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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One thing leads to another WWW

Settle bench

This post is probably only going to make sense to me, and maybe one or two (okay maybe 10 or 20) other very obsessed tweakers, re-arrangers, putzers - you know, those of us who just CANNOT leave well enough alone and just HAVE to move things, try new gatherings, change colors or some how alter the space we live in. I will tell you right up front, if you just want to pretend you are 3 years old and just look at the pictures, I totally understand! Really - it's quite OK!

But in all fairness to myself, there is rationale for much of this. I mean look at ALL that snow outside my window and you'll see why I don't need winter decor up any more. I really don't need a reminder that it is STILL winter after all. Blame it on Cabin Fever if you must. And of course once winter came down, something had to replace it right? And I did need a new header for February, didn't I? If I was taking winter down in the house, I couldn't leave snowballs on my blog for goodness sake so I had to tweak some things to get a good picture of my Valentine Pin Keep Make-do because it is February, isn't it? And we are having a granddaughter this summer so I just had to go in the attic and get the colonial high chair down. It has NOTHING to do with me seeing a very similar one in Country Sampler -noooooooo waaaaaaay!! We never get ideas from CS do we?? (Has something in Country Sampler inspired a redo or makeover in your home? See my PS!) And when I found DH's Christening gown with the high chair, I couldn't leave it up in the attic, could I? Well of course not! That's a silly notion! And just when I thought I was done, I read that the trend towards the darker primitive colors was softening so I just had to make a few changes Behind My red Door, didn't I?? I can't be left behind can I??! But in all honesty, it really all just started right here...

I got my sweet gathering that I bought off EBay. It is as wonderful as it looked in the pictures. I took the soap out of the bowl and used a pantry cake instead. I had another idea for the soap.

This looks softer than what I had here before.
And then I used the soap in the bathroom where I once had potpourri of rose hips. The little bench got a re-do from dark red to a softer nutmeg color. I am liking this new look!
And when I took my snowman off the fowl rack, I decided to use one of my hand loomed towels and I love this softer look as well.
This is the result of needing to make that new header - bye bye pine!!

And the trip to the attic for the high chair was well worth it - right Jay? See the adorable (and extremely well made) bib that Kimberly from My Brown Bag Studio so kindly sent me when we found out we were expecting our first grand baby? It looks so cute there!! Thanks Kimberly. And my granddaughter will look so cute wearing it.

I know you moms are saying - hey - where is the tray?? Well this slides right under the dining room table just perfectly. And I know my prim friends are saying - oh now that chair would look so good in black and all distressed, but I think I'll leave it this way because it is more colonial. Which reminds me, that is another reason for my constant tweaking - trying to make things look more colonial. YUP that's it!!

And here is DH's Christening gown - which of course meant more tweaking out in the hall.
And speaking of the hall, I took the snowman hooked rug down from the foyer and decided to use this sampler here instead. I made this in 1991. It says "He is happiest who finds peace in his home." I think that is so true! It makes me sad when people want to be anywhere BUT home.
I actually still do things besides just tweaking and blogging. This week I made this needle punch picture from a pattern my friend Karen from Farmhouse Woolens gave me. I love that it looks like a penny rug. Thanks so much Karen!!
I put it on the wall at the top of the stairs with the colonial shelf my friend Jill made me. See how the mirror is reflecting the wool penny rug from the coffee table. How cool is that!
Another reason for tweaking was a little bit of simplifying I wanted to do. I wanted less clutter in some of my gatherings. This is on top of the refrigerator.

And this is the plate rack, simpler and softer two! Hey, I am getting good at this! You can see the napkin Rondell from Tomatoe Creek Prims stitched and gave me as part of our Christmas stocking swap. I love the soft colors in it.

I added some fabric to my jars in the buttery and softened the look here too.
I put my dried artichokes in a jar here and I like how it looks.
I was inspired by some gatherings I saw on Circa1892 Homestead Primitives on EBay so my dough board got a makeover.
And I simplified the top of my little cubbies and put some of my old cookies cutters in the jar here. The jar looks like old seed glass.
And last but not least in the tweaking category - my band boxes got an updated and a much softer color scheme paint job!
I still love my red and black so they won't be going away totally, but I am liking the softer look that is starting to take over Behind My Red Door. Something tells me I am going to have a paint brush in hand for quite some time!

And just to prove I still craft, here are some tags I made for a friend's project.

And a few of the Valentine's Day cards I made for some special people in my life.

So what did you work on this week? Take some pics, upload them and join us on Whatcha Working On Wednesday. And head on over to Leslie's My Country Home to see all the other creative and busy bloggers!
Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda

P.S. To enter the giveaway contest in the March issue of Country Sampler for the wool applique picture I made, please see my sidebar.

P.S.S. I read this on the Country Sampler forum-

Was your latest redecorating project inspired by something you saw in Country Sampler? Send us a photo—you could see it in a future issue! Email submissions to Please include you name, city, and a paragraph or two describing your room or project. Thanks for your help! The Country Sampler staff