Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sneak Peak and Hide and Seek!

See those pretty colors? That's just a sneak peak of the nursery we worked on the last week. I finished painting on today and in the next week or two, the new carpet will be installed. Now I can't take any credit for the design, my DIL Angela chose the bedding and paint color. I am simply the skilled laborer at this point. I do hope to make some special touches for the room though! I'll have more to show in the coming weeks.
Does anyone still watch Trading Spaces on TLC? Do you know the delightful designer Frank Bielec? Well just like many of us, he is now a fan of Mercantile Gatherings magazine! Yes, the magazine that will feature our home in the next issue!! (yes you heard me squeal - again!!) When I was over at the Primitive and Rustic Forum, I saw a post by Twigs (Tiffany Carnal), who is the Editor of the magazine and also the owner of Primitive Blessings. This is what Twigs posted...
You know you just never know who will be on the other end of the phone when it rings.........What a surprise when Frank Bielec from TRADING SPACES.....called Mercantile Gatherings. Frank was in a home measuring for a Trading Spaces episode when he looked down and saw a stack of primitive style coffee table books. When he picked them up he was in AWWW as he said of the wonderful magazine that laid before his eyes. He asked the lady where she had gotten this publication. (she had a stack of about 15 he said and she would NOT part with a one.) He managed to talk her into copying down the contact information and he rang us up.....HOW EXCITING.....He just eeww’d and aww’d at how he had never seen such an amazing magazine with all his favorite things all in one publication and the quality was amazing......He told us about some wonderful contacts for us to pursue and invited us down to Texas to visit him........HOW COOL IS THAT????Anyway just had to share, you just never know who will have a Mercantile Magazine......
Isn't that the coolest thing ever? I am so glad that they were noticed. It's nice when a small publication gets recognition like that. And who knows, maybe we'll finally see some prim inspired makeovers on Trading Spaces!! We can always hope, can't we?
How fun is this? The other day when I was between chores and projects and I was a trying to get caught up with my blog reading, I saw a headline over at A Country Shop Blog that said Colonial, Primitive Home pictures. Well, of course that caught my eye so I headed right on over there! Imagine my complete surprise when it was my slide show she was posting about. Thank you so much Dale Elizabeth!! I am so flattered!
A short time back, my sweet friend Connie over at CT Log Cabin did a cute post on Hide and Seek and I told I would join in. I just love seeing pics of her lovely cabin and I so enjoy the little pics on her side bar. Make sure you click on her picture trail as well. Connie showed several ways she hides modern conveniences in her log cabin and invited us to play along. Make sure you check her game of hide and seek HERE when you are done! She has done such a nice job of making it look period - much much more so than my home.
I try very hard to hide things that scream modern. For instance, positioning electric cords behind furniture and I have even taped them to the backs of legs of tables or furniture to keep them out of view. And you will never see an electric candle or lamp on a shelf with the cord dangling. I'll also do whatever I can to position things in front of outlets and plugs so you don't see them. Whatever I can do to minimize modern things within reason, I will try. I even paint my light switch covers and outlets the same as the walls instead of using decorative ones. I don't want them to be the focus at all. I cover my frequently used books and catalogs with Kraft paper -now I know that is not period, but it is better than looking at the original covers.
At the sink, I use redware soap pumps because I can't leave the soap bottle on the counter. I know, it's a sickness but I can't help it. And if I could, I would hide all TVs and computers in cupboards and cover the phones with boxes. So while there are still many 21 century conveniences out in the open, Connie inspires me to find more ways to hide them as time goes on. Here are just a few places I have played hide and seek:

Now you see a thermostat -

Now you don't -

Here is a cord and outlet - Now it is gone -

Some switch plates and another outlet-

And no more
And here is the switch for the disposal-

That all but disappeared -

Here's an old unused phone outlet-

Now it is my little secret -
Here is my stand mixer-
And now so much better-
Here is my stove top-
And now it is gone - Okay, okay - I know that is stretching it a bit but it works for me! And here is the recycling and trash-
And now you just see some great old crocks-

Here's one I really like - see the ugly old cord-

And now some textiles just hanging around-

And last but not least, this is what you Behind My Red Door - literally. You open the front door and the stairs are 3 feet in front of you and as you go up a few steps, this is what you see. Did you notice the light switch? Not right off I bet you are saying. That's because it is painted the same color as the wall. I don't want visitors to see that right away when they enter our home.

Now if I can find just the right pieces to hide the toilet paper and phones like Connie did - I'll let you know! I like this game of hide and seek and hope to hide a few more things in the coming weeks. And I hope you will join in and show us some ways you hide those things you don't need to see. We can all use more ideas can't we? Take some pics and make sure you come back and let me know you are playing along so I can let others know. If you'd like to me, I"ll add a link to your blog the next time I post. Please just make sure you mention it to me.

A few gals have asked about my door re-do project. We got new doorknobs so I am almost done and I hope to have some pics the next time I post as well. I am taking a breakfrom projects tomorrow to spend the day with my dear friend Chris as we have our monthly shopping and lunch date. And this weekend, my entire family gets together to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday. I'll be back early next week with a special tribute to her.

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda