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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope that each of you is able to spend time with someone you love today. Being married almost 34 years, my notion of romance has really evolved over the years and while I love dark chocolate and a nice candlelit dinner anytime, that is not what is important to me anymore. I have all the lovely jewelry I need. I'd rather have daisies than roses. What means more to me are all the little things DH does day in and day out to show he loves me. Driving me right to the door of the grocery store when it is raining. Going out to the mailbox by the street in any kind of weather before he leaves for work to bring the daily paper back inside to me so I can enjoy it over coffee. Rewriting the words to a love song to fit us. Working hard for 34 years to provide for us - even when it meant long days in the office or commuting hundreds of miles weekly. Indulging me when I want to spoil the kids (or granddaughter to be). Helping my parents in an ice storm. And loving me with all my faults. That's my idea of romantic love. Thank you David for being such a good man and loving me. 143-734

I have mentioned a few times how much fun I have had 'meeting' so many new folks since Country Sampler came out. One of those gals, Carol, lives in western MA and contacted me by phone. We seemed to hit it off right away. Carol and her husband retired to MA to be closer to family and they built a reproduction colonial. She told me about a company that builds reproduction homes that they visited just for ideas before they built their home and I went to the website and just drooled. I have to share some of the photo's. These are all courtesy of Early New England Homes. If I could build my dream home, it would have the finishes shown in these pictures.

Look at that island!

Love the built ins and all the wide trim around the doors and windows.
If I can ever get DH to understand it is OK to paint stained woodwork, I will gleefully paint all the walls and woodwork in the entire house myself in a color scheme similar to this one below.
I just love the period details.
And of course, I'd be in seventh heaven in a setting like this!
I know my furnishings and collections would be perfect in a home like that. A girl can always dream, can't she??

I know I promised a game of Hide and Seek last time I posted but I have been too busy to finish the game so hopefully next time. I have been doing some painting projects this week instead. I finished painting all the doors on this floor of our home. I am very pleased with the results. Not as pleased as I would be if I had replaced the doors with 6 panel ones and gotten all black hand forged hardware like in the rooms above, but pleased nonetheless. I did buy all new black door knobs and I had lofty plans to remove all the old door knobs and replace the new ones while DH was at work Thursday. Despite the fact that it took me over 30 minutes to remove the first doorknob and inner workings, I was still optimistic I could handle the challenge on my own. That is until I found the hole cut in the door is not large enough for the inner workings of the new doorknobs. So, that is a job we will hopefully tackle together this weekend. That's my idea of a Valentine's Day gift!
The other painting project started this week was the nursery at Jay and Angela's house. DH doesn't work on Friday's so we headed over there yesterday and gave all the trim and the doors a fresh coat of crisp white.

The kids are right this moment shopping for new carpet for the 3 bedrooms so Jay ripped the edges of the old one back so we could paint all the way to the floor. The previous owners were sloppy painters so we did the best we could.
One day next week I will head back and paint the walls a pretty color Angela picked to compliment the bedding set we shopped for 2 weeks ago. I'll be sure to get more pics as the room progresses.
And I want to say thanks for all the kind comments after my last post. It's nice to know so many other bloggers feel the same way and are needing to budget their blogging time more wisely as well. As with anything in life, there will be times when I will have more time to spend here or to visit you all, and other times when I will be otherwise occupied. I know other bloggers who have all but disappeared without warning and we are left to worry if they are OK or just busy. I didn't want that to be the case when I am not around as much. Thanks so much for understanding!

Until Next Time - Hugs, Linda