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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's A Small World After All!

Welcome to Country Sampler Readers!!

WOW! I have learned that many people have already received their March issue of Country Sampler. I sure wish I had MY copy!! (Edited Saturday night - I still don't have my copy and now the earliest I can get mail is Tuesday - can we say frustration! LOL And FYI - I do not know what the article itself says - just a general idea but not how it is written and what is and isn't included. This is a true lesson in patience!)
I wanted to have an updated album of January 2009 pics ready so I made a new slideshow. For those who are interested, click on the picture above. (right click and open it in a new window if you want to come back here after) For any new blog readers who might be interested, to see all of my albums with more of my rooms that were not included in the article, including Christmas and Fall decor, you can check out my Webshot Albums - HERE! When you get there, each thumb nail picture is a whole album.
For those who have had enough - please skip to the next paragraph! :-)

It's a Small World after all was one of my favorites in both Disneyland and Disney World. When my family made a six week cross country camping trip when I was about 13, we went to Disneyland in California. I could not wait to see it and sure enough, it was as wonderful as I dreamed it would be. Many years later when DH and I took our kids to Disney World in Florida, they loved it as well, and I was just as happy to see it again.The bright costumes, the dancing and singing, the catchy tune, everything about it, I loved. Now if only we all could live in such sweet harmony with every nation in the real world, what a sweet day that would be. ~sigh~
How many times in your life have you said the words "wow - it's a small world!". I grew up saying it but NOW, the world really is getting smaller. Modern technology links us with just about any part of the world instantly. A phone call, a web cam, a news camera - all of them can show us what is happening literally on the other side of the world while it is happening. And the Internet has opened doors everywhere. (When I told my son about the Russian blog, his response was '"that's why it is called the World Wide Web" ) Our blogging is just one of the many Internet mediums that reaches all over the world. And even though I have had comments from Canada, Australia, Spain and other European countries, it was even more apparent this week because of something that happened. The gal who manages A Primitive Place noticed some traffic coming in from Europe and followed a link back to a blog in Russia.

And she linked to a primitive Place and my 2008 slide show!! WOW!! People in Russia are looking at my home! Does anyone know how to say "HELLO from AMERICA" in Russian??!!

Here is the blog: Stop on over and say a friendly Hello to Nana if you have time!! Hi Nana - thank you for putting my slide show on your blog.

This really has me thinking about just who might be stopping in from other nations around the world. Yes, I can see on my site meter, but it is not very friendly that way so I cordially invite any of my international visitors to leave me a comment and please let me know where you are. Thanks so much and welcome to my little part of America!!


It was -6 when we got up this morning. Now that's COLD! I am thankful for a working furnace, plenty of warm clothing, and a car that heats up quickly and a hubby that is willing to drive me door to door when I need to go out on days like this.
My sweet hubby starts a new job next week, back at the company he worked for out of college until December of 06 - that's 32.5 years. We enjoyed the oppurtunity he had for the last 2 years and it allowed us to save for our retirement, but I am REALLY excited that he has this wonderful oppurtunity and that he will once again be working 10 minutes from home and I am so happy for him that he will be back in familiar territory with people he knows and respects and who know and respect him as well. We are very thankful for this. It's a very good thing!!

I am off to do some errands. Please come back again any time. My Red Door is always open!

Until next time - hugs, Linda