Behind My Red Door

Sunday, February 1, 2009

R you still with me?

Tammy over at Country Girl at Home was tagged to play a little game and listed 10 things she loves that begin with the letter H. She invited her peeps to play along and I decided to join and she assigned me the letter R. Thanks Tammy - that's perfect since my last name just happens to begins with R. It gave me a neat idea for a fun little field trip DH and I took yesterday to snap some photo's for this post. So here R 10 things that begin with R that I love - in no particular order....

1. Red Door -The first glimpse into our home. I always have it decorated for the season or Holiday and I hope that it is inviting and people to want to come in Behind My Red Door.

2. Rockwood Ave. - That's where I grew up and where I lived until I got married. It was a quiet dead end. A hill with just 7 houses. We could slide down it in the winter and play ball in the street in the summer.
We lived in this Dutch Cape. It wasn't painted like this back then. We had many good times on that front porch. We had rocking chairs on one side and picnic table on the other. The sun set in back of the house so the front was nice and shady on hot summer days. I shared a bedroom with my sister - the two windows under the peak over the driveway was our room. We had a big deck in the back and pool. My mom had gorgeous gardens in the front and the back and the house always looked so nice. The type of place you were proud to bring friends home to. I had a great childhood in this house!! My folks moved away from here when my kids were young in the early 80's.

This is a picture of the house in the fall of 1987 and looks more like the house I remember - though the yard is not nearly as nice as my mom kept it.

3. Rochdale St. - This is where DH grew up and lived when I met him and until he took his very first job out of the college.

This was their house - the front corner was his bedroom. Some of our wedding pictures were taken in this back yard. DH's mom was a wonderful gardener as well and she too had beautiful gardens in the front and back of the house.

4. Redware- I love the warm color it adds to our home. These are 2 of my favorite pieces. Both are very well made and have a neat crackled finish that looks very old. The large trencher was a gift gift from my co-teachers for my 40th birthday almost 14 years ago and the ABC plate was a gift from a dear friend as well.
5.Relatives- My family is everything to me. And I am so excited that our family is growing!!

6. Rearranging - or otherwise known as tweaking or putzing - I have done a lot of that recently (oh who am I kidding - I do it all the time!!) and I'll show you that on Wednesday. Here's a sneak peak...
7. Rawson Brook - that runs through our back and side yard. It brings the country into our suburban yard.

8. Reading - I have to read every day. I love books, magazines, the daily newspaper, and blogs. I read the Telegram every morning as I sip my coffee and have my oatmeal. I have a book going all the time and I read it when I have my lunch alone on week days. Much of the other reading I do is inspiration for my decorating as well. Like these Time Life books.. And my old issues and articles from Colonial Homes, Country Living, and Early American Life.
These Country home collections from the late 80's and early 90's.
And of course both Country Sampler...
and Mercantile Gatherings.....

9. Road trips - with my DH - especially in the fall. We have a cooler that plugs in to the extra outlet in the cargo section that we load up with fruit and water and sandwiches. We bring our favorite CD's and off we go!
10. Rudbeckia - or black eyed Susan's and other cone flowers. These grow out front near my light post.
So if you R still with me and you'd like to play along, just let me know and I'll assign you a letter as well. It's a lot of fun! I hope to be back for Whatcha Working on Wednesday.

Until next time - hugs, Linda