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Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Case You Don't See Me Around....

...just know it is because I am catching up on some reading! A few posts back I mentioned that I was working at being online less because one of the things I wanted to do more was to read. I love love love to read. Admittedly, blogs and magazines seem to be what I have spent most of my reading time on lately, but I am aiming to improve on that. But not before I spend some more time drooling over this.... Oh yes, I found it at the bookstore today. I didn't want to wait until March for it to get here. And ladies, I have to tell you. In my humble opinion, it is WONDERFUL!! Several prim homes and a great colonial home - there are 10 new tours just as Donna promised and the one repeat is one of my favorites so it is all good! Our sweet blogging friend Linda, from Primp Your Pad is featured. Now I must tell you that I have been privileged to have seen her home pictures for a few years now. Long before blog land I knew her as Craftealady on Webshots. We have admired each other's homes for a few years now. But these photo's are just amazing! Linda you really hit the jackpot with the team who photographed your gorgeous home. It looks so warm and inviting. I am really happy for you!! It is worth the price just to see her home done so well. Trust me!

And then when I am done drooling over Linda's house and the rest of the issue, I am going to look over this neat book I got off Amazon Country Living Handmade Country: Old-Fashioned Crafts and Timeless Keepsakes - get this - only $6.74!!

And then I am going to spend some time with this beauty. You might have seen this on Linda's blog recently too. That girl has great taste! Jessie Walker's Country Decorating
Oh I love these warm and rich colonial rooms...

But I am torn because I love these subdued off whites, tans, and golds too...

I guess I can use both the warm rich colors and the softer subdued ones right?
And then if that wasn't enough, I also have this sweet book to keep me company -Country Living Seasons at Seven Gates Farm Several of my prim friends have recommended this book and I can already tell it is a keepsake.

And while looking for CS Home Tours Issue at the bookstore, I came across this sweet treat! It's a special issue from Old House Interiors called Early Homes - Colonial to Classical. It is right up my alley! For some wonderful period style resources and great places to shop that advertised in this issue, click here.And lest you think I only read picture books, this is also on my reading list. Our sweet blogging friend Lea from Farmhouse Blessing recommended it and I am so glad I bought it! If you have a moment, won't you please stop over at Lea's and leave her some uplifting words? Her young son is facing some health issues and they are possibly faced with some other challenges as well. She is the sweetest lady and is always lifting someone else up, so I hope we can all lift her up now. Thanks so much!
In Stillmeadow Daybook, Gladys Taber tells of life on their New England farm month by month - actually it's in Connecticut just a bit south of me. She paints such vivid pictures with her words and because the countryside she describes is much like where I grew up, I find myself transported back to some places from my childhood. When she talks of things like stonewalls, lilacs, and rhubarb and other scenes from her surroundings, I feel like I am in my old neighborhood. I am so enjoying this read.

Well I am off to to read some more. Thanks so much for stopping by and all the sweet comments I got on my last post - especially for my mom's birthday. It was so nice. I copied them and sent them on to her and she was just tickled. I truly appreciate all your kindness. My mom is a special lady and she deserves all that attention!

Next time I am back, I hope to post some pics of my door project and some other things I have been working on in between reading, helping other, my own chores and life!

So until Next Time - Hugs, Linda

P.S. I have had a lot of trouble with word verification on many of your sites. Sometimes it won't load but even before that happened, sometimes even though I type it correctly (and yes, I am doing it correctly) it won't work so if you have word verification and don't hear from me, that's probably why. I got rid of mine months ago for that reason and haven't had a problem.