Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I need some distractions!

How is everyone?? I am OK. Nothing is wrong other than I STILL DO NOT have a copy of Country Sampler! I am trying to take it in stride but it is hard when HUNDREDS of really sweet kind folks have gone out of their way to leave me messages on the forums, comments on my blog, comments on Webshots and sent emails telling me how much they are enjoying THEIR copy of Country Sampler. Thank you for all your kind words, comments, compliments and thoughts. It means a lot. It really does. The last 7 days my mail box has been full and it has been a lot of fun.
I just wish I had either my own subscription copy or the complimentary issues I am supposed to receive. I have heard from folks from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from our northern most states to our southern most states and everywhere in between and they all have their copies. So I would think by now, I should have either my subscription copy or the complimentary copies or both. But NOPE! I have neither. I really isn't fair and I don't like it one bit! (Did you see me stomping my foot and pouting? - cuz I did LOL!)

So like a big girl, I got busy and I have been doing things to distract myself. Like cleaning and organizing my entire bathroom - both closets, the vanity, the medicine cabinet and a drawer. With my music blaring. You see I didn't want to hear the angry letter I was composing in my head! Cleaning and organizing all the cupboards - all 4 of them and the little bureau in my dining room. And I went through all my old magazines and decided I just can't keep them all. So I cut out the good parts, put them in my file drawer and then donated anything worth saving to the senior center. Going through the old Early American Homes started me thinking of all the things I would like acquire someday. Some of you may remember back HERE in July when I did a post on a fantasy shopping trip. It was a lot of fun to dream about what I would buy if I had Cart Blanche. I was reminded of it when I saw Janae over at the Cozy Coop had made her shopping list of things she hopes to get this year. She has great taste so I decided those items would go wonderfully with my old shopping list. But then I thought, gee where is my Country Sampler -- Ooops sorry - I mean I thought gee - about 6 months have passed since my last Fantasy shopping trip and it is time to take another trip. Nothing like shopping to distract a gal right?

I started out at my very favorite online catalog and shop - Circa1820. I could furnish quite a bit of my home from their shop. They carry wonderful colonial and country wares. That canon ball bed would be my first purchase. Since we upgraded to a king bed about 2 years ago, we have not gotten a headboard. Our old queen was similar to this. And now that I have my coverlet, this would be perfect!
I'll take both the sampler and the tin punched lantern. They would look great by my night stand.

Ooh lookey lookey at these sweet pewter measures! I love how they look old already!
And isn't this the prettiest piece of red ware? It even has the crackle finish to make it look old.

I already have the stand mixer cover from 1820 and now I need to hide my microwave too! I already have some of those jars, plates and bowls but I will take more! Oops sorry, I mean I will take more - please.

LOVE this pewter chamberstick! I can use this in so many places! Better get a pair.

And I will take a few dozen of these candles. My favorite kind!
Isn't this bird pinkeep so sweet?? It would look great in my office/craft room with other sewing stuff.
And I MUST have this. We have replaced all the lighting upstairs with colonial styles except in DH's office. This would be sweet in there. Come to think of it, it would look even better in my office and he can have my smaller light fixture.

I have a hooked star but a girl can always use more than one., right?

Oh now here is some really good stuff! I have towel rods and a towel ring very similar to these in the bathroom next to the family room but silly me, I didn't get the toilet paper holders. I'll take 2, one for the master bath as well.
Oh that was fun huh??!! I am not even tired yet so next we'll be off to Circa 1892 Homestead Primitives on EBay for some antiques!

I love this old bowl and paddle. (I'll take the stuff in the back ground too!)
Here is a nice gathering...

I can always find room for another firkin!!
Oh be still my heart... look at these bowls! Wrap them all please....
And then to light the way home, this awesome kerosene lamp.
That was fun, wasn't it? Ah what the heck - I can shop just a wee bit longer so if you aren't tired, follow me to Shaker Studios!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!! I must have this dry sink... oh the beauty of it!! I need to sit a minute and catch my breath!

And do you see this chair table?? ~sigh~ I am sure I can find a home for this little beauty!
And last but not least, I can't leave DH out can I? I'll get him this armoire for his TV!!

I think that will do for today. Did I do good? We really should remember to do this every few months. Maybe we can do a fantasy lunch next time too.
I REALLY hope the next time I come back, I can say - I GOT IT!! If not, I might be REALLY grouchy and that could be ugly.

Until next time - hugs, Linda