Behind My Red Door

Friday, January 2, 2009

What was great in 08??

LOTS of things were great in 08! Behind MY Red Door we had many blessings. Sure, lots of things in this country and the world weren't so great, but since I am a glass half full gal (see my last post) I choose to focus on what was great. Marlene of Stitchin By the Lake invited us to join her in listing the Top 10 things about our 08 and I thought it was the perfect idea for my next post - so here I am. These are in a time line - sort of!

1. I started blogging and met all of you! I decided to jump in and start a blog just before Jay's wedding. It was a hectic time but I thought it would be good to start then to journal the wedding trip and the reception. Little did I know how many wonderful people I would meet and come to call my friends. I can't imagine NOT blogging now.
2. We became a family of five! The last week of April, DH and I, Jay and Angela, Jen and her BF Justin and Angela's cousin traveled to Las Vegas for some fun and then Jay and Angela were married in the Valley of Fire in the dessert at sunset in the red rocks. It was our first time in Vegas and we crammed a lot of sight seeing in a few days, and then capped it off with the wedding. It was amazing and I so enjoyed our family time together.

3. The following weekend we celebrated with the rest of our family and friends as well as Angela's family and friends at a really lovely formal reception at a gorgeous historic mansion not far from here. Our new family of five - Jen, DH, Jay and Ang, and moi.

I got to meet some of my sweet friend's from Webshots.
4. In May, I went to Sturbridge to meet Kathy and Stephen of Home on the Hill while they were in the states on vacation. Way back around this time in 08, Kathy and I had admired each other's home albums and starting emailing and discovered we were kindred spirits. It was a real treat to met both Kathy and Stephen.

5. In July, Country Sampler freelance photographers Franklin and Esther Schmidt made the trip from their home in Virginia to shoot our home for a 2009 issue. It was so exciting!!! Click here to read all about it! I was told 'it will more than likely" be in the next issue but I'll only know for sure when it comes out. I can't wait!

6. In August, I got to go prim shopping with another sweet friend Bonnie, of Prims4me. Bonnie and I also hit it off on Webshots and then discovered we were both MA residents and only about an hour from each other. I got to tour her lovely colonial/prim home, meet her adorable kids and we had a blast shopping. Bonnie and her new guy!
7. My daughter Jen and I went apple picking and then I taught her how to make an apple pie. It was the first time in a long long time, that Jen wanted to learn something in the kitchen, so I was thrilled!
8. DH and I took a wonderful foliage trip to NH and Maine. If you don't know yet (you must be a new follower!) I LOVE fall and foliage. A simple driving trip through the NE countryside in the fall is one of my most favorite things to do. Luckily, DH feels the same way and we love to pack a picnic lunch, grab our camera and take off to to explore back roads. Starting out in the White Mountains, where we honeymooned and just happens to be one of my most favorite places in this entire country, was a bonus. Whenever I am in the White Mountains, I am happy!
9. Twigs, aka Tiffany, the Editor of Mercantile Gathering magazine asked me if I would consider having our home featured in the magazine in 09. I was thrilled and honored and I got to take my own photo's and submit them. I recently got the rough draft of the written article and it is wonderful! I am so excited and can't wait to see the issue in print!!
10. Earlier in the year, we got the VERY BEST NEWS when learned we are going to be grandparents and then in December we got to hear the heartbeat of our very first grandchild who will be born in June. On Jay's 30th birthday late this month, we learn the sex of the baby. We are all so excited to find out. Some how I just know that this birth will be the best part of 2009!!
I guess it's clear that family, friends and our home are what make my world go round. So what was great in 2008 for you? Please share them with us all - focusing on the good and positive just brings more good and positive into your life, of that I am convinced!

I just know that 2009 is going to bring good things. I can't wait to find out what they are!

Until next time - hugs, Linda