turn to make the 2 hour drive up north. Temps in the mid 80's were predicted here (too hot for me!) so I hoped it would be a bit cooler up north as we had a full day planned with shopping and then Jill requested I spend some time helping her tweak and arrange her things in her home. When I arrived at Jill's a little after 10 am, it was still crisp and cool. After walking around ooooooohhing and aahhhhhhhhing and seeing her wonderful home in person, Jill packed the lunch she made for us, and off we went! The further inland we drove, the warmer it got but for a time it was still breezy and manageable. This time I did remember my camera but still didn't get too many pictures as we were soooooo busy having fun!

Our first stop was the Colonial Attic in Alfred. (no picture) Overall this lovely little shop was a bit too country for me but I did manage to find a teeny little calico bird and a wonderful cotton coverlet. I was thrilled because it was tops on my list to go on the new blanket crane Jill had made me.

Next we headed on over to a huge shop - Blue Door Primitives also in Alfred. You'll be proud of me - I remembered to pull the camera out of my purse so we could get pictures of each other out front.

I found a great candle snuffer here.

Next it was on to Country Treasures Shapliegh. This is one of three buildings that make up one great shop in a compound that also includes the owners home. I snapped this picture and then was told NO MORE pictures even outside. Apparently they are weary of other shop owners stealing their ideas. This was my favorite shop all day. I found a great basket and a new toilet paper holder.
After we left here, we stopped by a lake and enjoyed the delicious barley salad and fresh cantaloupe Jill had prepared. YUMMO! From there we went over to Primitives in Pine in Hollis but they weren't open. I had been there in the fall with my DH so I was a bit disappointed but the family has a lot going on so it was understandable and not surprising that they weren't open. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. And finally we headed on to the Mustard House in Buxton. I had been here in the fall as well but couldn't stay in the shop as the shopkeeper's helper opened the doors several minutes late, and was reeking of cologne. It was all I could do to walk in and out quickly. I am so glad I was able to go back - I found another wonderful folk art calico bird and a colonial runner. About this time it was showing 87 on my car's outside thermostat! UGH! We headed back to Jill's and as we got closer to her home, which is about a mile from the ocean, the temp dropped a full 10 degrees and there was a wonderful breeze. Jill's home was nicely shaded by then making it more comfortable thankfully because that girl put me to work!

This gorgeous hutch that Jill made was the first place I needed to work my magic. I shopped from her stash of unused antiques and her new scoop and after a lot of trial and error, this is the end result.

The corner cabinet is perfect to display Jill's antique mashers collection!! She has too much going on so I simplified it a bit so you can appreciate the collection and the cabinet.

This corner only needed a minor change.

We gathered some of Jill's great wooden bowls and made a nice display of them here and took some things off the top. Her crocks and yellow ware are too pretty to hide behind all that other stuff. Jill made this plate rack after seeing mine and she made the dry sink too! AMAZING!! There is already a change in this display though. See that brown crock in the sink on the left?
It is now switched out with the one below with all Jill's rolling pins. She wanted to hide her phone/answering system until she can make something so we grouped these crocks here. On my 2 hour ride home that night, I thought about this and decided that the pins took away from the wall display and would be better suited on her dry sink above. Jill has since made the change. She is also getting an off white phone cord and will hide that as well. Now you can't see the phone junction box! And you see the gorgeous butcher block counters? Jill MADE those and added the wainscoting herself!
I just removed a few things and put her firkin up here.
Some of her redware was in here and it just didn't show up. The plate on the top hides an old outlet. She made this too!
Just some minor tweaking on this shelf that Jill also made!
After this I did some more tweaking in her bedroom and den but it was getting late, I was getting hot and I really needed to get on the road for the long drive home. Even though Jill worked me hard (just teasing!) I had a lot of fun and look forward to going back and seeing more of the area she calls home! To see more of Jill's beautiful home, click on Prim Chick or Made In Maine above!


When I drove into the driveway, DH was waiting for me on the front steps and wanted to warn me that it had gotten hot there and our house was pretty hot inside. You see, there is never ever one drop of shade on our house - ever. The large trees are situated such that the shade misses the house. And to make matters worse the large paved driveway out front and the paved sidewalk that goes halfway around the back, are where the sun beats down all day and sets at night. And our foundation is quite exposed on that side as well. So the house gets hot and then at night pavement and concrete let go of the heat, keeping it hot for many hours. In the winter, if it is sunny, I can shut the heat off all day but in the summer, we make up for it by running the a/c most days. So as I walked up the stairs, the temp rose with me. DH offered to put our window a/c units in but I checked the forecast and it was going to get into the 50's at night and cool down to the 50's in the daytime by Wednesday so I said I would struggle through a few days. I enjoy the spring breezes and because we use 3 window units, I hate to block the windows too early. This heat wave is VERY unusual this early.

So Sunday I didn't do much at all. I was too hot and bothered but not in a good way! We did have one nice cool reprieve on Sunday. It was Jay and Angela's one year wedding anniversary. They were married in the Chapel in the Valley of Fire Desert State Park in Nevada one year ago. This is a picture of their wedding dance one week later at the formal reception back home.

And this is the complimentary One Year Anniversary cake the baker made for them so they didn't have to freeze the top of their cake. It has the light and fluffy Italian frosting - not the heavy stuff. YUMMO!They invited David and I over last night to have a slice. Jay has central a/c in house so what do you think I said? It was wonderful to cool down AND celebrate that special day with them. No pictures of my finds or the wonderful blanket crane that Jill made me. It's too hot to make nice photos so I'll have those when I come back next time. But I do have something fun to close with. You know how I mentioned that our foundation gets and stays warm? Well the ducks that live in the wetlands and brook around us, must think it is pretty nice back there. See the foundation behind my fence and beeskep?Well Mother duck thought it was the perfect place to lay some eggs! DH saw one there yesterday and this morning another! Apparently she thinks the hot foundation is just right!
DH just got home with some WW Ice Cream cones for us, so I am off to cool down from the inside out and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Talk about hot and bothered...

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Howdy friends! I need to warn you upfront that if you don't like posts with a lot of pictures, you won't like this one. But if you are like me and you want a lot of visuals to go with your reading, this is right up your alley. Let's get started!!

As promised, I have more pictures of Liliana's nursery that I painted a few weeks ago. Angela picked the bedding and the wall color and I just helped a little to pull it together. I did a little stenciling, painted and installed the curtain rod and brackets, and hemmed the curtains. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to walking in there when she is in that crib. OH - I have to catch my breath when I think about it. I am going to be a Grammy! My heart is so full with love for her already. Every morning and night I look at the 3D ultrasound pictures and movies and I tell her how much I already love her. So yesterday when I was standing on the ladder stenciling the teeny itsy bitsy petals on the flowers and the leaves and butterflies, I was imagining her enjoying them some day. Angela took a picture of me working on the room with her camera so she can add it to Liliana's scrapbook. As much as I hate getting my picture taken, I was thrilled!

This is a view from the doorway looking into the far corner. You can barely make out the delicate stenciling in the corners. Now don't fuss - I'll have a close up shot too.

This next one is to left of the door and to the left of the closet too. The crib is so pretty and converts to a toddler and then a twin bed. So smart!

This is the right corner diagonally across from the crib. This spot is just waiting for a rocking chair. I hope the kids get one big enough for my fanny!

Isn't that lamp just darling! The flowers and butterflies in the pinks, plums and lilac shades are so pretty with the white woodwork and furniture.

Angela's dad installed the pretty ceiling light and fan.

Even the night light ....

and the diaper stacker...

and the light switch cover match the bedding and curtains.

Now that you have seen the colors in the accessories, you can see that the stenciling is the perfect delicate touch for my sweet Liliana.

That's what I have been working on this week!

The last time I was here I also promised you some pictures of a WONDERFUL home and I mean to please! Not too long ago someone shared the link to the picture trail of this home with the gals in the Primitive Decorating Forum over at Prim Mart. This gorgeous colonial belongs to Linda Babb, The Primitive Stitcher, of Tennessee. I have long said my home is inspired by Colonial decor. However when you see this home, you will see the real deal - what I can only dream of achieving. Not only is Linda a talented decorator, but a talented stitcher too. After you check out some of the pictures of her home, I'll share the link to her Picture Trail albums (yes - lots more pictures!!). You know I never would steer you wrong - you won't be disappointed!

As you enter the house- the foyer....

The setting room....

The great room...

The dining room...

The upstairs landing....
Her hubby's office - this was a recent project. I wonder if we could trade with my hubby's office... I like this one sooo much better!

And the master bedroom....

There is not one thing I don't love about Linda's home. Isn't it just awesome? Okay, before you hyperventilate, when you finish reading the rest of this post, go on over to Linda's picture trail here, and check out the rest of her albums for yourself. Take a cup of tea or a cool drink, some snacks and the phone, because you won't want to leave until you see them all. And don't forget the drool rag too.
Do you remember this? Way back in the fall when I announced that I was going to be a Grammy and long before I knew the baby would be Liliana...... this sweet bib was a gift from Kimberly of Brown Bags Studios. This EXTREMELY well made bib is just waiting for Liliana when she is born. Kimberly has her new blog Brown Bag Bibs up and running and she is having a giveaway to celebrate - woohoo! Go on over and sign up!
It was a gorgeous weekend and Monday Behind My Red Door and before the torrential rains of Monday, I spent a little time checking out the yard and my perennial beds and clearing out the leaves and winter debris. Everything is coming to life...

The forsythia are in full bloom!
The lemon thyme and succulents...
the lambs ears....
the orange day lilies ...
the Stellar Dora yellow lilies and creeping Jennifer...
the creeping phlox....
the pansies...
are all wonderful ..

but this year I am most looking forward to late June when this sweet Lily will truly bloom! Be still my heart!
And I also promised some pictures of our master bedroom after a small but significant change and that significant change is my new dust ruffle! Last fall when I was blessed to get my new coverlet, I left the old dust ruffle on the bed to hid the under bed storage boxes. The trouble was that it was a muted green plaid that matched the old quilt we had, and it didn't go with the coverlet at all. In fact it was a queen size dust ruffle that I split down the middle to fit the king bed. I hid the split with the bench at the foot of the bed (talk about hide and seek!) Well, I finally found a king size dust ruffle in a sturdy fabric that would go with my coverlet when I went to the Handmaiden in Sturbridge recently. (Sorry, I don't have the actual source and the store does not have a website. ) And you know how it goes, when you make one change, it sparks some more tweaking. So while this isn't as large or grand as Linda's gorgeous master bedroom, it works for us so here we go....

When I put the little antique chair in DH's office, I needed something here under the window and this little trunk fits the bill for now.
Yes, I am still looking for just the right headboard!

And now I don't even mind that you can see across the hall into DH's office!

Thanks for sticking with me all the way to the end - I hope you enjoyed all the pictures. Now if you haven't done it yet, make sure you check out Linda's home and Kimberly's new blog and please tell them I sent you! And don't forget to head on over to Leslie's to see what all the gals are working on. Check back later in the day too when even more have signed on to Mr. Linky!

We are celebrating my DIL's birthday on Friday evening, and then Saturday morning I head to Maine for some shopping and fun and tweaking with my friend Jill. I hope to have a lot to share when I come back next week. Have a great end of the week and a great weekend as well!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda